Steve Cotter Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting Vol 1

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Steve Cotter Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting Vol 1

Steve Cotter Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting Vol 1


The Original Bestselling, Highly Acclaimed Kettlebell Lifting Series!
Steve Cotter delivers the goods with the BIGGEST Kettlebell Training Instructional DVD’s ever! The Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting is an intensive A to Z training system packed with 8 hours of high quality video! You’ll learn a complete training system to fit your needs from beginning and preparation to advanced techniques and competition skills. Included inside is a unique Program Guide providing tailored programs from Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced to Strength, Endurance, Speed, Flexibility, and Explosive Power training.

VOLUME 1: Introduction

Discover all the finer points necessary for safe, effective kettlebell lifting, including breathing, posture, safety guidelines and precise mechanics for all the lifts.

1. Benefits of KB training
2. Rules and Safety
3. Breathing and Mechanics
4. Weight Distribution & Alignment
5. Tension and Relaxation
6. Mechanics of Swing
7. Mechanics of Clean
8. Mechanics of Overhead Lifts
9. Mechanics of Squat
VOLUME 2: Swings

This section teaches you the foundation of all kettlebell lifts, the Swing. Discover how to prepare the body for safe practice and more than a dozen variations to allow you to explore this powerful movement from every conceivable angle.

1. Prep lifts
2. 2 Arm Swing
3. 1 Arm Swing
4. Hand-Hand Swing
5. Double Swing
6. Alternating Swing
7. Side Step Swing
8. Walking Swing-Forward
9. Walking Swing-Backward
10. Walking Swing-Lateral
11. Crescent/Pirouette Swing
12. Double Crescent Swing
13. Multi-Direction Walking Swing
14. Lazy Swing
15. Girevoy Sport (GS) Swing

VOLUME 3: Turkish Get Up

Here is one of the classic core-strengtheners, the Turkish Get-up. Used for centuries by grapplers to build world-class midsections and stable shoulders, the TGU is simple, yet sophisticated in its coordinated strength. Steve’s ability to break down complex exercises into simple progressions motivates you to take your strength to higher levels.

1. Lunge Style
2. Lunge Variation
3. Squat Style
4. No Hands
5. Double No Hands
6. Kettlebell Arm Bar
VOLUME 4: Cleans

The clean is the key exercise for explosive strength development. It is also the mid-position between the floor and all overhead lifts. Learn the precise mechanics of this lift and important guidelines for training your body for serious power. The wide array of variations that Steve teaches you will assure that you never become bored with your kettlebell workouts.

1. Rack Position
2. 1 Arm Hang Clean
3. 1 Arm Dead Clean
4. Double Rack Walk
5. Double Hang Clean
6. Double Dead Clean
7. Anchored Clean
8. Alternating Clean (2 count)
9. Alternating Clean (1 count)
10. Bottoms Up Clean
11. Double Bottoms Up
12. Crossover Clean
13. Twisting Clean
14. GS Clean
15. GS Double Clean
16. GS Assistance Lift
VOLUME 5: Overhead Press

Develop a cast iron body with shoulders and arms to match! Overhead pressing is one of the key exercises for muscular development and whole-body strength. Steve leads you through all the steps for a strong press and presents you with over two dozen variations to train it. You will gain a new appreciation for the value of overhead lifting and the muscular development to show for it.

1. Intro
2. 1 Arm Military Press
3. Side Press
4. Push/Press
5. Waiter’s Press
6. 2 Step Forward 1 Step Back
7. Bottoms Up Press
8. 1 Arm 1 Leg (contra-lateral)
9. 1 Arm 1 Leg (ipsi-lateral)
10. Seated Press
11. Double Seated Press
VOLUME 6: Leg Training

Powerful legs are the key to longevity and productive movement. Like a building, your body must be built from the ground up. Learn how to use the kettlebells to develop a strong, agile and flexible lower body, taught by a foremost expert on leg training.

1. Introduction to Squatting
2. Deck Squat
3. Plie Squat
4. Elevated Plie
5. Front Squat
6. Double Front Squat
7. Overhead Squat
8. Double OH Squat
9. Hack Squat
10. Split Squat/Lunge
11. Racked Lunge
12. Overhead Lunge
13. Lateral Lunge
14. Lateral OH Lunge
15. Multi-directional Lunge
16. 1 Leg Squat/Pistols-Prep
17. Weighted Pistols
18. Racked Pistols
19. Overhead Pistol
20. Dragon Twisting
21. Racked & OH Dragon Twisting
22. Dragon Walking
23. Jumping Lunge
24. Cossack Lunge
25. Duck Squat & Walk
26. Lateral Slipping
27. GS Squat
VOLUME 7: One Leg Deadlift

By learning how to activate the hamstrings and develop balance and strength together, all of your lifts will get better. This section on one leg deadlifts will teach you how to align the body properly and work the back side of your body like nothing else! Includes outstanding variations for athletic skill development.

