Steve Dancz & Glenn Mullin - The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas

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Steve Dancz & Glenn Mullin - The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas digital download. Info: [1 movie - avi] | 402.31 MB. Join a spiritual pilgrimage and ex...
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Steve Dancz & Glenn Mullin - The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas

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Join a spiritual pilgrimage and explore the Tibetan caves where the early Buddhist masters achieved enlightenment. Visit the sacred Oracle Lake where the Dalai Lamas have received prophetic visions. Other major power spots of Tibet include: Potala Johkang Drepung Monastery Nechung Drak Yerpa Valley The caves of Songsten Gampo, Jowo Atisha, and Guru Rinpoche Samye Monastery Lambhu Lagang Castle Ani Sanku Nunnery Lama Tsongkhapa Meditation Cave Tranduk Kangyur Stupa Terdak Lingpa Tashi Lumpo Champa Zhishi Sakya Chokhor Gyal Milarepa s Cave The Oracle Lake Our guides are Steve Dancz (composer for National Geographic), Glenn Mullin (author of over 25 books on Tibetan Buddhism) and Khenpo Tashi (a Bhutanese monk and international teacher.)

About the Director

Michael Wiese is an America filmmaker, author, seminar leader, and publisher who lives in Cornwall, England. He was formerly an entertainment executive with Showtime and a Vice President at Vestron Video. He has been involved with over 300 videos and was responsible for launching video lines with National Geographic, Smithsonian, NOVA and PBS. He oversees Michael Wiese Productions ( which publishes a line of over 100 professional film and video books that are used in the major motion picture studios and in over 600 film schools throughout the world. He presents filmmaking seminars for Kodak at the Cannes Film Festival each year. He is currently is preparing to direct a feature film based on his 1995 novel in Bali.