Steven Holdaway - Google Money Pro

Steven Holdaway - Google Money Pro digital download. Info: [eBook (pdf)]. I Make Over $120,000.00 Online Every Single Month without Owning a Website or ...

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Steven Holdaway - Google Money Pro

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (pdf)]


Google Money Pro

I Make Over $120,000.00 Online Every Single Month without Owning a Website or A Product,

and All I Do is Advertise Websites with Google

You're probably thinking "Yeah right...", if you don't believe me, look
at my proof.

Let me put it this way, for the past 6 years my life has revolved around
advertising websites online through Google. I know every rule, advertising
policy, and exactly how to advertise any website to make it unbelievably
profitable. In fact, Google has actually recognized me as one of their
Qualified Advertising Professionals.

Please Note:

This is not a Get Rich Quick scam. It took me 6 years and thousands of hours of
hard work and trial and error to get where I am today. I do not make exactly
$120,000 every month. Sometimes I make more, sometimes I make less, but it
averages out to be around 120K. All of the proof and screen shots on this webpage
are from my personal accounts and are 100% accurate.
Learn How I Use Google - the Worlds Most Popular Search Engine, To Make THOUSANDS of Dollars Every Day through Affiliate Marketing!
I have combined my knowledge of Google advertising with internet affiliate marketing and
have put all of this information into a downloadable guide. You WILL NOT find any of
the information contained in Google Money Pro anywhere else on the web.

Google Money Pro contains all of my personal secrets, tips, and techniques allowing you
to set up an extremely profitable affiliate account by professionally advertising with Google
AdWords. Best of all, I show you how to do everything in an easy to follow, step by step,
illustrated guide.

  • Find A Profitable Website to Advertise
  • Professionally Set Up A Google AdWords Advertising Account
  • Start Receiving Traffic Within 5 Minutes
  • Learn What I Do to Make $120,000 Per Month

Want Some Proof?

Below is a screen shot of one months performance of One of my Google Campaigns.

Steven Holdaway - Google Money ProInformation About This Screen Shot:

The information you see is only from one of the websites I advertise,
and this website is currently looking for affiliates in ClickBank.

Over 38 Million people saw my advertisements for this website that month.

My advertising brought 300,000 people to this website during that
month. Thats nearly 10,000 people every day!

My conversion rate is 1.5%, which means I sold roughly 4,474 products
for this website during that month.

If this was your Campaign Advertisement and you made $8.00 profit for
every sale, you would have made $35,793 profit that month.

But this was my Campagin, and I made $18.00 profit for every sale. This
means that I made $80,534 profit that month, for just one webpage.

Want More Proof?

Here is A Screen Shot of My 267 Sales Equaling $5,747.92 on January 2nd!

If you want to see a larger picture, click on the screen shot to your bottom right.
Want To Know How I Did This?

No Problem! I tell you exactly how I did everything from
choosing a website to profitably advertising it using Google
AdWords. All of this information Plus More is available to
you in Google Money Pro.

Are You Worried Google Money Pro Won't Help You?

I Guarantee that Google Money Pro will benefit you. You can
even try it Risk Free for up to 45 Days. If you are unsatisfied
with Google Money Pro in any way, I will refund ALL of your
money with NO questions asked.

This guide is written for both beginner and expert users of
affiliate marketing and Google AdWords. If you're a beginner I will
show you everything you need to know about finding a profitable
website and setting up your Google Account. You will gradually be
introduced to more advanced advertising techniques as you go along,
until you too are a successful affiliate marketer.

By reading this guide you will be able to avoid all of the mistakes
and errors even some of the pro's make, literally saving you
uncountable hours of trial and error.

Everything in this guide will Greatly Benefit:

  • People who own their own website and/or product.
  • People who don't have or don't want their own website or product.
  • People already experienced in Advertising with Google.
  • People who have absolutely no knowledge or experience
    advertising with Google AdWords.
  • People who have absolutely no knowledge or experience
    with Affiliate Marketing.

    This Information Is EXTREMELY Valuable And Will Guarantee
    Your Success In Online Marketing!