Street Smart Seduction - D.D.R. AKA The Pimp & Johnny Russo

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Street Smart Seduction - D.D.R. AKA The Pimp & Johnny Russo

Street Smart Seduction - D.D.R. AKA The Pimp & Johnny Russo

Street Smart Seduction - D.D.R. AKA The Pimp & Johnny Russo

Notorious PIMP From L.A. Finally Reveals How You Can Start Getting Non-Stop Sex With Smoking-Hot Club Chicks… While You’re Waiting To Meet Your Dream Woman…”

If you’re a man who would like to start getting non-stop sex, then this shocking-to-the-bones letter will be the most important letter you ever read.Here’s why: I talked with one of the most notorious pimps on the west coast. He was in jail 7 times. Two times for pimping. And more chicks from Los Angeles know who he is than who Obama is.

He’s the guy that:

  • PIMPed married rich wives...
  • Started his “business” from scratch, finding five smoking-hot girls to work for him within 12 hours after he was released from jail…
  • Had sex with over 1300 women…
  • Dated one Hollywood celebrity for a week before he dumped her. She was so pissed off that it ended up all over the media…
  • Is known to almost every nightclub regular in Los Angeles…

Naturally, I was curious about him and I asked him how he does it.

He thought I was messing with him, and I was split-second away from getting beaten like a drum. I could feel the adrenaline pumping inside me when he stood up from his chair and said to me: “Who do you think you’re fucking with?”

I had about 2 seconds to start explaining.

I told him about the pickup community - of which I have been a part of now for a little over three years. I told him about all the guys reading books, watching videos, speaking with each other on how to seduce women. All that time he was laughing like I was telling some kind of sick joke.

And he had every right to laugh at the pickup community.

The harsh reality is… this guy has learned more about women, their dirty secret desires and powerful attraction triggers than any book has ever told.

The nature selection of his business and his dangerous lifestyle forced him to discover secret “street-smart” techniques that pimps use to manipulate women.

Just picture the guy walking down the street, noticing the hot chick in her early twenties walking out of the boutique. In that moment, he approaches her and touches her by the hand to get her attention. She looks at him, but not saying anything, yet. He looks at her not giving any reason why he’s stopped her. She says (smiling) “Hello?!” He then asks her if she wants to come with him for a drink and she agrees.


What just happened there?

“What a lucky bastard” - That’s what I told my friend about him when we witnessed this scene while heading towards the bar in Venice Beach.

No pickup lines,No phone numbers,No long speeches,No shit-testing,No resistance,I was so amazed. That’s not how the community taught me this game should be played. But that’s exactly what I’ve just seen from the guy that slept with over a thousand women.

Was it the lucky moment?

Judge for yourself. He has repeated his demonstration (not really to prove anything - more because of that’s the way he is)…

  • In the bar
  • On the gas station
  • In the restaurant
  • In the strip club
  • In the nightclub later that day

That’s just so incredible! Walking with two wanna-be-cool dudes (admittedly, me and my friend) to pickup, kiss or have sex (with a dancer Sasha and one hot Russian from the nightclub)

… With more girls in one day than me and my friend had together in over two months.

I tried to get this vault of women’s secret emotional triggers on a teleconference with me, but he refused. Then I had offered him enough cash to book all his girls for the entire night if he would reveal it all to me and let me offer it to other guys.

He agreed, but only if I didn’t mention his name.

He had to be completely anonymous.

Fair enough. All I care about is the wickedly-effective technique he uses to bed almost any woman.

“The Amazing Blueprint Reveals
Shocking Techniques Of LA’s Most Desired”

I grilled him hard for over six hours - and he revealed to me dynamite-powerful, opposite-of-all-the-common-wisdom techniques that I’ve never heard of.

And I have been a pickup material junkie for three years. I bought almost every product on the market within my first six months in the community.

So when I say this guy is TOTALLY different from all the PUAs, I back it up with deep knowledge of pickup materials. Maybe he has a few similarities with David X, but only in the language. The whole game is something you’ve never seen before. At least I didn’t.

