Talmadge Harper - True Love: Love Potent #9

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Talmadge Harper - True Love: Love Potent #9 digital download. Info: [2 Audios (MP3) + 1 Screenshot (PNG) + Instructions (1 PDF, 1 DOCX)] | 92.45 MB. Attr...
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Talmadge Harper - True Love: Love Potent #9

Type: Digital download

Format: [2 Audios (MP3) + 1 Screenshot (PNG) + Instructions (1 PDF, 1 DOCX)]

File size: 92.45 MB




What is included in the download?
Love Potent #9 Enhanced MP3 (for both men and women to attract love)

What is the best way to maximize effectiveness?
Listen before you go to bed, at least once a day for 3 weeks. Most people say results happen within the first week.

What is the expected outcome?
Attract True Love and Loving Energy from all different people in your daily life. Also, develop a vibrationally harmonious relationship with your own self.

Sophia, the hypnotist behind The Elemental, 5-Minute Male Orgasm, and Tropic Erotic is back. Her newest product is Love Potent # 9. This product is designed for those who would like to find their true love. Of course, to know true love, you must first love yourself and open your vibrational frequency to true love. This MP3 is designed to do this and it is very, very powerful and effective. This product consists of two different 20 minute MP3s with various background music. You only need to listen to one 20-minute track once a day for ten days.

The MP3s are triple layered in subliminals to bypass your conscious mind. While you are listening to the normal hypnosis, your subconscious will be getting different positive messages about love and true love. The tracks are also layered in isochronal and binaural frequencies designed to put you into a deep theta state. The induction itself is only 5 minutes long with no words, just isochronal beats and music gently bringing you into hypnosis. Sophia's voice continues to be amazing.

What commitment do you have to make?
Listen to this MP3 once a day before you go to bed so you can fall asleep listening. Most people say results happen in the first week. However, you will need to listen each night for 21 days in a row to ensure success. It is VITAL that you use a high quality pair of ear buds or headphones. Cheap three-dollar ear buds or headphones are not capable of capturing all the isochronal tones and subliminals.

What if I have more questions on how to use it?
Every customer gets lifetime email consultation. Simply send me an email and I will help you with any concerns.