Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021 digital download.

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Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

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Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

Scarcity mode is cancelled.

It’s time for a surge of cash + clients instead.

Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

Launching gives you the financial resources you need to make your dreams come true:

  • Ready to quit your dayjob? Launching can give you the financial punch-up you need to turn in your resignation letter.
  • Want to take off from your business for the rest of the month? Or the rest of the year? If your launch is big enough, this isn’t a pipe dream. It’s a totally attainable goal.
  • Been Pinterest planning that trip through Europe? Your next launch can easily give you the cash to finally book your ticket. “Yes, Paris? I’ll take all the baguettes please.”
  • Fantasizing about hiring that photographer, business coach or copywriter? A good launch has gotchu covered to make the investments you need to thrive.
  • Want to pay off your student loans, credit cards or car? Donate to the Amazon rainforest? Take your bestie out for a spa day? I think you know what I’m gonna say 😉

It’s time to stop wasting your time and energy on DIY launches that flop, fail and fizzle out.

You’re soooooo much better than that.

Launching is life-giving to your business, but only if you know how to do it in a way thats both profitable to your pockets AND energizing to your soul.

Winging it is for eyeliner. Not for launching.

It’s time to save that money, time and energy by planning ahead, launching strategically, and learning from a mentor who has never launched anything that’s done less than 5-figures before (#hithatsme).


  • Just because launching becomes a core strategy within your business model DOESN’T MEAN you need to live launch every other month. What it does mean: you’ll have a proven sales process that’ll make it even easier to sell on autopilot.
  • Launching is actually so much f*cking fun when you’re using the Five Figure Flow® framework.
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to launching, and Five Figure Flow® will give you a variety of strategies so you can pick the one that feels good + authentic AF to you.
  • Hosting a high converting launch isn’t actually exhausting, it can be completely energizing when you know how to prep properly.
Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

Hi, I’m Taylor

And I’ve never earned less than $10,000 with a single launch.

Since starting my business less than a year ago, I’ve had 5 back-to-back launches, all of them clocking in between $10,000 and $75,000 in sales.

… Even with a teeny tiny list.

… Even without a fancy website.

… Even with a product priced at $500.

… Even with an Instagram I’m building from the ground up.

I’m not a unicorn — although I do love a good Unicorn Frap from Starbucks!

The real reason my launches have taken off?

Because I’ve figured out a profitable launch framework that works no matter what offer I’m putting out.

To sum it up…

Launching gave me the business and the life of my dreams.

And now it’s time to do the same for you.

Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

Take a walk through the curriculum:

Inside Five Figure Flow, you’ll receive everything you need to
create, plan and execute your first 5-figure launch.

When you join Five Figure Flow, you’ll receive:

Bonus 1

Sales Page Copy Template from Lauren Vanessa Zink

Sometimes I write my own sales pages. But mostly Lauren writes them. (What? Outsourcing is what Aligned & Ambitious CEOs do!) If you’re not in a place yet to outsource your sales pages, then simply use this sales page copy template from The Wealthy Wordress herself. She’ll walk you through writing the perfect headline, where to place your testimonials, how to phrase your bullet points, and more. It’s seriously un-screw-up-able. ($300 Value)

Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021
Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

Bonus 2

Facebook Ad Acceleration

Did you know I used to run Facebook ads for one of the biggest online marketing agencies out there? It’s true! I picked up a thing or two, and in this bonus, I’m sharing them with you. You’ll learn how to effectively DIY your Facebook + Instagram Ads like a boss — no matter what size marketing budget you’re working with. You’ll also get the top 3 simple strategies for growing your list + audience ($1497 value. P.S. Legit, this bonus ALONE is worth more than what you’re investing in this entire program)

Bonus 3

Living Room Launch Party with Lauren Vanessa Zink

Want to know how to warm up your list before you launch? How to overcome objections with your sales emails? Other super important launch content things you don’t even know you don’t even know? In this 90-minute launch copy training, Lauren Vanessa Zink will walk you through your emails and social media posts from pre-launch to cart close. ($197 Value)

Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021
Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

Bonus 4

How to Choose your Topic for your Pre-Launch Event

Taught by the brilliant course design expert, Ariel Schiffer - this video lesson will show you exactly how to nail down the perfect topic for your pre-launch event to even BETTER your conversions during your launch! ($97 Value)

Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

When you join Five Figure Flow, you’ll receive:

7 step-by-step training modules to walk you through the entire Five Figure Flow process. This is the happy intersection between profit and play #girlsjustwannahavefunds ($10,000 Value)

Done for you launch plan. From start to finish, this is an organized launcher’s dream come true! Insert your launch strategy + the length of your launch and watch your entire launch plan populate before your eyes. ($1497 Value)

Ka-ching worthy email swipes. Ever wondered what to say in your nurture + sales emails? Not anymore! Because everyone knows that blinky cursor in Google docs is just there to taunt you 😉 ($2,800 Value)

Launch content swipe files. You want landing page examples? You’ve got ‘em. You want to know how to wow on social? You’ve got it. Basically, if it involves words, these templates have your back ($1,500 Value)

Launch content calendar. Day one: Make money. Day two: Make money. Day three: Make money. Day four: …. You get the picture! I’m breaking down exactly what to focus on every single day of your launch so you can show up not frazzled but with the fullest energy possible ($297 Value)

The option to Live Launch with Taylor. Upgrade into the live launch integration package and spend 8 weeks with me launch planning and selling out your offer!

