Stuart Turnbull - Mad Money Mugs

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Stuart Turnbull - Mad Money Mugs digital download. Info: [6 PDF + 72 PNG]. Can You Spare 15 Minutes A Day? Little Known Etsy Niche Is Earning Ordinary ...
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Stuart Turnbull - Mad Money Mugs

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Format: [6 PDF + 72 PNG]



Stuart Turnbull - Mad Money Mugs

So How Does This Business Work?
I want to be completely transparent (as always), so here's EXACTLY how this easy business works:
You simply set up a FREE Etsy shop (I'll show you exactly how) that sells simple text-based coffee mugs that people go crazy for and BUY (either for themselves or as GIFTS!). [clip art OPTIONAL!],
You create some mug designs fast and easy using a secret FREE (SIMPLE TO USE) online tool! You can create AWESOME MUG DESIGNS in just minutes that are totally text based (Clip Art is also doable but TOTALLY OPTIONAL), and, using my technique, you can produce popular designs even if you don't have a creative bone in your body! (Yes I didn't believe how easy it was either but I'll show you just how SIMPLE & FAST it is to create popular mugs people LOVE and BUY!!!)
Once your shop is set up I'll show you how to create listings that LOOK TERRIFIC and MAKE SALES! I also show you how to make your business virtually HANDS-FREE!!
THEN...Every time you make a sale, another company fulfils your order!! (you never need to even TOUCH a mug ever!). Just figure out how to SPEND & ENJOY your profits!
Want MORE Income? - Simply 'rinse and repeat'! Check your daily sales and every few days (or even just once a week) find a few NEW design ideas (I'll show you where to get HUNDREDS of excellent ideas!) and add them to your ETSY store (takes just minutes!!)
I'll Show You EVERYTHING You Need To Know:

  I'll Show You...
  •  How to quickly and easily set up your Etsy shop
  •  How to make your business virtually hands-free 
  • The actual URL of the company (Approved by ETSY) who will manufacture and dropship your orders WORLDWIDE from both their US and European locations!
  • How to list your mugs to make them sell - The actual wording!!
  • Where to find winning design ideas by the HUNDREDS

       What TYPES of mug designs sell best!

  • The free design tools I USE that lets you SPEED UP and SIMPLIFY your design creation process.
  • How to "try out" your designs & see what they look like before going live!
  • Pricing structure and how to price for MAXIMUM PROFITS!
This is a real-world business but also a lot of fun!

You'll be proud to tell your family about your unique online business!

You'll be the ENVY of your friends when you show them your online sales!

Your course includes a no-fluff INFO-PACKED 60+ page course guide (with links to videos, FREE tools, and other secret online resources). In a nutshell, I show you EXACTLY how to do everything fast & easy in simple to understand - step by step fashion with clear examples and screenshots included!