Surplus Fund Mastery

Surplus Fund Mastery.   SURPLUS FUND MASTERY IS5 Step By Step Weeks of College Like TrainingPsychologically Designed For Maximum Learning and Understa...
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Surplus Fund Mastery


Surplus Fund Mastery



5 Step By Step Weeks of College Like Training

Psychologically Designed For Maximum Learning and Understanding

Unlike other courses that just throw a bunch of ‘tactics’ and set you up for failure, Surplus Fund Mastery has invested and spent hundreds of hours creating a college like course.  We assume you know nothing and not only train you how to get results BUT also how to think.  The entire program is physiologically designed for mental progression and understanding to enable anyone of any skill level to LEARN and UNDERSTAND Surplus Funds!

Full Access To All The Tools and Training You Need To Crush It With Surplus Funds

The CEO of Surplus List (Best lead site available for Surplus Funds) and Top Surplus Fund Specialists have partnered to give you full free access to the best Surplus Fund leads and tools online to maximize your results.  Besides picking up a reverse lookup account, you will not need to pick up a single other tool to use this program.

The Best Possible Place To Be As A Total Beginner

Surplus Fund Mastery is designed with the beginner in mind.  Our program is set up not to just teach every basic and core skill but also take a total beginner to expert level profitability as fast as humanly possible.

Every Thing You Get
The 5 Week Zero To Hero Curriculum
Week 1
Surplus Warrior Mind
Learn To Think Like An Entrepreneur
Unlike other programs where ‘experts’ teach you tactic after tactic with no real world results, we spend time building the fundamentals of how to ACTUALLY think like an entrepreneur.  Without this foundation the rest of the tactics and strategies will do NOTHING to help you!
Week 2
Surplus Warrior Persuasion
Learn The Keys to Getting Clients to Beg for you to help them
Week 2 is all about becoming a Surplus Fund Expert as fast as possible. That way even if your a complete beginner with Surplus Funds, you’ll be able to easily sound like you are a veteran with years of experience. You’ll learn how to use Facebook and Linkedin to find deals, proper set up of professional accounts how to use email to find and open deals, how to use direct mail to find and open deals, and most importantly the secrets to instantly sound like a Surplus Fund expert when interacting with clients (even if you have no prior experience).
Week 3
Surplus Warrior Foundation
Build Your Surplus Fund Expert Foundation
Don’t have a ton of experience? Never closed a deal before? Don’t have a ton of knowledge on Surplus Funds? THAT’S FINE. The first week of Surplus Fund Mastery is dedicated entirely to helping you build a solid foundation for Surplus Funds without knowing anything before!
Week 4
Surplus Warrior Deal Closer
Learn The Contracts and Systems we Use to 10x our Business
This is all about how to farm deals and how to read and comprehend Surplus Fund Contracts.   You’ll learn the exact contracts, how to use them, explain them to clients, and of course what to do after you have them signed, what steps you need to take after you have a deal under-contract, what systems we use to organize our data so we can follow up persistently, and a breakdown of how to use reverse lookup tools such as Spokeo.
Week 5
Surplus Warrior Psychology
Build Your Surplus Fund Expert Foundation
Week 5 is all about becoming a Surplus Fund Expert as quickly as possible!  That way even if you’re a complete beginner you can get a jumpstart toward success with this business!  You’ll learn how to use Facebook/LinkedIn to find deals and leads!
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