Stephen Pierce - Secrets of Creating Wealth

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Stephen Pierce - Secrets of Creating Wealth digital download. Info: (16 MP3s). "Blam! The Shot Rang-Out I Fell To The Ground... Laying There Bleeding, I...
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Stephen Pierce - Secrets of Creating Wealth

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Secrets of Creating Wealth

Read this and never worry about money again...

"Blam! The Shot Rang-Out I Fell To The Ground...
Laying There Bleeding, I Knew It Was Time For A Change...Stephen Pierce - Secrets of Creating WealthStephen Pierce - Secrets of Creating Wealth Five Years Later, I Was Running A Multi-Million-Dollar Business And Making Six Figures A Month Having Fun Working From Home."

Stephen Pierce - Secrets of Creating Wealth

"My methodology is so simple, it's embarrassing." And I've already taught hundreds of others in my sold-out $1,000.00 a month coaching club to follow my path to wealth and fulfillment.

Now I BOLDLY ASSERT I can quickly teach my simple secrets to YOU... instantly programming your life for success, converting your dreams to reality, eliminating the factors holding you back from a lifetime of accomplishment, and launching a bullet proof path for accumulating wealth! And best of all, you can be on your way to unstoppable confidence and achievement in under an hour for a fraction of what anyone has had to pay for access to these secrets."

From the desk of Stephen A. Pierce
Today is February 13, 2005

I still remember being young and dumb and getting evicted from my apartment and cast out on the mean streets of D.C...Using up all my chances in school until I was booted out the door during the tenth grade...Hooked up with the wrong crowd and ended up on the business end of a Saturday Night Special...And to this day, carry the bullet in my leg as reminder.

Today, my family runs an endless empire of online businesses, offline businesses, and three different coaching clubs. I am known as one of the powerhouses of the Internet and teach others to replicate our success.

I'm Not Trying to Impress You...I Just Want You to See YOU Can Have This
Same Kind of Life Yourself!

You are engineered for success. You can't help it. It's in your genes. It's just that no one ever gave you a roadmap. Imagine how successful your life could be one year from today if you had a plan of action.

All you need are the keys to success. They aren't a secret. And they're so simple it will blow your mind. But I'll bet nobody ever told them to you. (I know nobody told them to me).

But I want you to avoid the struggles I faced to get where I am today. No, I INSIST on helping you. What would you do if you knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that you COULD BE SUCCESSFUL? That you could...

  • Drive whatever kind of car you choose;

  • Live in your dream home in the finest neighborhood;

  • Dine at gourmet restaurants without a reservation;

  • Visit tropical paradises or culture-rich cities at the drop of a hat;

  • Give expensive gifts to your family without looking at the price tag.

If you could get all that, would you give what I have to say a chance? Because I'm being straight with you. Just a few years ago, I couldn't imagine living the life I live today. Let me assure - all of it is possible.

You simply need someone to tell you what to do.

Uncovering Hidden Talents

I took a brutally honest inventory of my skills and started my first moves online. I hit a number of singles waiting for the right pitch to blast it out of the park and when I discovered the futures market, I found my niche.

When I got started online, there were very few trading sites. There were some forums and newsgroups but that was it. Nothing really solid. I began studying the market and following the trends. Soon, I caught the rhythm of the futures market and understood the direction of the market.

So many people clamored for my scoop on the futures market, I was forced to throw up my first sites. Then I began emailing my suggested trades and began to build a following. My daily trades were outperforming expensive high paid services when out of the blue, fortune smiled on me. A subscriber wanted to pay me five thousand dollars to teach him my trading methodology. Instead, I started a paid subscription service and charged $350 a month. Within days, I had over one hundred paid subscribers and I was banking, over $35,000 dollars a month! (Today, if I have a month like that I think it's slow!)

My first ebook was Rapid Fire Swing trading which did $49,000 in the first fifty days. To date, I've sold over five thousand copies banking $249,750 from this one product. Thousands of people signed on for my daily market analysis emails. And rave reviews poured in:

"Hi, Stephen. It has been an excellent experience trading your RF Swing Trader. I don't know how you do it, but it is fantastic. Over $3.000.00 in one week with a small account, can't complain! Keep it coming and God bless you and yours."