The stuff he told me about has nothing to do with women, but when done the way he teaches, it doesn’t matter what you say, it will attract women to you like a magnet.

Best of all, this is probably the only information I got on how to seduce one particular girl, not some random chick or playing numbers games, like I’ve seen in the community’s programs and “systems.

And now the bad news for you.


I won’t be selling this interview to everyone.

I must confess… I’m a bit jealous, because now, I finally have serious advantage over the other guys.

But that’s not the only reason. The thing is, I could get in serious trouble if this info gets out to the masses. I am not sure whether it is legal or not. I know that some of this stuff is really edgy.

That’s why I’ll seriously limit the quantity of these secret reports that go out the door. And only those that agree not to share it anywhere else will get a chance to buy it.

It’s a privilege.Not a right.

Before I tell you about the qualifications, let me tell you what this report is not about:

  • It will not teach you nice social behavior

  • It will NOT teach you the phone game (there is none of it in his method)

  • It will NOT teach you online dating (it’s a joke in his opinion)

  • It will NOT bore you to death with 100 pages of BS (instead, you’ll get an action-packed blueprint on a few pages that summarizes over 20 years of experience he has as a professional womanizer and PIMP)

  • It will NOT be something you’ve already heard of!

  • It will NOT be cheap and sold in large quantities (the offer is physically-limited to only 100 copies that I expect to be gone today).

Now, if you’re okay with it and you’re still interested, let me show you the next step.

I will edit the interview for you and write it as a special report. It will probably take me a couple days or so to complete it. I’ll make it as clear and as easy to apply for you as possible. But, I won’t hide anything. And don’t ask me to. It is up to your personal judgment to decide which techniques you can apply and which you cannot.

This report will have some serious disclaimers in it and you may have to sign a non-disclosure agreement when buying it.

But it will be worth it!

Among his fast-seduction tips, I will show you the exact techniques he uses to get new girls to work for him.

Warning: in most countries pimping is illegal. You must check the law before applying any of these techniques.

Listen, I did it for myself mostly, okay?

Three years in the “community” sharpened my skills with women a bit. Three days with his insider method changed my life.

Some of the stuff I learned is potent, I won’t recommend it to everyone. Surprisingly, most of the stuff isn’t and the average Joe can apply them easily and comfortably.

There is something you should know…

“Only If You Meet The Criteria Spelled Below, You Can Get Your Hands On This Explosively-Powerful Info - It Is NOT For Everyone.”

This extremely advanced info is not for newbies. It will not teach you how to get balls to approach women. It will only show you wickedly-effective techniques to easily handle women on their deepest emotional level.

If you cannot approach a woman, I seriously don’t recommend you order this book. It’s just too powerful. Like giving a gun to a kid - it’s too dangerous. Unless you can control yourself and use these manipulation techniques ethically - don’t continue reading.

Inside this powerful street-smart report you’ll discover:

  • How to pickup a stripper even if your mother says you’re ugly (and why being average or even a bit homely actually works in your favor with experienced strippers).

  • How to get a spoiled, rich woman in bed within 24hrs.

  • How to get nightclub hotties to work for you (DISCLAIMER: Only in countries where escort biz is legal!)

  • His usual strategy to pickup a girl in front of her boyfriend.

  • 3 sex tips that will get her the strongest orgasm she has ever had - and get her attracted to you on the deepest level (his actual technique to get the girl to listen to you and never dare to play any games with you).

  • The ultimate relationship management technique - contrary to most info in women’s magazines and just partially similar to the community’s techniques.

  • What to do when you absolutely MUST seduce that particular chick (the infamous HOLA technique he used on “special orders”).

  • Some wuss mistakes most of us make in a relationship thinking it is ALPHA - But it’s NOT…

This is a treasure-chest for guys that want to skyrocket their success with woman and become a mind-blowingly effective pickup machine.

