Tamar E. Chansky - Freeing Yourself from Anxiety

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Tamar E. Chansky - Freeing Yourself from Anxiety digital download. Info: [11 MP3s] | 289.84 MB. Freeing Yourself from Anxiety reveals the real secret to ...
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Tamar E. Chansky - Freeing Yourself from Anxiety

Type: Digital download

Format: [11 MP3s]

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Is worry wearing you out? Whether it's losing sleep over a deadline, fretting about a relationship, or constantly thinking about what you "should have" done or said, anxiety makes life feel like a race from one overwhelming situation to the next.

Freeing Yourself from Anxiety reveals the real secret to reducing stress: not positive thinking, but possible thinking. In this breakthrough guide, Dr. Tamar Chansky shows you dozens of simple yet powerful strategies you can use at any time to transform your anxious thoughts, conquer perfectionism and procrastination, and improve the way your brain reacts to stress, even without medication.

For anyone suffering with an anxiety disorder or depression, or who simply wants to handle everyday challenges more optimally and successfully, Dr. Chansky's innovative program will help you breathe easier. Get ready to feel calm, confident, more like yourself again—and free to create the life you want.