Sue Kemnitz - Sketching The Ladies

Sue Kemnitz - Sketching The Ladiessketching the ladies sketching the ladies with whimsy, motion, goodness and kindnessThe little ladies are pretty special. Th...
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Sue Kemnitz - Sketching The Ladies

Sue Kemnitz - Sketching The Ladies

sketching the ladies
sketching the ladies with whimsy, motion, goodness and kindness

The little ladies are pretty special. They encourage, they inspire and they may change the focus of your day. In these lessons, I guide you through their whimsical bones, so-to-speak.

Learn to sketch expressive and whimsical ladies: their poses, gestures, faces, hands, feet and more.

In addition:

Spot and highlight details that will bring life, whimsy and energy to your ladies. (yay!)
Loosen up your sketching technique.
Encouragement to practice. Daily.
Explore quiet times of soaking or meditation.
Includes four lessons with five sessions in each. Thats over 20 individual sessions. Plus a couple bonus sessions.

In short, I guide you into sketching a life of goodness and kindness. Woot!

Ps. Just so we’re on the same sketchbook page, please note that this workshop is not a painting nor writing workshop. We be sticking to the ‘bare bones.’ (Well - nothing bare in there. Just so you know.)

Your Instructor

sue kemnitz

When my son was born over 30 years ago, I turned my brief free moments toward art. Now, as a full-time artist, I create to inspire and encourage not only myself, but you, too!

Second only to my passion for Jesus and creating, I find I have a passion for teaching others. My mom always wanted me to be a teacher—she was one pretty smart lady. Whether you are a beginner or have been doing art for years, you will enjoy my “hey - we can do this!” attitude. Because that’s what I say to myself every day!

I seem to grow more and more curious all the time. So I am constantly learning and often share this with you too. Letting you know what works and what maybe doesn’t.

Join me at my blog, on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. Some of my abstracts are for sale on my website, as well as my new line of Athleisure - dynamically designed active wear for on the court and off. Some digital downloads are available and Etsy. You might enjoy my book(let): Bible Journaling: Honoring the Spirit. More on my book page.

Let me know how I can help you!

Jesus and art are my passions. “As for me, I will praise the Lord.” (Psalm 104:35)

Sue lives with her wonderful and handsome hubby, Randy, of over 40 years. They just finished building their dream home on the shores of Lake Superior in Wisconsin and winter in Estero, Florida. They are blessed with two spectacular children and one extraordinary grandchild.

Workshop Curriculum

sketching the ladies

introduction (3:01)

basic lady (15:05)
creating backgrounds (38:56)
lesson one • quiet time and other miscellaneous beginnings (93:21)
lesson two • sketching features - hands and feet, oh my (89:33)
lesson three • sketching a rainy day lady (80:57)
lesson four • sketching action (71:39)
whimsical woohoo’s

thank you! (5:40)

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