Steve Maxwell - Bodyweight Basics (Complete Set)

You are witness to Steve hanging out with a few friends in any gym, Anytown, USA doing what kids will naturally do Format File: [4 Videos (MP4)] File size:...

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You are witness to Steve hanging out with a few friends in any gym, Anytown, USA doing what kids will naturally do Format File: [4 Videos (MP4)] File size: File size:

Steve Maxwell - Bodyweight Basics (Complete Set)

Steve Maxwell - Bodyweight Basics (Complete Set)

Bodyweight Basics

Fitness cinema verite! It’s what Steve does: turning every corner of the world into a workout.

There’s a lot of charm in what Steve does in this video: in seemingly the most ordinary circumstances, with regular, small-town folks, yet always keeping it real.

This is exactly why Steve’s Body Weight Basics series is so… extraordinary.

You are witness to Steve hanging out with a few friends in any gym, Anytown, USA doing what kids will naturally do — playing on the furniture and making up games and challenges

It’s just Steve, his wooden stick, and three eager students. With little else, Steve schools us in the virtue of physical body mastery.

It all looks so simple! Yet we know this is the most valuable, organic way to learn — by direct experience.

If you can’t arrange to train with Steve directly, this video series is the next best thing to gain the benefit of his friendly, practical knowledge and decades of training experience.

A bible for personal trainers and a companion for intelligent people wishing to work out at home — Steve Maxwell shares his wisdom and experience with all. Much more than a tutorial of how to build strength with body weight exercises — Steve’s simple, resourceful solutions to the challenges of body weight training will inspire people at every level.

Each of the four volumes is priced affordably at $19.99 and $70.00 for all four.

Note: The exercises become more complex as you progress through each volume; therefore while the entire series is the best value, if you are quite weak or otherwise deconditioned you can still get the foundational movements in Volumes 1 & 2 and complete your collection later.

Here’s the best thing: we don’t need to “sell” this video series to you.

If you are reading this page then you already know Coach Maxwell is the guy from whom you want to acquire the Body Weight Basics and there is nothing else to us to say — but do read the comments from the reviewers below — truth is better than fiction!

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Volume Four

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What can we say about such a rare and awesome video as Episode 4? Wherein Steve epitomizes training with high-minded simplicity. An indispensable resource for kettlebell instructors and novice aspirants — or anyone wishing to refine the basics — this video exemplifies Steve’s guileless manner of engaging the client and the best way to train with a kettlebell from the very first session. Guest starring Bondi Beach’s own lovely talent, Pelin Gulozen. Episode 4 runs 40:00

 Classic!! This is a great amount of information presented so well; easy to follow; purpose explained; anatomy covered; creative options explored. Steve’s voice is smooth and calm and confident. The models have great posture and aren’t distracting from the information. The titles for the segments are good/helpful/easy to bookmark. Specific sections that a trainer would need. Good stuff! — A

I really enjoyed these videos. The break down from beginner to advanced was excellent and easy to understand. Even a non-beginner should purchase it . I especially like how Steve included that segment about working around wrist or elbow problems. That short segment on incorporating the lats is going to open new doors for a lot of people. I liked the use of objects that everyone has around. (chairs, etc.) Steve demonstrates how you really don’t have to purchase expensive equipment to put the principles into play. I have been waiting for a good body weight video to come along. I can’t really come up with any criticism. The instruction was clear and concise, the coloring looked good and the sound quality was excellent. It is classic Steve Maxwell. — B

Basics. I will do this. Explaining why this is bad for you, and this is good for you. This is a material that should be owned by ALL serious trainers around the world. Healthy. Long term. Love it! — G

I started watching and was captured straight away - still am. The settings could have been more fancy etc. But - the feeling I get is this: I got Coach right here, in my little gym, teaching me - not the world - only me, how to do a proper push-up. He is talking to me, not a group of people. Why? He is being the relaxed himself, not choosing every word carefully. — S

well, you know, awesome! love the squat segments and just the all-around mention of the purposefulness of the exercises. emphasis on doing them slowly and concentrating on technique. LIKE 🙂 — Q

I watched the first part of the two you sent yesterday. Focusing on the content, loving it, trainer to trainer real quality stuff. — G

I really liked this set as well. I especially liked the knowledge tips about time static contractions and the importance of the range of motion of the burpee being the priority of the movement, not speed. What is right on about the first series is right on with this one. I also appreciate all of the tips and explanations. A lot of videos don’t go into that much detail. Good stuff. — W

Wow! The advanced moves and their progressions are pretty impressive. (And I like that Steve jumped in and did some of the hardest ones) — A

Here’s What You’ll Get in Steve Maxwell - Bodyweight Basics (Complete Set)

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