Tal Ben-Shahar - Psychology of Leadership

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Psychology of Leadership

Drawing on psychological research at the level of the individual, group, and organization, the class focuses on leadership development as it applies to politics, business, social enterprise, and education.
Topics include goal setting, ethics, story telling, charisma, systems thinking, and crucible experiences.

Instructor: Tal Ben-Shahar

Table of contents

Janusian Thinking I (brief overview of the leadership literature)
Janusian Thinking II
Leadership Coaching I (Guest lecturer - Dr. Dannielle Kennedy)
Leadership Coaching II (Appreciative Inquiry)
Leadership Cultivation I (know thyself and be thyself)
Leadership Cultivation II (authenticity and strengths)
Leadership Cultivation (Guest lecturer - Scott Snook)
From Vision to Goals I (the voice of calling)
Mary Follet (Guest lecturer - Prof. Dafna Eylon)
From Vision to Goals II (effective communication)
Leaders Create their Environment I (the organizational context)
Ethics pays (the moral is the practical) [lecture by Shawn Achor]Bad Leadership (Guest lecturer - Barbara Kellerman)
Leaders Create their Environment II (embodying leadership)
Charisma (lecture by Shawn Achor)
Peak Performance (Guest lecturer - Tony Schwartz)
Teach for America (Guest lecturer - Wendy Kopp)
Fighting Slavery (Guest Lecturer - Jesse Sage)
Moral Leadership (choosing between right and right)
Theory for Practice; Positive Psychology and Leadership (Guest Lecturer - James Pawelski)
Mindfulness as A Way of Being (Guest Lecturer - Ellen Langer)
Let’s talk business (Guest - Seth Klarman)
Final Words

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