Summer Huntington - Steel Mace Vinyasa - Lvl 2 Fluidity

Summer Huntington - Steel Mace Vinyasa - Lvl 2 FluidityWant an Introduction toSteel Mace Vinyasa™ Lvl 2 - Fluidity, with expert movement coach Summer Huntingt...
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Summer Huntington - Steel Mace Vinyasa - Lvl 2 Fluidity

Summer Huntington - Steel Mace Vinyasa - Lvl 2 Fluidity

Want an Introduction toSteel Mace Vinyasa™ Lvl 2 - Fluidity, with expert movement coach Summer Huntington?

This 11 Video mini- Steel Mace Vinyasa™ course is for YOU!

Do you want to practice mindful hip mobility & shoulder strengthening?

Have you been wanting to unlock the power of Steel Mace Vinyasa™ in your practice?

Curious about how the High Intensity Interval Training or Yoga & “HIIT” workouts in Steel Mace Vinyasa™ work?

Do you want to try out some of the videos for Steel Mace Vinyasa™-lvl 2 Fluidity to see if it is a good fit for your training?

Want Flow State coaching & biomechanics breakdowns in your living room!?

Try 11 videos FREE then get the full Steel Mace Vinyasa™ - LVL 2 program when it releases next week!

Want to drastically improve your overall joint health, core strength & hip +shoulder mobility?

Do you think you aren’t good at yoga? Think again!!

What You Get in this 11 Video FREE Mini Course - featuring Steel Mace Vinyasa™ - LVL 2 content…

Workout 7 demo // Samples of 2 Exercises (out of 5) & a Steel Mace Vinyasa Flow +

Workout 10 demo// Samples of 2 Exercises (out of 5) & a full HIIT workout!

This is a sampler mini-course, prepping for the full Steel Mace Vinyasa - LVL 2 Course - check out for workshops, seminars, retreats and more!

Steel Mace Vinyasa™ is a vast program, and will continue to evolve. Currently there are 2 courses with over 95 video tutorials. Each of these programs is skillfully programed with swinging mechanics, torque, anatomy bassed cueing and so much more.

Steel Mace Vinyasa - LVL 1 Foundations (47 High Definition videos - Warms ups, Steel Mace Swing Mechanics, 6 Workouts, 6 Steel Mace Vinyasa™ Flows + unweighted flows )


Steel Mace Vinyasa - LVL 2 Fluidity (41 New Videos - with Warm Ups, Steel Mace Swing Mechanics+ 6 More Workouts & 6 Steel Mace Vinyasa™ Flows + unweighted flows )

Meet Coach Summer Huntington, she has been training with unconventional tools & yoga for over a decade… and owns operates two studios featuring these modalities.

“With over 20,000 hours of movement coaching experience, I have seen similar compensatory patterns develop in the modern human. We tend to become chair shaped or cell phone shaped, with tight upper back & shoulders combined with chronically tight hips.

The average person knows that they would benefit from yoga, but for various reasons it gets put on the back burner. People may find yoga boring, confusing with Sanskrit terms, and overall unaccessible due to mobility issues and old injuries. Steel Mace Vinyasa™ is a comprehensive program addressing strength, stability and grace - fit for absolutely any-BODY. Come visit my studio, Flow Shala, and you will see all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels practicing together.

As humans we tend to prioritize our work and our families first, and then whatever is left over may or may not go to self care. With the epidemic of stress related dis-ease, we need more conscious coaching that challenges our spatial awareness, our mental fortitude and helps us tap into what is known as Flow State

It is well documented in the research that Flow state is the most healing place for the human mind to make long term sustainable behavioral change. But, most people don’t know how to elicit that effect on their own in their movement practice. Until Steel Mace Vinyasa™…”

-Coach Summer (owner of

This Mini- Course has a sample of 11 of the videos from a larger program called SSteel Mace Vinyasa™ - LVL 2 Fluidity which will be released next week!


If you are curious about what Steel Mace Vinyasa™ is all about, this course is plenty to get you ed. Any-BODY can access Flow State, when given the right tools. Steel Mace Vinyasa™ is for everyday people who crave conscious movement, health & vitality and healthy posture.

The Steel Mace is an ancient tool, and Yoga an ancient practice.

Steel Mace Vinyasa is the union of modern biomechanics, mobility education & yoga. This FREE mini Steel Mace Vinyasa course includes the basics of using a 7lb or 5lb Mace for core stability, shoulder health and full body mobility. Take advantage of this RAD course, for absolutely free.

If you are wondering when the full Steel Mace Vinyasa Foundations + Steel Mace Vinyasa Fluidity full online courses will be released, get this FREE mini-course and you’ll be the first to know.

Curious about attending the very first Steel Mace Seminars at Flow Shala and beyond?


AUGUST 22-25, 2019 //Steel Mace Vinyasa™ LVL 1 & 2 Seminar & Retreat -ORCAS ISLAND, WA


OCTOBER 11-13, 2019 // Steel Mace Vinyasa™ LVL 1 Seminar -BELLINGHAM, WA

Want to book a Steel Mace Vinyasa Workshop or seminar?

All info at

Steel Mace Vinyasa is a combination of strength, stability and power, for any-BODY. Get ed today!


Your Instructor

Summer Huntington, MS

Summer Huntington, MS

Summer Huntington holds a Masters in Kinesiology, an advanced 500 Hour Yoga Teacher training and has over 20,000 hours of movement coaching experience. She founded a comprehensive strength & yoga curriculum in 2011, and has taught her seminars globally. Summer is an expert in both Flow psychological applications as well as training applications, and specializes in mobility education. Her thesis examined Worksite Wellness interventions, and she continues to consult privately for Corporate Wellness clients, as well as in her signature Flow State of Mind Coaching. She owns and operates two local fitness studios, an online studio and a leads a team of wellness professionals, all in Flow.

Course Curriculum

Warm Up
  • Warm Up (19:13)
  • Open Hip Mobility Drills (13:21)
  • 360 Swings (5:54)
  • Yaw /Mace Switches (4:02)
  • Semi Circles/Inside Outside Circles/Mills (8:50)
Workout 7
  • Side Swing to Dynamic Warrior 2 (2:58)
  • Reverse Mill from Mountain to Warrior 2 (4:12)
  • Steel Mace Vinyasa Flow #7 (13:35)

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