Stephen Barrett - Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques for Healing the Human Energy Field

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Stephen Barrett - Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques for Healing the Human Energy Field digital download. Info: [1 eBook - MOBI, EPUB] | 7.92 MB...
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Stephen Barrett - Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques for Healing the Human Energy Field

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 eBook - MOBI, EPUB]

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Are you a healer? Do you feel an inner desire to learn to see auras, to learn about and work with the chakras, and to use energy, color and light to heal yourself and others? If this fascinating and life-changing work has sparked your interest, you will find this groundbreaking and seminal book to be your truly comprehensive guide to learning energy healing.

This is no ordinary healing book: the culmination of over 20 years of careful research and refinement, it will teach you extraordinary and extremely powerful techniques—stunning original, fundamental advances in energy healing not available anywhere else or in any other healing book or system—that will enable you to powerfully heal the aura and chakras. A meditation method and personal growth exercises especially designed for the energy healer are included, as are specific, advanced techniques for treatment of many serious illnesses. A mind- and spirit-expanding journey awaits you inside, as you explore the complete series of 62 step-by-step exercises that will lead you to genuine mastery of the healer’s art.

The extraordinary techniques you will learn inside include:

    • How to call in and channel the energy, and give your first complete healing treatments.
    • Complete instructions on learning to see the aura, including all seven layers.
    • Comprehensive training in how to perform intuitive (psychic) readings, to read the condition of your patient’s aura and chakras and the meaning of the colors and other phenomena you see in them.
    • Sealing leaks and tears in the aura layers.
    • Aura cleansing (removing negative energies from the aura).
    • Unblocking chakras.
    • How to channel color and light.
    • Chakra charging (healing chakras and aura layers with color).
    • Chakra system rebalancing (using color).
    • Radiatory healing of seriously ill chakras.
    • Past-life healing of the 7th layer of aura.
    • A very powerful method of distance healing, and self-healing, using color and light.
    • Specific treatment procedures for over 100 common illnesses and afflictions.
    • A powerful meditation method, plus personal growth exercises for intuitive self-readings, chakra self-healing, empathic perception and thought communication.
    • And much more.

If you’ve studied other healing arts (such as Reiki) and are ready for your next step, or if you are new to this work yet eager to fully explore this exciting territory, this book is your key to discovering and bringing out your own inner knowledge and power as a healer, and stepping into the future of energy healing!