Stephen Gilligan - Generative Trance 12 days Seminar

Stephen Gilligan - Generative Trance 12 days Seminar digital download.

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Stephen Gilligan - Generative Trance 12 days Seminar

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Stephen Gilligan - Generative Trance 12 days Seminar

Stephen Gilligan - Generative Trance 12 days Seminar

The seminar took place in Russia in 2010, has 46 hours full of great materials and experiences. P.S My seeding speed is very low due to ISP, so take this opportunity to exercise the virtue of Patience. A special workshop with Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.
With Russian Translator.What is Generative Trance?Albert Einstein once said that we cannot solve problems at the same level from which they were created. This workshop will explore how to develop generative trance as a higher state of consciousness that can be used to transform problem states, achieve important goals, and discover new levels of consciousness. It is based on the premise that the quality of your experience and responses to challenges are a direct function of the quality of your mindbody state, and that you can learn to significantly improve this state, especially under stressful conditions.

Full details Generative Trance 12 Day Seminar By Stephen Gilligan and get links download please reading below.

Thus, one part of Generative Trance and Transformation will focus on multiple creative ways to develop a generative trance state, and the second part will focus on how to do exceptional work (and play!) in this state. You will leave with an increased capacity for happiness, health, helping others, and healing your self and the world.

Some specific material to be covered includes:
Integration of Milton Ericksons hypnosis techniques with Dr. Gilligans Generative Self model
How to set clear, positive, succinct, and resonant intentions
How to settle down and settle in to a connection with your creative unconscious
How to develop generative trance via skills of increased relaxation, concentration, expanded awareness, and capacity to utilize whatever is there
How to bring the problem/goal into the generative trance, add other resources, express in multiple forms, and integrate into generative new patterns
How to ensure the new patterns are integrated into real life situations
Replacing negative hypnotic trances (traumas, addictions, disordered mood) with generative trances

Generative Trance and Transformation is very practical, theoretically clear, and deeply experiential. Dr. Gilligan was a close student of Milton Erickson, but has been teaching this work in Ericksonian hypnosis, Generative Trance, and SelfRelations for over 30 years. He is magical in his capacity to help students create amazing new realities.

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