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what is inside The Super Manifestor Package? - Super Manifestor PackageThe Manifesting Manual has been described by many as the most comprehensive and complete manifesting guidebook on the planet. Within this 257 page e-book you'll receive 21 powerful manifesting meditations, 13 proven visualization exercises, 200 inspirational quotes, and the world's greatest secrets to attracting anything you desire by raising your Manifesting Vibration! With this program you'll attract your desires with effortless joy and ease! Instantly download the first chapter and view the entire table of contents by Clicking Here! The Manifesting Manual will dramatically assist you in creating everything from total financial freedom, to enlightened loving relationships, to having a peak state of energy for the rest of your life! With hundreds of pages and 14 mind blowing Chapters in this one e-book, it alone can transform all your problems into opportunities and pave a path to freedom in your future ahead! Value $29.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe 90 Day Manifesting Routine! This is perhaps the most FUN, sought after and effective manifesting routine that produces RESULTS! The simple actions are the essential backbone to raising your manifesting vibration and transforming your life! By following this routine for 90 days in a row we guarantee that you will manifest massive results in your life! Your mornings will be so exciting you'll be jumping for joy and shifting your vibration shifting immediately! Value $19.95 - Super Manifestor PackageAffirmations to Manifest an Awakened, Empowered and Abundant Life! This amazing e-book is a 90 day program in itself and contains 300+ enlightening affirmations that will reprogram your mind, body and your life for instant success! We have a special unique secret technique we'll teach you so that each affirmation goes directly and deeply into reprogramming your subconscious mind. You'll manifest successful relationships, an abundant financial situation, incredible job satisfaction, peak health and best of all the empowerment to manifest ANYTHING you desire! Value $17.95 - Super Manifestor Package101 Thoughts to Experience a Spiritual Awakening! This mini e-book contains 101 enlightening thoughts and actions that will spark a spiritual awakening in your life! By reading one of these thoughts everyday you'll open your mind to tap into an unlimited source of divine power within YOU! Value $15.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe 8-day Manifesting E-course. This powerful e-course will "jumpstart" your manifesting engines with the essential secrets to manifesting your heart's desires. You will receive 8 powerful manifesting lessons via EMAIL over 8 consecutive days. Each email contains an ancient manifesting secret as well as the practical knowledge on how to apply and implement this empowering information. These manifesting "homework assignments" will inspire you and get you into action! You'll find yourself easily manifesting amazing relationships, financial freedom, unstoppable confidence and much much more! Value $15.95 - Super Manifestor PackageALL 12 Manifesting Meditations on MP3 Audio! - Super Manifestor PackageGuided Meditation to Become a Manifesting Magnet (20 minutes) This meditation will skyrocket your body's manifesting vibration so that you can quickly and effortlessly attract whatever you desire into your life. You'll deepen your ability to trust yourself and the Universe, and connect with your natural ability to manifest! In this meditation you'll be sending out so many positively charged vibrations that your every desire will be miraculously magnetized to you! Value $17.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Million Dollar Manifesting Meditation (23 minutes) This super FEEL GOOD experience will help you relax about your current financial issues, as well as increase your financial frequency so that you can become financially free! Increase your Financial Frequency and Attract Divine Abundance into ALL areas of your Life! Experience yourself as the divinely rich and abundant being you truly are. You'll connect with an UNLIMITED SOURCE of ENERGY AND RICHES and shower Divine Abundance all over your life! Value $19.95 - Super Manifestor PackageGuided Meditation for Manifesting an Abundance of Money (18 minutes) This meditation will dramatically heal and empower your relationship with money! It will take you on a journey to release any negative limiting beliefs holding you back from manifesting abundance into your life, and submerge your mind-body with a powerful NEW state of abundance consciousness! You will literally FEEL like a million dollars after you're done with this meditation! Value $15.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Guided Meditation to Meeting your Inner Financial Guru (19 minutes) This audio meditation will dramatically increase your ability to tap into abundance consciousness. It will support you in uncovering your natural financial wisdom and show you how to receive direct guidance on manifesting prosperity in your life. Your inner financial guru will be able to answer your toughest questions about mastering your current financial situation, and give you a step-by-step plan on HOW to make more money this week! Value $15.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Money Mantra Manifesting Meditation! (25 minutes) This powerful audio meditation will dramatically boost your ability to attract a consist flow of financial abundance to you. Thanks to this meditation, you'll reprogram your mind with a powerful set of 38 money mantras that are proven to dramatically boost your ability to attract wealth into your bank account! Each time you use this meditation, your mind, body and spirit will feel reborn with a new feeling of abundance consciousness. Value $15.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Blue Room Manifesting Meditation (23 minutes) This revolutionary visualization takes you into a conscious dream-like state where you actually step into the most powerful place in the Universe...The Blue Room! The power you'll receive from this manifested vortex is unbelievable. You will create real life agreements that manifest themselves back on Earth! Perhaps you would like to physically meet your life partner, create a new financial contract or deal, or improve your business or personal relationships. By meeting them in the Blue Room you'll soon see how the manifested magic effortlessly starts unfolding in your life! Value $19.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Guided Meditation for Healing your Body, Mind and Soul! (23 minutes) This guided meditation is designed to support you in manifesting a full physical mind body healing. It will initiate a deep healing transformation of every cell in your body. Other benefits from listening to this meditation daily can include relief from physical pain, deeper levels of inner peace, an increased amount of energy, and the quieting of mind chatter. Value $15.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Self Love Meditation - Merging with your Divine Essence (25 minutes) This life transformational self-loving meditation will increase your ability to naturally RECEIVE those desires you did not feel worthy of in the physical world. You will heal the deepest parts of yourself and discover how to experience the greatest secret in the Universe inside YOU! By merging with your Divine Essence and finding unconditional love for yourself, you will shatter any self-sabotaging patterns and start attracting the relationships, abundance and happiness you deserve in life. Value $19.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Guided Meditation for Manifesting Your Enlightened Loving Soul Mate!(17 minutes) This enlightening guided meditation will help you to physically attract your soul mate to you. Or if you are already in a relationship, you'll begin creating a deeper loving soul connection with the person you are currently in partnership with. Even just listening to this deeply healing meditation one time will reprogram your heart and soul with the profound ability to experience deeper levels of intimacy in any relationship. Value $17.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Guided Meditation to Experiencing Samadhi! (30 minutes) This enlightening meditation takes you directly into experiencing the highest states of consciousness. You'll go on a journey that takes you beyond the mind and ego into the Divine Presence within you. When you arrive at this deep place of inner peace, you'll connect with your divine all-powerful spiritual essence which will create a dramatic shift in your ability to manifest more of what you desire. By tapping into this higher vibrational state you will experience total freedom from all suffering and see your entire life with amazing crystal clarity. Value $18.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Guided Meditation for Awakening Your Kundalini! (25 minutes) This guided meditation gently opens up your chakras (energy centers) so that one day you will experience a joyful Kundalini awakening! The exploration and opening of these chakras will help you to know the divine all-powerful spiritual being you truly are. This meditation gently awakens the most powerful healing and manifesting energy on the planet that has been dormant within you. When the amazing power of Kundalini is fully awake, you will experience the Divine within everyone and everything. The more you practice this meditation, the more magical your life becomes. Value $17.95 - Super Manifestor PackageThe Guided Meditation Journey into The Akashic Records! (30 minutes). This guided spiritual journey provides a new perspective and paradigm shift for a deeper understanding of yourself and your life. This is a journey of self discovery where you'll get to view past lives and receive valuable life changing information stored in your soul's Akashic Records. You'll ignite a deeper awareness within you that will eliminate any painful illusions that have been previously running the show. Value $19.95.



