Subliminal Science - ICBCH Professional NLP Practitioner Certification

Subliminal Science - ICBCH Professional NLP Practitioner Certification digital download. Info: [17 MP4 - 15 PDF - 2 MP3] | 1.729 GB. He is a licensed psy...

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Subliminal Science - ICBCH Professional NLP Practitioner Certification

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The Complete Professional NLP Practitioner Certification Training Course

Become an ICBCH Certified Professional NLP Practitioner

Subliminal Science - ICBCH Professional NLP Practitioner Certification

Dr. Richard Nongard, a master of Ericksonian hypnosis and the author of Speak Ericksonian is your instructor for this course. This ICBCH approved certification program has been designed for the person who will be doing the actual work of helping people and influencing outcomes using NLP strategy, technique and patterns.

Containing over 15 hours of online streaming video, audio, and text based instruction, this course provides 30 hours of comprehensive training in practical Neuro-Linguistic Programming. That means you can be assured that this course will help you to master NLP.

Are you ready to take your communication to the next level?

Are you ready to master essential NLP patterns for influence and power?

Do you want to become the most effective helper you can become?

[ac-box color=”lblue” icon=”fa-check”]This course is ideal for the hypnotherapist, coach or counselor, and by completing this independent study professional NLP course, you will become certified by the ICBCH as a “Certified Professional NLP Practitioner (CPNLP)”.[/ac-box]

You will also receive access to 15 instructional videos by Dr. Richard Nongard, one of America’s most sought after professional educators.

He is a licensed psychotherapist, a master practitioner of NLP, a confirmed leader in hypnotic training, and the author of 12 textbooks, including, “Inductions and Deepeners, Styles and Approaches for Effective Hypnosis” and “Keys to the Mind: Learn How to Hypnotize Anyone and Practice Hypnotherapy Correctly.”

In these 15 videos you will learn the practical application of NLP and master the use of essential language patterns:

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You will learn creative NLP patterns and applications for:

  • The Six Step Reframe
  • The Swish Pattern
  • Visual Squash
  • Perfect Spelling Pattern
  • Perceptual Position Process
  • Ecology Check
  • Well-Formed Outcomes
  • Creating Resource States
  • Finding Love Pattern
  • And more! Complete explanations of essential basic NLP strategies every hypnotist, coach and counselor should master
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This is a huge collection of resources, each with full video explanations, demonstrations and written notes.

You will learn the basic strategies of NLP, and tools like the swish pattern and the fast phobia cure. But this series goes beyond the basic strategies and will help you improve your own life while learning how to improve the lives of others.

Each of these strategies is presented in the context of coaching or hypnosis, utilizing trance in change work. You will be a better hypnotist and life coach by learning these methods and be able to use them with or without formal trance.Subliminal Science - ICBCH Professional NLP Practitioner Certification

You can use this as a resources for your own life, transforming your own life skills, while learning strategies you can bring into hypnotherapy sessions.

You will also receive access to two powerful subliminal suggestion audio files, a $39 value, designed to help you better absorb the material and experience success.

Do you want to be a more successful hypnotist? 

Do you want to be a more effective communicator? 

Do you want to help people make lasting change in therapy or life coaching?

Do you want to Influence others and create personal power?


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Are you associated with any particular NLP lineage or organization?

No. In the past several decades, NLP training has become fractionalized and various training organizations have allied themselves with various training schools and instructors in various geographic regions. The ICBCH has been offering hypnotherapy training and certification for many years, independent of other organizations. Our goal is to create practitioners with independent values not allied with any particular brand of hypnosis or NLP.

Do I need hypnosis certification or training before starting this course?

No. This course presumes you have no previous hypnosis knowledge, yet those with hypnosis training will find it equally of value. NLP is a method of practical applications for impacting the subconscious mind. The founders of this modality studied the work of hypnotherapists and incorporated the most effective methods of subconscious communication into the study of NLP, and these ideas will be taught in this course.

Will I be able to hypnotize people when I complete this course?

Trance is a natural phenomena and NLP teaches how to use natural trance states to learn, problem-solve and impact lifelong patterns of behavior. These methods will be taught in this class, so yes, you will be able to use conversational hypnosis and trancework skills. However, for those who wish to represent themselves as a professional hypnotist and focus solely on the use of hypnotherapy, we recommend taking this course and our ICBCH Gold Level Hypnosis Certification Course at the same time.

Do you offer a Master Practitioner NLP course?

Our course is designed for those who want to practice NLP in professional settings. Other programs have created a “level” system of learning, in many cases simply to increase the fees prospective students pay.

We have been in the continuing education business since 1994, and our NLP courses are within the same price range as our other continuing education courses for practicing professionals. We feel no need to create a “level” system for learning, you are designated as a Professional NLP Practitioner and you will receive a very nice certificate. Although we encourage further learning, seminars and training, you will find our course has been designed to provide the foundational and advance skills successful therapists actually use.

Who are the Continuing Education Credits (CE hours) good for?