Hilario Vieira
St. Catharines, Canada

"Hello Stephen, This week was the first time that I ever made a Futures Trade and I followed your recommendation for Cotton which gave me a profit of $725 in just 3 days. I am anxious to see what you have to offer in the coming week that can help to add to my profits."

Paul Shoemaker
Woody Point, Newfoundland

"Stephen obviously knows what he is doing, look at the results, but on top of having incredible results.........he CARES about you as a trader, and a person.(email him a question, and learn for yourself!!) For the price of RFST, it will pay for itself many, many, many times over!!!!"

Keith Aitken

Those reviews and hundreds more gave me the drive to go even further. Other trading products I've launched made Rapid Fire Swing Trading seem like spare change. Some of these products have made over a million dollars and they continue to sell through my affiliate connections day after day.

But this was just the beginning to becoming what many have said is an...

Overnight Internet Celebrity

The Internet marketing world was filled with distortions, lies, and hype. When I published The Whole Truth, it was a breath of fresh air. But I wasn't prepared for the impact that followed.

I revealed some of the most effective marketing techniques and condemned the deceptive ones. Within days, The Whole Truth blazed new ground on the Internet and became one of the best selling ebooks of all time. But less than 20 pages of the book created nonstop controversy. In those pages I disclosed a strategy that virtually guaranteed top positions in search engine rankings — the Smart Pages.

Everyone had an opinion about Smart Pages. The mammoth search optimization firms hated them because this $97 product outperformed their outrageously priced services. I was subjected to torrents of abuse and invective because my product performed as promised. In fact, rumors surfaced that Google changed the way they ranked pages because our Smart Pages were making it too easy to rank highly!

And at about that time, I started my Internet Coaching service which is still active today. I've met thousands of Internet entrepreneurs. Many of them reaching pinnacles of success; others were scrapping the bottom when they started. And I began to turn their failures into towering homeruns.

The Power of The Third Influence

It's not another strategy or tactic that builds wealth; it's an iron-clad mindset. It means shedding the failure thinking of the past and locking your compass on your destination and never swerving from the goal. I'll tell you shortly how quickly and easily you can accomplish this

Have you ever wondered why so many people have read "Think and Grow Rich" and hundreds of other self-help literature, yet struggle to accomplish their goals. Clearly, these people have "thought" but they haven't grown rich. I'm about to reveal what's been missing.

• The inside story of how I went from homeless street-bum to Internet mega-success story and the simple adjustment you can make for instant results.

• How to get everything you want in life... without... force, struggle or unethical behavior! (No need to pull the stunts I did as a kid. Just apply my simple suggestions... and... sit back while the money, fame and fortune seek you out almost effortlessly!)

• The single most important thing you must do before you go out and purchase a single self-help book or audio set. Ignore this and your purchase will just be another book taking up space on your shelf. Follow my advice and you'll pocket endless riches.
• How to find out what you really, really want! (Not one person in a thousand knows this... yet... it's crucial if you want to achieve your dreams with the least amount of time, effort and struggle on your part.)

• Why people are programmed for failure. (And... what you absolutely must do instead to give yourself an "unfair advantage" when it comes to launching your next effort!)

• Why the Power of the Third Influence is the single most important indicator of your success! (Most successful businessman won't share this with outsiders but it's the truth nonetheless.)

• A simple way to eliminate failure thinking. This simple secret was only known (and used) by my coaching members. Now, they can be in your hands for instant results.

• The real secrets for making mind-boggling amounts of money and achieving your dreams! (Only a handful of people ever reach their goals and those who do never share their secrets.)

• A simple exercise you can do to sleep your way to success! Years later, I still do this exercise every night without fail and continue to increase my wealth...and you can too.

• A quick way to zap stress out of your life. No need for years of therapy. Just follow adopt this instant formula for relief.

• The "missing link" in most self-help books... or... why most people who try hard to pull themselves up fail in the process. (But once you discover this missing ingredient, your success is guaranteed!)

• What a simple high school chemistry experiment reveals about your chances for success. Master this simple lesson and you'll have all the motivation you need to reach the top and achieve wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

• How to reverse the lack of poverty in your life and stop failure dead in its tracks. You'll taste the sweetness of wealth and yesterday's failures will rocket you forward to tomorrow's achievements.

• The secret behind Mike Tyson's success and his slide into failure. If he knew the lesson of the Third Influence, he'd still be at the top.

• How to recognize the presence of the Third Influence in your life and how you can harness it so your success can go on autopilot.