You’ll also discover…

  • “The Turkish Technique” that will get you at least a blow job from almost-every girl in the nightclub within 15 minutes max (Again, not for just anyone)...

  • The one simple tweak that will unlock the natural seducer within you (it is a breakthrough realization, but very simple and easy to grasp and apply)

  • How to effectively use wingmen - 1) hot female wings, 2) UG wings and 3) male wings. This is the stuff you have not been taught on how to pickup using “social proof” - the RIGHT way…

  • Dealing with “high class” women and their dirty desires.

  • How to screw 3-girls-in-two-hours - a curious little concept that will enable you to get from the meeting to the action - fast and with little or no “sissy talk...”

  • His EVIL method that works magic for having affairs with married chicks. That’s right - how to bang married women. You’ll learn how it’s done - and how it’s easier to fuck married women than any other kind…

  • 11 Rules for banging married chicks that you must obey if you want to get all the no-strings sex your heart could desire…

  • The truth of nice-angel girls and their dirty, hardcore fantasies…

  • Actual examples of how to tease women and turn up the heat to the point where she has to either bang you or go home and cry…

  • The P.T.E. technique that will transform you from kiss-ass boring dude to KICK-ass attractive guy…

  • 3 Most important physical “alpha” behaviors that you can easily fake until it becomes your second-nature…

  • Why you shouldn’t even think about talking with extremely hot chicks until you master this technique… (it’s easy once you’re aware of it).

And some really advanced, Street-Smart Seduction wisdom…

  • The sex myths about the ass, swallowing, and what most men will never know on going down on her…

  • The BURNOUT method - How to dump her in just ONE week, AND keep her around for a “bed-buddy” as long as you want to…

  • The surefire test to find out whether a girl will cheat on her boyfriend or not, before you even approach her - (The Pimp reveals his complete technique in the chapter: “How To Steal Her From Her Boyfriend”)

  • How To Get a Girl’s Number In Front Of Her Boyfriend Without Any Tension Whatsoever… (Nice Little Trick That Works Like A Charm)

  • Street-Smart Negotiations - This one might not have anything to do with sex, but EVERYTHING to do with human nature. It shows you how to pump up the value of just about anything the same way street hustlers do it…

  • Why most guys never get women open up to them at her deepest, the most intimate level and one single deal-breaker errors common in “macho” guys. THIS IS THE MISTAKE THAT WILL CUT OFF ALL THE TRUST IN AN INSTANT AND MAKE SURE SHE NEVER SPEAKS WITH YOU OPENLY AGAIN - when it comes to sex.

And something PIMPS know the most about - SEX…

  • Dirty Talk - The easy to learn technique that will show you how dirty you can be at which point in intercourse. It will show you magic phrases that turn from deal-breaker into an irresistible turn-on if you use them in the right sequence (Check the chapter on sex)

  • The PIMP Truth of importance of dick size and one SUPER important factor that, if applied, will put a small dick in huge, primal advantage above a big dick. You can make any guy with a big dick fall to an extreme disadvantage with women (and the absolute must-know for small-dick guys).

  • How to add an inch (or more) to your “mental” size with any woman so that she never questions your manhood…

  • Anal Sex - Discover the truth behind myths about anal sex - This chapter shows you how to start, lead, and handle anal sex. Most guys that fail to understand this amazingly simple concept never get a second chance, while those who do it the right way deepen their relationship and make their women as horny as a sex addicts…

  • Get Everything You Want. Let’s face it - for you to really HAVE a woman means getting her to do ANYTHING in bed you want. Certain guys have this ability, and you will, too. You’ll learn how to get a woman to do ANYTHING you want in bed - and you’ll have your own personal porn star at your beck and call…

  • Porn Industry Insiders - How to eat her out. The way of licking a woman’s clit that won’t make it “too sensitive” - and enable you to create body-shaking multiple orgasms - fast…

These three concepts below will quickly transform a boring nerd into a cool, gotta-bang-him desirable guy…

