Subliminal Club - The Legacy

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Subliminal Club - The Legacy digital download. Info: [WebRip - 3 MP3s, 1 PDF] | 93.42 MB. Legacy, originally a supercharger for Spartan – now a standalon...
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Subliminal Club - The Legacy

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRip - 3 MP3s, 1 PDF]

File size: 93.42 MB




Glory and death. Fame and fortune. Country and family. Ambition and power.

Warriors all over the world gave their lives to become myths, to become legends. To leave their Legacy behind.  Be it a Legacy of unity or of destruction, a Legacy of power they have left.

And they did so through strength.

They did so through grueling training of their bodies, of days filled with hardship, every moment pushing themselves to the limit.

This is what Legacy is about – becoming an apex warrior. Legacy is an Ultima subliminal that can be used with Spartan, or standalone. It was created with the purpose of focusing your conscious and subconscious minds onto your physical body and your mental connection with it.

With the full power of your subconscious and conscious minds supporting your physical efforts, you will see powerful improvements in any physical sport, profession or hobby.

With Legacy, you will be taking the first steps on your journey to warriorhood. You will be taking your spear and shield – your ambition and your subconscious mind, and funneling it into the forging of an unstoppable machine.

And while Legacy is a powerful Ultima subliminal for anything fighting or sports related, there are numerous benefits to truly being 100% grounded in your body, in a state of complete harmony between every little part of you. The subconscious mind, the conscious mind, the body, the spirit, your awareness, all coming together to create someone worthy of creating a Legacy.

Will you become a warrior worthy of having your own Legacy? Or will you be forgotten by history?

If you don’t want to take your chances..

Order Legacy now.