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1. Straight Leg DL(SLDL)
2. Extended SLDL
3. 1 Leg DL
4. Extended 1 Leg DL
5. 1 Arm-1 Leg DL (ipsi-lateral)
6. 1 Arm-1 Leg DL (contra-lateral)
7. Twisting DL
RUNNING TIME: 94 minutes
VOLUME 8: Snatch

The snatch is called the King of the Kettlebell lifts because it works every muscle, every ounce of your being! In bringing the kettlebell from ground to overhead in one fluid motion, you train the entire musculo-skeletal and metabolic systems simultaneously. The variations shown in this section are extremely challenging and demand the highest levels of strength, coordination, and conditioning.

1. Swing Snatch
2. Corkscrew Snatch
3. Dead Position Snatch
4. Double Snatch-Swing style
5. Double Snatch-Clean style
6. Anchored Snatch
7. Alternating Snatch (2 count)
8. Alternating Snatch (1 count)
9. Extended Snatch
10. GS Snatch
VOLUME 9: Jerks

The jerk is an explosive timing that allows you to coordinate all the pushing muscles of your body into one movement. While highly effective for strength and conditioning, the jerk is also one of the most highly technical of all kettlebell lifts. Steve takes this seemingly complex movement, and separates each component into easy-to-learn sections. Then, by putting it all together, you learn how to perform this powerful movement flawlessly.

1. Jerk Prep-Dip
2. Jerk Prep-Bump 3. Jerk Prep-Drop
4. Double Jerk
5. 1 arm GS Jerk
6. GS Double Jerk
VOLUME 10: Clean and Jerk

Clean and Jerk is a complete exercise system by itself. With just one simple technique, you can work every single muscle in your body. The key is in understanding how to perform the movement with precision, and Steve shows you how by teaching it step-by-step. With the challenging variations, clean & jerk will take transform your body into an unstoppable force!

1. 1 Arm C&J
2. Double C&J
3. Bottoms Up C&J
4. Double Bottoms Up C&J
5. 1 arm Lockout w/ 2 KBs
6. Use of Belts
7. GS 1 Arm Long Cycle
8. Double GS Long Cycle
VOLUME 11: Windmills

The windmill blends the power of heavy iron with the grace of a yogi. By mastering the windmill in all its variations, you will reach the pinnacle of what Steve calls, Flexible Strength.

1. Windmill Prep
2. Low Windmill
3. High Windmill
4. High/Low Windmill
5. Elevated Low WM
6. Elevated High WM
7. Elevated High/Low WM
VOLUME 12: Abdominal

What good is all the power in your arms and legs, without an equally strong midsection? Using the kettlebell to work all ranges of possibilities, Steve shows you how to not only get the washboard abs of your dreams, but how to properly engage your abdominal core so that all of your movements become stronger, in training and in life.

1. Get Up Sit-up
2. Double Get Up Sit-up
3. Rolling Sit-up
4. Seated Russian Twist
5. Saxon Side Bend
6. Lying KB Pullover
7. KB Janda Sit-up
8. Hook Swings
9. Rotations in Rack
10. Overhead Rotations
11. Rotations w/ High Knees
12. OH Rotations w/ High Knees
13. Towel Swings
14. Low Basin Towel Swings

VOLUME 13: Special Lifts

The Special Lifts go beyond the foundational or core lifts to give you more variety and unique physical challenges. Exercises like Bottoms Up Floor Press, 2 Hand Anyhow and Renegade Rows require an assortment of strength and skill to perform correctly. This is where you test how well you have learned the basics!

1. Bent Press
2. 2 Hands Anyhow
3. 1 arm Floor Press
4. Double Floor Press
5. Alternating Floor Press
6. Bottoms Up Floor Press
7. Waiter’s Floor Press
8. KB Bent Row
9. Double KB Bent Row
10. Renegade Row
11. Crush Curl & Press
12. Extended Swings
13. KB Towel Curl
14. Open Palm C&P

VOLUME 14: Combo Lifts

Steve provides an assortment of quick, dirty combination lifts that will leave you gasping for air in no time. Perfect for those times when you are short on time, but long on desire, or when you want to ‘mix it up’ a little bit and do more work in less time.

1. Snatch-Overhead Squat
2. Snatch-OH Squat-Sots Press
3. Double Snatch-OH Squat-Sots Press
4. Clean-Squat-Press
5. Clean-Press-Squat
6. Double Clean-Squat-Press
7. Double Clean-Press-Squat
8. Snatch-Windmill-Press-OH Squat
VOLUME 15: Monster Lifts

Monster Lifts give you a peak at some of the more advanced levels of strength and skill that can be developed through the use of kettlebells. Don’t try these at home until you can throw around the 88 lb (40kg) kettlebell like it’s a pillow

1. Heavy 1 arm Jerks w/ 2 KBs
2. Pinkie Clean & Press
3. Playing w/ the Beast
4. More fun w/ the Beast
VOLUME 16: Girevoy Sport

Girevoy Sport is the traditional Russian Strongman sport of Repetition Girya (handlebell or kettlebell) Lifting. Special Guest Valery Fedorenko, a World Champion in Girevoy Sport (GS) demonstrates the precise coordination and strength-endurance required in the GS competition lifts.

1. Competition Jerk Demo
2. Competition Snatch Demo
3. Competition Long Cycle Demo