Story Craft Corp - Story Craft Pro

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Story Craft Corp - Story Craft Pro digital download. The StoryCraft® line of story-creation software offers its Classic StoryCraftPro Software, which guide...
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Story Craft Corp - Story Craft Pro

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Story Craft Corp - Story Craft Pro

Here's What StoryCraftPro Does For You:

  • BANISHES WRITER'S BLOCK BY SIMPLIFYING THE STORY-CREATION PROCESS ~ StoryCraftPro guides you in a natural way that allows your stories to flow from you, stage by stage, your ideas arising as quickly as you can think — no interruptions, no delays, no excuses.

  • PERFECTS YOUR STORY'S PREMISE ~ Using StoryCraftPro, your basic story idea easily becomes a concise Story Concept that will form the solid foundation on which you'll build your Story Craft Corp - Story Craft Prostory.

  • ESTABLISHES THE IDEAL CATEGORY FOR YOUR STORY ~ Once you have your Story Concept, StoryCraftPro leads you almost effortlessly towards the decision of which Story Category (action, character, or epic) to use to develop precisely the kind of story you most need and want to write.

  • MATCHES YOUR STORY WITH A TIME-PROVEN PATTERN SO YOUR STORY'S OUTLINE SITS CLEARLY IN YOUR MIND'S EYE ~ StoryCraftPro identifies 18 basic patterns, or Types, of stories that all the great myths and literary classics fall under, and results in a clear sense of the outline of your story — based upon your particular choice of Story Type — throughout the entire story-creation process.

  • BUILDS COMPELLING CHARACTERS AND WORLDS ~ StoryCraftPro guides you through the creation of your story's main characters and their helpers as well as the worlds that they populate, prompting you to describe the precise elements necessary for main characters of stories of your Concept, Category, and Type.

    Story Craft Corp - Story Craft Pro

  • OFFERS INSTANTANEOUS ADVICE ON YOUR STORY ~ StoryCraftPro offers built-in help instructions, accessible from every screen, that instantly describe the desired task.

  • LETS YOU BRAINSTORM FREELY AT EVERY MOMENT ~ StoryCraftPro allows you to brainstorm and develop unique plot twists at each Story Creation Step.

  • GIVES YOU INSTANT NAVIGATION TO ANY ISSUE RELATING TO ANY PART OF YOUR STORY AT ANY POINT ~ StoryCraftPro allows you to work on understanding and resolving any part of the story, wherever and whenever you have a thought, an idea, or a difficulty.

  • GIVES YOU TOTAL WRITING FREEDOM ~ At every stage of your story, StoryCraftPro writer's software promotes inspiration as it gently suggests the direction of your story. (Use your own favorite word processor; or, with the StoryCraft Ultimate Edition — check it out here — you'll have the most powerful story processor/word processor/story manager in which to write your story.)

  • RESULTS IN WELL-STRUCTURED NOVELS AND SCREENPLAYS ~ What you write with the assistance of StoryCraftPro develops naturally into logically complete novels and screenplays. (The only thing it doesn't explain is how to format your screenplays; excellent formatting programs include ScriptWizard, Final Draft, etc.)

    Story Craft Corp - Story Craft Pro

  • SIMPLIFIES THE REVISION PROCESS ~ StoryCraftPro helps turn the two tasks of writing and revision into a seamlessly integrated process by giving you the information you need to know to revise your story within each step of the story-creation process, from beginning to end.

  • CONVERTS INCOMPLETE STORIES INTO FINISHED STORIES ~ StoryCraftPro allows you to work with any outside stories, so that you can easily re-design stories that you had previously been working on, transforming almost magically old notes, story ideas, and undeveloped stories into near-perfectly developed stories, ready for word processing. (Note: A great word processor/story manager is part of the StoryCraft Ultimate Edition. Check it our here.)

  • MAKES THE CRAFT OF WRITING EASY TO LEARN AND EASY TO PERFECT ~ StoryCraftPro has been carefully designed and refined so that even the most novice of writers can understand clearly and quickly every task (and yet also even the most advanced of writers find its approach sophisticated, reliable, and practical).

  • TEACHES THE WORLD'S #1 WRITING METHOD AND PHILOSOPHY AS YOU WRITE ~ StoryCraftPro is more than just a story-writing tool; it is also a sophisticated complete course in writing that utilizes the Jarvis Method, the system of fiction writing that's the accepted standard among university writing programs around the world.

    Story Craft Corp - Story Craft Pro
  • REVEALS HISTORY'S GREATEST WRITING SECRETS ~ StoryCraftPro understands intuitively how you write because its system is based on the way classic literature and great myths have been written since the dawn of civilization.