Ted Nicholas - How To Publish A Book And Sell A Million Copies

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Ted Nicholas - How To Publish A Book And Sell A Million Copies digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. "They Laughed and Called Me the Class Clown... Unt...
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Ted Nicholas - How To Publish A Book And Sell A Million Copies

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How To Publish A Book And Sell A Million Copies

"They Laughed and Called Me the Class Clown... Until I Became a Millionaire Publisher"
When you discover the secrets I reveal in my book, HOW TO PUBLISH A BOOK AND SELL A MILLION COPIES, you, too, can start the world's best business and earn thousands, even millions, of dollars.
by Ted Nicholas

OK. I won’t deny it.

My classmates’ comments did hurt me a lot during my school years. People didn't take me seriously. They saw me more as a practical joker, a clown. They also thought I was more interested in sports than anything more substantive.

But, truth be known, they were mostly right!

Later, when I “made it,” I found that massive success changes you a lot. It has a way of soothing even the deepest wounds. Whoever said that success is the greatest revenge was right!

However, becoming a successful publisher was not the result of some grand plan. It was more an accident.

As I look back, it seems like a dream come true. Imagine, after stumbling into the publishing field, I've written and published 14 best sellers of my own which have sold in excess of 3,000,000 copies. A few of my titles you may be familiar with include HOW TO FORM YOUR OWN CORPORATION WITHOUT A LAWYER FOR UNDER $75, MAGIC WORDS THAT BRING YOU RICHES, HOW I SOLD $400 MILLION DOLLARS OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, and HOW TO TURN WORDS INTO MONEY.

I have also published 53 major best-selling books by other authors.

A brief history

Before I began my publishing career I was a successful small business entrepreneur. Actually, I founded and sold 18 companies by the time I was 36. But for me something was missing in my life.

I took personal inventory. What really turned me on?

The biggest thrill I ever had at that time had nothing to do with business. It was to have my letters to the editor (a hobby) published in a few newspapers and magazines. What a high it was!

I became hooked on seeing my words in print!

My dream was to somehow find a way to start a business publishing ideas. And information. Mind you, this wasn't a brilliant breakthrough.

The experts were unanimously in agreement. We are in the middle of the information age.

I came up with an idea for a book based on my experiences in business. I called it HOW TO FORM YOUR OWN CORPORATION WITHOUT A LAWYER FOR UNDER $75.

It would save small business owners a small fortune in legal fees. I just knew it would be a big hit. Entrepreneurs like myself hate unnecessary expenses, especially legal fees.

But, much to my amazement, nine publishers turned me down!

What a favor they did me! With a borrowed $5,000, I started my own publishing firm at home. My office was in the corner of my living room. I called it Enterprise Publishing Company.

I learned that there is a right way and a wrong way to publish. Doing it my way is like building a money machine.

Using the extraordinary power of the Internet, you can publish e-books literally overnight. These can earn you huge profits 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Even while you sleep.

And generating this “passive income” is your key to wealth.

Offline you can also earn huge profits. A month ago I invested $1,850 in a new mailing for a book. Thirty days later my return was $10,463.50! And the mailing results will continue to roll in for another several weeks!

In my book HOW TO PUBLISH A BOOK AND SELL A MILLION COPIES I'll show you step by step how you can have your own low-overhead, high-return publishing business.

Three major publishing myths

I quickly discovered most of what people believed (including me) about publishing is just not true. There are so many myths, it’s astonishing. The three most prevalent are:

Myth #1: The best place to sell books is in bookstores. This is completely false! While bookstores certainly can and should have a role, they are not the best place at all. The fact is, only one out of seven people each year go to a bookstore to buy a book!

Indeed, for many books bookstores are often the worst place to sell them. Plus, with the hassles and delay in payment (average 181 days to get your money) it's often not worth it.

I’ll show you how to market by direct mail, space ads, Internet, specialty markets and many other offbeat ways and sell books like crazy. For example, I earn an average of $6,974.15 profit each month from the Internet on just one of my books I wrote 6 years ago (now an e-book).

Myth #2: You have to be a great writer to have a successful book. False too. Publishing is not writing. Publishing is the business that makes money from the written word. Publishing approached correctly can be a very, very profitable business.

There is at least one great book in every human being. However, many fine best-selling books (including three of my own) are ghostwritten by others. I’ll show you how to find the best ones (at surprisingly low cost) if you don’t want or don’t have the time to write it yourself.

Myth #3: A good publisher will market your book for you. This is also completely false. Conventional publishers only distribute books. They do little or nothing to market them effectively. You, the author, must market the book. That’s precisely why you should at least explore self-publishing. Since you have to market it yourself anyway, you may decide to keep 100% of the revenue rather than the paltry 5-15% royalty a publisher will pay you. If you can find one at all.

It’s getting tougher and tougher to find a publisher as a new author. More and more authors are turning to self-publishing in order to land a top publishing deal. It’s often necessary to prove sales of 5,000 to 10,000 copies in order to get a publisher’s attention.

That’s the reason many books which landed on best-seller lists were first self-published, including: , Conversations with God, What Color is Your Parachute and The Erroneous Zones.

No holds barred - What I’ll reveal in my book

  • Find out whether to self-publish or go to a conventional publisher.
  • How to create the all-important title which can make or break a book. (Most are boring.)
  • Prepare jacket copy that sizzles with appeal. (Most book jackets are boring.)
  • Write an outline and chapter headings so strong and appealing they become a marketing tool. (Most are incredibly boring.)
  • Visualization is very important. How to get into the best-seller mindset so you can put the "Law of Attraction" to work for you. Conceive and believe how many book s you intend to sell. 20,000? 50,000? 100,000? What?
  • Easily get on radio and TV shows to help sell your book.
  • Profitably distribute to wholesalers and bookstores as part of your marketing plan. (But not the main part.)
  • Shortcuts to writing a saleable book in record time - as little as 10 days.
  • Obtain rights to best-selling books for $250 or less.
  • Prepare space advertisements that make sales soar.
  • Acquire advertising space at up to an 80% discount.
  • Step-by-step tips to an irresistible sales letter.
  • Discover the most powerful words and phrases in the English language to market books.
  • How to price your products. Sometimes you can flop with a product at $20 and succeed with a $70 price! I’ll reveal exactly how this happened to me.
  • How to lay out your book. Best typestyles. Margin sizes.
  • Ideal number of words per page.
  • Sizing your book. Should it be 6"x9"? 5½"x8½"? 7"x10"? What?
  • What factors to consider for the all-important binding decision. Hard cover? Perfect binding? Soft cover? Spiral binding? What?
  • How to locate a top literary agent, a must when approaching publishers.
  • How to find an economical, high-quality printer to print your book.
  • How to utilize the best no-cost/low-cost marketing methods available today to market your book.
  • How to get free publicity in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and the Internet.
  • Rights sales can be a huge cash cow! Go after magazine and newspaper book excerpts, book clubs, electronic, soft cover, foreign, movie and television.
  • How to prepare your book so it can also be sold in volume quantities as a premium free gift or bonus by marketers such as catalogers and newsletter publishers.
  • How to promote your book with low-cost card decks, fliers, and catalogs.
  • How to prepare your book cover to maximize sales. If your book is taken on by a major publisher, get sign-off rights on the cover. (Yes! People do judge a book by its cover.)
  • Negotiate a good price with a major publisher for copies of your book before you sign the deal. This should be printing cost plus 10%.
  • How to arrange for package inserts to sell your book in other people’s outgoing packages.
  • How to make big profits marketing your book with tiny low-cost classified ads.
  • How to use speeches and seminars to sell books like crazy