Sylwia Wiesenberg - Tonique Royale

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Sylwia Wiesenberg - Tonique Royale digital download. Info: [DVDRip - 3 AVI] | 874.62 MB. Since its inception, Tonique has continually celebrated women’s ...
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Sylwia Wiesenberg - Tonique Royale

Type: Digital download

Format: [DVDRip - 3 AVI]

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Instructor's name:Sylwia Wiesenberg

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning (High Impact, Total Body Toning)

Fitness Level: Advanced

Equipment Needed: Light Hand Weights

Total Running Time: 99 Minutes

Release Date: 2015

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

Play All (Option for Music Only or Full Mix) - 99 Minutes
Tonique Royale (Option for Music Only or Full Mix) - 93 Minutes
Workout Plus (6 Minutes)

Cardio. Sculpt. Tone. Balance. Control.

Because You and Every Woman are Royal!

Tonique Royale was inspired by my desire that all women feel unique and royal. Since its inception, Tonique has continually celebrated women’s bodies and their uniqueness, and promoted confidence,
their power of mind and body. The goal of Tonique Royale is to help every woman to feel royal.

Tonique Royale workout will boost Your past fitness efforts and introduce You to new moves and new combinations, creating a new level of challenge and helping achieve Your New Body.

Focusing on balance, control, endurance, toning and sculpting, Tonique Royale offers a new approach to a beautiful body that is strong, super toned and sculpted, and feminine. Tonique also is designed to create the right mind set; one with a positive approach to the world that believes that there is very little that is impossible in life. It teaches You to listen to Your body and to avoid listening to negative words likeweight loss, diet, and skinny.

Tonique Royale was filmed in front of the Wilanow Palace, Warsaw. I visited the palace often as a child, where I ran around the grounds, surrounded with beautiful architecture and a royal feeling. Entering the grounds as a grown up girl, it transported me to past royal times.

With Tonique Royale, I transport you to my magic world and give you the power to stay in control and charge of Your life.