Steve Goltiao - Six Figure Elite

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Steve Goltiao - Six Figure Elite digital download. Info: [12 Videos (MP4) + Dynamic Site Script (php) + 1 DOC (CSV)]. There has been a lot of talk in th...
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Steve Goltiao - Six Figure Elite

Type: Digital download

Format: [12 Videos (MP4) + Dynamic Site Script (php) + 1 DOC (CSV)]


Six Figure Elite

Six figure eBay affiliate tells all…

“They All Thought The eBay Affiliate Program Was Dead, But When I Revealed My Earnings…”

There has been a lot of talk in the IM world about how eBay’s affiliate program is no longer worth promoting. DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES! Join the “Six Figure Elite” and discover the exact strategies I used to bank over $852,490.30 in 3 years!

“Discover Everything You Need To Know About Making A Six Figure Income With eBay”

Get ready for nearly two hours of no-fluff, cash-making video tutorials!

Here are just a handful of things you’ll discover when you join the “Six Figure Elite” private membership:

Discover the mystery behind eBay’s Quality Click Pricing…and how to exploit that knowledge to double or even triple your current eBay earnings! Tons of affiliates have all but abandoned eBay after they changed their pricing model, but I’ve continued to make thousands per month!

The simple changes you can make to your sites that increase your EPC (earnings per click). These SIMPLE changes could turn a losing campaign into one of your biggest winners. eBay won’t tell you this stuff, but you DO have some control over how much you earn.

The non-traditional method to finding only the most profitable eBay niches. This is NOT the regular kind of niche research that the gurus teach. My method is specific to eBay and will save you hours of time so you can focus all of your energy building more money-making sites.

The little-known pages where eBay literally tells you what products are making money right now. Forget what everyone tells you about the eBay Pulse. I’ve NEVER found viable niches there. Knowing these “hidden” product pages is like having the secret combination to your local bank’s safe!

How to easily uncover only the highest profit keywords… Don’t waste your time trying to bid on or rank for keywords that are going to make you peanuts. Go for the gold! This method is fast, and the keywords you’ll find are 100% guaranteed to bring you the most profit for your time and money.

Which markets I’ve found to be the hottest and most profitable on eBay. These are markets I’ve spent thousands of dollars and many man-hours to find. Cut right to the chase and go after the big money niches!

Which markets you should AVOID like the plague. Don’t waste your time and money going after the duds. I’ve tested hundreds of niches personally and will tell you which ones you DO NOT want to promote.

The “Six Figure Elite” method for getting hot buyers to your sites with CHEAP pay per click (PPC) advertising… Traffic generation doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Learn how to do PPC the right way and you’ll be able to funnel targeted buyers within an hour of building your sites, ready to buy with credit cards in hand.

Why I hate doing all of the manual work, and you should too. I reveal all of the shortcuts to niche research, keyword research, site building, linkbuilding and more!

How to profit with just one unique article… Yes, often times that’s all you need to start making money online. I’ll show you how!

How to rank on the first page with less than 5 minutes of “work”… This really is the lazy way to earn a nice monthly income with eBay.

The clever little (whitehat) way to extend merchants’ cookie length… so you can keep earning commissions long after your visitors first came to your sites.

The two most important, yet overlooked SEO elements… Even if you’re not buying traffic, this “common” PPC rule can do wonders for organic traffic! If you’re not doing this you’re probably leaving money on the table.

Which type of site layout works best for conversions. The answer may surprise you…but in a good way. Steve Goltiao - Six Figure Elite

How to build a solid, low-maintenance income stream that will never go dry… Stop messing with hit-or-miss, short-term money making tactics. Discover how to play like the “heavy hitters” and start building a real, reliable and unshakeable income stream!

The 5-minute linkbuilding method I use on every site… I regularly get first page Google rankings with this method alone!