The 12 Day Manifesting Magnet E-Course! - Super Manifestor Package

Dramatically Increase your Financial Frequency with 12 Powerful Secrets that will turn you into a Manifesting Money Magnet! Everyday you'll receive an enlightening secret which will empower and liberate your relationship with money. This online experience will enlighten and expand your relationship with money so that you are effortlessly attracting financial abundance to you! Value: Priceless! - Super Manifestor Package

The Enlightened Manifestor E-book! - Super Manifestor PackagePerhaps the most enlightening aspect of the Super Manifesting Package is a compilation of the most inspiring and empowering articles on enlightenment and conscious manifesting. This powerful e-book contains the most inspiring articles we have sent out to thousands of our readers from 2003. These enlightening articles will inspire and educate you on how to embrace your natural manifesting powers so you can EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY attract your heart's desires into your life! Value $29.95 - Super Manifestor Package

The Magic Mantra Manifesting Meditation! - Super Manifestor Package

Simply by repeating this magic mantra, you'll bring an energetic alignment through your head, heart and belly which will help you to manifest and receive your desires faster and easier. Just listening to this manifesting meditation one time can ignite powerful manifesting abilities which are "sleeping" within you. This enlightening experience will awaken the manifesting mindset that you need to effortlessly attract your dream life to you. This life changing download comes with a Magic Mantra PDF printout for you to meditate upon, which will take you into a deeper level of peace, life clarity and connection to your higher self. (14 minutes) Value $17 - Super Manifestor Package

The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation! - Super Manifestor Package

Reprogram your body and mind to become a "Love Magnet"! This 25 minute manifesting meditation will reconnect you with the greatest loving source of energy inside of you! You'll experience 31 unique heart transformational Love Mantras that will deeply reprogram your body and mind with the healing vibration of Love! In the world of manifesting, like attracts like. By increasing the "love vibration" inside your body, you'll automatically start attracting more loving relationships, situations and positive outcomes in life your life! Value $17 - Super Manifestor Package

The Quiet Mind Meditation - Super Manifestor Package

This Guided Meditation on MP3 audio journey will dramatically improve your consciousness. In just 12 minutes you'll quiet your mind chatter, open your heart chakra and take you into a potent relaxation enhancing your Magical Manifesting potential energy! The best part is you'll shift your vibration and become extremely receptive to manifesting whatever it is that you desire. Learn how to quiet your mind and you'll master your mind. Once you master your mind you will master your life! Value: Priceless! - Super Manifestor PackageGuided Healing Animal Journey for Children - Super Manifestor Package

The Healing Animal Journey is a special guided meditation for children ages 2-12 who need to empower themselves and find a solid physical, emotional and mental well being. This short guided visual journey will relax your child and re-connect them with their own personal healing power animal. This experience brings great relief to any child (or adult) who's body and mind need deep healing! You'll tap into feelings of deep inner peace, joy and empowerment on this short healing adventure! Kids LOVE this journey as it teaches them a fun way to empower themselves and how to heal their body, empower their mind and create a wonderful life! Value $9.95 - Super Manifestor PackageEnlightened Messages for your Soul! - Super Manifestor Package

When you sign up on the purple popup at the bottom of this screen you'll automatically receive 30 Days of Enlightened Messages for your Soul! These enlightening emails will enlighten your mind, expand your consciousness and empower your life! And as a special treat after you have devoured your 8 Day Manifesting E-course, you will receive a special gift of 2 MORE FREE WEEKS of personalized Enlightened Messages for your Soul! Your true life's mission and purpose will be drawn out of you each morning you receive one of these enlightening emails. Now this is something worth leaping out of bed for every morning!!

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  • 12 Manifesting Meditations on MP3 (250 Minutes)
  • The 8 Day Manifesting E-course
  • AND 7 Life Transformational Enlightening Bonuses