Steve G. Jones - Precision NLP

Steve G. Jones - Precision NLP.  Steve G. Jones – Precision NLP10 mp3, 1 PDFEver Wished You Had Greater Influence And Control In Your Life? Now, You Ca...
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Steve G. Jones - Precision NLP

Steve G. Jones - Precision NLP


Steve G. Jones – Precision NLP
10 mp3, 1 PDF

Ever Wished You Had Greater Influence And Control In Your Life?
Now, You Can Tap Into the NLP Secrets that Even the “Masters” Don’t Know… and Get Exactly What You Want Out of Life!

    Influence the beliefs, opinions, and actions of others… even if you’ve always felt ignored before!
    Clear away emotional and mental blocks that are keeping you from going after your dreams full force!
    Take control of social situations quickly and easily… so you can get the result you want!
    Experience unshakable confidence in the face of any challenge!Module 1 – The Gears that Turn NLP:
    Before we dive into the influence and control techniques we’ll get into later on in this program, we need to look at the underlying factors that make NLP so effective. In this short introductory module, you’ll learn about these factors, and how your understanding of them can make your NLP skills even more powerful!

    Module 2 – Re-building the Self, Part 1:
    Most people who have heard about NLP see it solely as a way to influence others. But it offers potent benefits when it comes to taking control of your “inner world,” too! You’ll learn specific NLP techniques for changing your inner narrative and empowering yourself to achieve your highest goals!

    Module 3 – Re-building the Self, Part 2:
    Because creating change from the inside out is such an important part of NLP, we’ve devoted two audio modules to this topic. In Module 3, we’ll continue our journey of internal mastery through NLP!

    Module 4 – The NLP Samurai Slice:
    Many people think that influence through NLP takes a lot of time and effort. But the truth is, once you know how to do it, you can cut to the core of a person’s mental and emotional processes almost immediately… giving you leverage before you’ve ever spoken a single word!

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    Module 5 – Core NLP Concepts:
    In Module 5, we’ll dig into the fundamental concepts that make NLP such an effective tool for thousands of people just like you! Be sure to be ready to take notes during this module, because you definitely won’t want to miss a single tip!

    Module 6 – Overcoming Personal Limits:
    Virtually everyone creates emotional and mental “roadblocks” throughout their childhood and into early adulthood. As these roadblocks solidify as “part of your personality,” they can seem almost impossible to overcome. But in this module, you’ll discover the NLP strategies that can help you smash through these obstacles… no matter how long they’ve held you back!

    Module 7 – Alpha Level NLP:
    Think of this as Jedi-level training in the art of NLP. In this module, we’re going to uncover strategies and tips you can use to reel in all the benefits you can get out of life… and to have absolute control over any situation!

    Module 8 – The Social Control Playbook, Part 1:
    Influencing others in social situations can feel overwhelming – you’ve got to “think on the fly,” and that scares a lot of people. That’s why I’ve created this 2-module lesson to master social control!

    Module 9 – The Social Control Playbook, Part 2:
    In Module 9, we’ll continue building your NLP skills so you can take charge of any social situation without second-guessing yourself. What you’re really getting here is the exact recipe for unbridled confidence… which is the biggest part of influence!

    Module 10 – The NLP Toolbox (BONUS Tips):
    I’ve put together this module as a personal “thank you” for deciding to take charge using NLP. Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of real-world tips that will make NLP even more effective!

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