How to do advanced linkbuilding without advanced SEO knowledge. Learn my secret weapon for getting hundreds of quality links with minimal work. This is so simple I don’t even pay my Filipino outsourcers $2/hour to do it.

How to squeeze more money out of the traffic you’re getting. Why get paid once when you can get paid over and over? This advanced tactic takes a little bit more work, but could easily multiply your profits month after month!

Six Figure Elite Modules

These are the core modules to the video course. All of these videos cover every aspect of my eBay affiliate business, from finding only the hottest, fastest moving niches on eBay all the way to building your site and getting buyers to buy through your affiliate links. 

I’ve even included some of the actual videos I’ve used to train my own assistants and students!

Video 1 – Intro (12 minutes)

In this video I go over the reasons why the eBay affiliate program is still a viable business model, tell a little about my history with the ePN, and give a general overview of the course.

Video 2 – What is QCP – Quality Click Pricing? (9 minutes)

Quality click pricing was introduced in the fall of 2009 and literally changed the way that eBay affiliates were paid. Unfortunately, most affiliates were left in the dark as to how QCP really works. Learn what QCP really is and what you can do to maximize your earnings under this new pricing model.

Video 3 – Finding New Niches (11 minutes)

Here is where you’ll discover my 3 simple rules for choosing niches, some of my favorite markets to promote, and the markets that you shouldn’t waste your time with. This is niche research made easy!

Video 3a – eBay Research (6 minutes)

In this video you will discover the “unknown” pages where eBay actually tells you which products are HOT SELLERS. Hint: this is NOT about the eBay Pulse. These methods are not taught anywhere but here!

Video 4 – Mining Keywords (16 minutes)

After finding a great niche, the next thing you need to do is find the right keywords to target. In this video I will show you how to uncover only the “money keywords” that you should be using in your promotions. Like the niche research videos, these methods are unique to eBay, and are guaranteed to get you only the best performing keywords.

Video 5 – Pay Per Click Traffic (21 minutes)

Pay per click is the way to go if you want fast, targeted traffic. In this video I discuss how I set up my campaigns, how to track, and how to tweak for maximum profits. This single method was responsible for my first five-figure month!

Video 6 – Minisite or Multi-Product Site? (8 minutes)

Which way should you go for organic traffic? I go over the pros and cons for each, and which type I prefer to build. I also share my thoughts on choosing the right domain name. This is perfect if you are on a tight budget and want to get some money rolling in.

Video 7 – Organic vs. PPC Sites (8 minutes)

Here’s where you get to see an example of a site I build for organic traffic, plus a sneak peak at a demo dynamic landing page site I use exclusively for PPC traffic. TIP: I don’t send paid traffic to a site that I’m trying to rank organically. Discover how these two types of sites play separate, but very important roles in driving targeted traffic to eBay.

Video 8 – A Site That Converts (12 minutes)

This is the video where you’ll learn the simple but extremely effective tips for increasing your profits. Don’t take these tips lightly… Doing these could mean the difference between making money, or wasting your precious time and money. Trust me, this video will do wonders for your profits!

Video 9 – Getting Ranked/Linkbuilding (9 minutes)

In this video you’ll learn about some of the ways that I generate links to my sites. The sites you build will often times rank very well using minimal linkbuilding, and I give some tips on how to automate some of the manual labor.

Video 10 – Listbuilding (7 minutes)

“The money is in the list”. You hear this all the time…

One of my lists brings in about 80 new subscribers per day and rakes in $300-$350 every time I send a broadcast email. Strong offers can make me up to $800 on one email! I mail this list every week and pocket a cool $1300+ a month with just 2 hours of work…that’s $650 an hour!

Seriously, how different would your life be if you could make hundreds of dollars, just for sending a simple email that took ten minutes to write?

In this video you’ll hear my thoughts on why listbuilding is important, how often you should contact your subscribers, just how easy it is to generate cash on demand and more juicy tips for squeezing more profits from your existing traffic!