Taylor Slango - Five Figure Flow 2021

And don’t leave without your goodie bag!

When you join Five Figure Flow, you’ll also get these bonuses:

Module 1

Prep your mindset for a major cash injection

What are the 5-figure habits that set a big earner apart — and how can you start practicing them TODAY so you’re prepped and primed for your first epic avalanche of sales?

You’re gonna learn:

  • The common mindset traps that keep you bumping up against income ceilings and interfering with your chances of selling out your launch
  • How imposter syndrome shows up during launches — and the exact steps to take to outsmart it
  • The habits of highly profitable launchers
  • Oh, and more. Because I overgive. *shrug*

Module 2

Create your profitable offer to launch

Whether you’ve launched this offer before, or this is the first time, we’ll be diving into how to craft and structure the perfect offer your audience can’t wait to get their hands on.

You’re gonna learn:

  • How to map out your profitable product suite
  • Whatcha gotta know to prove your concept and get into your Ideal Client’s head better than the CIA on a spy mission
  • How to package and price your offer for maximum profit
  • The step-by-step of creating a world class offer your clients can’t get enough of

Module 3

Strategize your launch to sell

I’m giving you my EXACT, step-by-step, plug and play launch strategy for having your first ever five-figure launch. These techniques are responsible for nearly $100,000 in revenue this year alone. Once you learn them, your business will never be the same.

You’re gonna learn:

  • The launch flow process and timeline that’s led to me having multiple back-to-back 5-figure launches — and just in case you think I’m bragging, this has been proven to work with countless clients too!
  • Quick and dirty launch strategies for getting your offer out the door this week (even if it’s brand new!)
  • Hosting a high-converting launch event — and then turning it into a money-making, credibility-boosting sales funnel

Module 4

Prepare your audience to throw money at you

Want to know exactly how to prepare for your launch, so you can hit the ground running? In this module, I’ll reveal what, when and where to post to rev up your audience and get them primed to buy…before you even open your cart. You’ll also map out your launch and visibility calendar as well as prep for your downsell. This is Profit Maximization 101, woman.

You’re gonna get your hands on:

  • A done-for-you launch plan you can use to plan THE EXACT length of time you should launch, when to warm up your audience, when to talk about what, what color lipstick to wear during your livestream — ok, just kidding about that last one. But the rest are real! 😉
  • How to project manage your launch so it doesn’t get away from you
  • The right pre-launch emails to send — and what to say in them! Because if you’re gonna send an email, you might as well send good ones!
  • The pre-launch social media kit, including Canva templates and caption formulas designed for conversion
  • Teasing an epic experience — aka how to make your onboarding and welcome sequence can be just as transformative as the program
  • Creating launch assets that convert — from the sales page to your thank you page, promo images to opt-ins and other things you didn’t even realize you needed, I’ve got you covered
  • Recommended sweat-free tech resources

Module 5

Take your leads from cold to sold

How do you take someone from, “Hello, you’re a complete stranger” to “Here’s my credit card information. I can’t wait to buy your program!!”? In this module, we’re going to talk about my favorite sales strategies ever. By the way, did you know I used to work on the Facebook ads teams of the most famous coaches on the internet? I learned a few things about closing leads, and I’m gonna share them with you here.

Get ready to learn:

  • Sales strategies that don’t feel slimy or icky in any way (promise)
  • Closing techniques to artfully overcome objections and get your ideal clients over the finish line — which is where they actually WANT to be since you’re gonna change their life and all
  • Conversions, sales goals and key metrics every smart entrepreneur must track if she wants to go from winging her launch to winning her launch
  • Plus a few handy dandy sales guides to make this piece even easier for you

Module 6

Execute your profitable launch

Planning will only take you so far…and it certainly won’t pay the bills! If you want to have your first 5-figure launch, then you’ve actually got to launch. In this module I’m giving you the best expert advice I’ve learned from launching a million bajillion times. (Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I do launch more than any other entrepreneur I know!) This is where the rubber meets the road…and the money meets your bank account.

We’re gonna cover:

  • How to avoid the common mistakes that sidetrack your success and cause you to cry into an open box of wine. Yeah, I said box.
  • What to track during your launch so you can be sure you’re always on track
  • Mid-launch pick me up ideas (bye bye, slow sales slump!)
  • Auditing your own program, so next time is the best time — and then the one after that is even better. And then the one after that…and on and on it goes.
  • Your must-have launch tools for keeping it easy

Module 7

Six Figure Funnels & Launching Evergreen

We all know you want to sit back and drink margaritas beachside while your course makes you money. Let’s not pretend otherwise, shall we? In this module, you’re gonna be walked, step-by-step, through taking that mighty program you just launched and turning it into a passive sales machine that churns up coin every month on auto.

We’re gonna cover:

  • How to know if your course is READY for evergreen — and when to strategically make that leap
  • The key shifts you must make if you want to go from selling live to selling on evergreen
  • Setting up a 6-figure funnel that DOESN’T drain your dollars (which, honestly, is what most funnels do — unless you know what to do differently)
  • How to optimize your funnel like the pros do (Trust, unless you’ve worked on the back-end for people like…well, I signed an NDA but basically everyone you’re thinking of right now….then you don’t know these funnel secrets)

Sale Page: https://www.alignedandambitious.co/fivefigureflow