  • Scripted teasing - Discover cool phrases that you can use to put your mind on auto-pilot while making red-hot attraction to sexy chicks you don’t really care about (ideal for nightclubs and show-off to your friends - it works like a gangbuster…)

  • FOR WUSSIES: If you are a WUSS and still decide to read this advanced material (I think you shouldn’t!), there’s a list of big, crucial mistakes that you MUST avoid if you want to survive first 15 minutes of meeting a hot woman…

  • SMS Autopilot - sometimes you’re just too bored to invent deep-touching, cool Text messages. In this section on texting, you’ll find out the best, tested text messages (“sexting”) to get her to respond to you - and set up the woman for whatever you want to do with her…

And these, will easily make your wild dreams come true (for players only):

  • The Reverse Lets-Just-Be-Friends Method - How To Get Girls to CHASE You Just Because You Don’t Want To Chase Them - The attractive way and the real “lets just be friends” method that you didn’t know about…

  • How To Fuck Her Sister Or Her Best Friend - The bullet-proof test that will immediately reveal to you how good your chances are (some unique methods you have never heard before) - and the right way to bang her hot friends - and even her sister, if you want…

  • Threesome - it is easier than doing her sister, but you need to know how. In this chapter you’ll discover two easy ways for how to have a threesome. One technique if you already have a steady girlfriend and another technique if both girls are new women that you’ve just met…

  • How to dump her without getting any shit thrown back at you - the ultimate way to get rid of women that aren’t for you…

  • What food you should eat on which days when meeting chicks that will turbo-charge your inner-pheromones and setup the vibe for you (no shittin’, this is so wicked - and you’ll notice that on those days you are “in the mood” for picking up chicks, talkative and ready to go-for-it).

  • A stupid-simple breathing exercise that can prolong your sexual intercourse by 27% (according to doctors that have verified these field-tested methods). And the best part of it… you can use it when you feel you need it…

  • And finally… The Ultimate Secret To Make Your Girl So Bonded To You That She Will Scream For GOD With Your Name On Her Lips…

That’s it.

It’s raw, go-get info. When I’m done, it will be 70 or 80 pages max. Sent to you via courier (discreetly packaged).

And there is one more thing.

“In total, I will sell only 100 reports on a first-come-first-served basis - and then the doors will shut for good.”

This info is too powerful for the masses. It will reveal to you a powerful method that has survived the natural selection on today’s streets and created the most desired “ladies man” in LA.

No-BS. No scientific explanations. Just the white-hot, hands-on method.

This is a pre-sell page. If you choose to grab one of the 100 reports for yourself now before I am done with it, I’ll give you a $100 discount on your order. I’m finishing this report in the next week and I’ll have it printed and ready to send to you right away.

Plus, I’ll throw-in these extra bonuses you can’t get anywhere else:

Super Bonus #1 - Pornstar Secrets ($127 value)

In this super bonus you’ll discover stuff like:

  • All-natural way on how to get your dick up QUICK

  • How to practice your “shoots”

  • Actual pornstar training routine

  • Bunch of other cool stuff

Super Bonus #2 - Pickup Cheat Sheets

Yes, so you don’t have to go over the whole book. These are handy summaries of what to do in each situation. It will keep on reminding you until it becomes second nature. And then… you’re the king.

Mind-Blowing Bonus #3 - This 4-step method adds bonus points to your appearance, creates instant-chemistry and builds a year-like rapport with her within two minutes.

And finally,…

onus Video: Exclusive 60+ Private Video Interview With Mr X: 12-Year Veteran Strip Club Manager Bares All — How YOU Can Seduce & Sleep With The Hottest Dancers WITHOUT Paying A Single Red Cent!

His insights on strip clubs are virtually unmatched in the community, having worked in the adult entertainment industry for more than 12 years. He sat down with me for this exclusive, one-on-one interview where he blows the lid on the inner workings of how to get these super-hot women into bed… every single time.