Tamara Riddle - How To Sell Digital Products On TradeBit

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Tamara Riddle - How To Sell Digital Products On TradeBit digital download. Info: [5 Videos (SWF) + 5 eBooks (PDF)]. Discover How A Private Label Rights ...
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Tamara Riddle - How To Sell Digital Products On TradeBit

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Format: [5 Videos (SWF) + 5 eBooks (PDF)]


How To Sell Digital Products

Is your computer cluttered with Private Label Rights products...

Discover How A Private Label Rights Junkie
Finally Turned Her Addiction Into Cash!

Would You Like To Know How To Cash In On
All Those Private Label Rights Products
Collecting Digital Dust On Your Hard-Drive?

Hello, my name is Tamara and I'm a Private Label Rights Junkie!

I also collect products with Resale Rights and Master Resale Rights, but Private Label Rights are my favorite.

I don't exactly remember when or why I became a Private Label Rights Junkie, it just sorta happened bit-by-bit over a period of several years.
I'd download products from a giveaway event here, a membership site there and a firesale somewhere else. And, before I knew what happened, my computer's hard-drive was filled with the stuff. So, I moved most of it off onto CDs and kept on downloading more.

Most of the PLR products included at least a pre-written sales page and graphics, many even included an autoresponder series and articles to use for building a website...But it was a struggle to motivate myself to do ANYTHING with all those PLR products!

I'm not lazy...I did manage to put some of the sales pages up on the web in an attempt to make some money from them, but my PLR product collection was growing much faster than I could build the sites.

I was ready to give up and seek professional help for my addiction!

Are YOU a Private Label Rights Junkie, Too?

I'll bet you also have a potential goldmine of products tucked away on your hard-drive that you've collected from giveaway events, firesales and membership sites. Am I right?

Okay, So You Have Some
Private Label Rights Products...
Now What?

Well, if you're like I was, they'll end up becoming fossilized on your computer's hard-drive and you'll never make a dime from them!

Seriously, even if you have everything you product, sales page, graphics and a PayPal account...the tasks involved with getting it all set up with a domain name and hosting, editing the sales page with your information, figuring out the delivery process and setting up a protected download page, then getting traffic to the sales page...

But, I've Discovered An Easier Way...

One day while researching niche keywords, pages from this one website kept coming up in the top 10 Google results for nearly all my searches. Naturally, I wanted to find out more about it!

What I found was, a digital marketplace I'd never heard of before. It looked interesting, kind of a combination of ClickBank and Amazon, and there was no doubt in my mind that the site was very search engine friendly because it was getting a lot of Google love.

The Alexa rankings were pretty spectacular, too! As of right now, the site is ranked 3,853 out of all the billions of sites on the Internet. And, according Alexa’s Clickstream data, 4.65% of the site's visitors go to PayPal when they leave, which means almost 5 people out of every 100 end up as buyers!

I don't care who you are, that's an impressive conversion rate!

Unfortunately, it wasn't all that easy to find the information I needed to know to get started selling products on TradeBit, but I went ahead and registered for an account anyway.

What the heck, it was only a few bucks to set up an account! Oh, and it doesn't cost anything to list your products for sale there either. How awesome is that?!

Okay, so problem solved right?


You see, while TradeBit is extremely powerful...and can help you cash in on all those Private Label Rights products you've must know how to take advantage of what this unique digital marketplace has to offer.

Anxious to find out all I could about TradeBit as quickly as possible, I searched around on the Internet to see if someone had put together a decent tutorial.

To my surprise, I didn’t find a single ebook, not a single video to give me the “secret insider information” or “tips and techniques” I needed to know for unleashing the power of TradeBit.

Apparently, no one was taking advantage of the true potential of TradeBit...or maybe they were just keeping it to themselves.

Either way, I had to discover it all on my own.

After much clicking around on the site, I managed to find three less than helpful video tutorials and some of the additional information I needed to know to get a product listed for sale.

Thank goodness I don't give up easily because even though it took several more days of fumbling around, doing stuff by trial and error, to figure out how to upload larger product files, how to use the advanced features of the site and how to set up a "store" on the site that looked better than a cardboard box, I made a sale within a few days of listing my first product!

And, I documented everything I discovered about TradeBit!

Here's What "Unleash The Power Of TradeBit:
How To Sell Digital Products On" Reveals... to make your listing stand out from the crowd so your product gets the click to outsell other sellers, even if they're offering the same product for less to make your TradeBit "store" look professional so visitors will trust you to make money from your visitors, even if they don't buy your product to capture the email addresses of people who visit your TradeBit pages to easily set up a neat little shop on your own website to get more sales to get visitors to your product pages from Twitter on autopilot to get your products listed in Google within about an hour

...And, Much More!

"Unleash The Power Of TradeBit: How To Sell Digital Products on" is a comprehensive five module course that shows you how to effectively market digital products on TradeBit.

Each module contains a fully illustrated step-by-step guide and a video showing you how to do each step in "real time" so there's no guess work involved as you follow along!

You'll discover how to use the advanced tools, uncover all the short-cuts, get answers to all your questions and have a paint-by-numbers way to set up and run your very own digital products store

"Unleash The Power Of TradeBit: How To Sell Digital Products On" includes...

Module 1: Getting Started Module 1 - GETTING STARTED - The basics of registering for a TradeBit account and listing your first product. The video in this module is the same as what's posted above, however, this module includes the video, as well as the fully illustrated step-by-step guide.

Module 2: Making Your Subdomain Attractive Module 2 - MAKING YOUR SUBDOMAIN ATTRACTIVE - The default subdomain "store" you get on TradeBit is pretty...boring. In this module, I cover how to add a header graphic and product gallery to your subdomain's home page and how to plug the leaks so visitors stay on your page, looking at your products, longer.

Module 3: Power Up With Power Admin Module 3 - POWER UP WITH POWER ADMIN - TradeBit offers two interfaces in their admin area: Easy Admin, which is very basic, and Power Admin, which offers many advanced tools and features. In this module, I cover how to use many of the advanced tools and features of the Power Admin area.

Module 4: Techniques To Make Your Listings Kick Butt Module 4 - TECHNIQUES TO MAKE YOUR LISTINGS KICK BUTT - Unfortunately, TradeBit doesn't allow you to use HTML or any other coding within your product listing page. However, there are some features and techniques you can use to make your listing stand out from the crowd, send traffic to your own website and get people to opt in to your email lists. These features and techniques are covered in this module.

Module 5: Promoting Your Product Listings Module 5 - PROMOTING YOUR PRODUCT LISTINGS - Just so you know...these are NOT some "run-of-the-mill," rehashed promotional techniques like...submit articles and videos that point back to your product pages, or get backlinks using social bookmarking, or build a Squidoo Lens and HubPage with links to your products, etc. (although those are all valid and useful ways to get visitors).