Susanne Weber - Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Susanne Weber - Becoming an Entrepreneur digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. This book provides new insights into the important field of Entrepreneur...
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Susanne Weber - Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

This book provides new insights into the important field of Entrepreneurship Education. The editors pick up Fayolle’s invitation: “How can we learn from ‘institutional’ culture?” and translate it to a variety of aspects of learning to start-up.

From the perspective of Human Resource Education and Management (Wirtschaftspädagogik) the authors shed light into the socio-cultural system of entrepreneurship education. They start with mapping out its challenges.

They discuss context factors like political regimes affecting entrepreneurial activities, consider goals including moral awareness, introduce ideas of modeling entre- and intrapreneurial competencies, suggest teaching-learning-strategies, discuss evaluation procedures and introduce case studies of entrepreneurship education in different countries for different study levels.

All in all this book stimulates and supports the challenges of educators, students, and practitioners (human resource managers, consultants, principals, teachers, and trainers) to introduce into the varying contexts of entrepreneurship education content specific, procedural, causal elements necessary for starting and maintaining an enterprise.

About the Author
Susanne Weber studied, after several years of banking experience, Business and Economics Education, Political Economy, Business Theory, Commercial Law and Human Resource Management at the University of Gottingen, where she received her doctorate.

Her Habilitation took place at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. The author is presently Privatdozentin at the Faculty of Philosophy IV at the Humboldt-University Berlin and at the Institute for Economics and Business Education and Management Training at the University of Gottengen. She just was appointed to a full professorship at the Munich School of Management. Her major research interest is developmental work research. In this field she has already published more than fifty publications.