Stephan Kesting - Unorthodox Positions & Attacks

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Stephan Kesting - Unorthodox Positions & Attacks digital download. Info: [1 DVD - Rip] | 470.77 MB. The Illustrated Seminar Outline, a 32 page, full colo...
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Stephan Kesting - Unorthodox Positions & Attacks

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Ambush Your Opponents with Techniques Unknown in BJJ and Submission Grappling

Stephan Kesting - Unorthodox Positions & Attacks

If you’re predictable then you’re easy to counter.

And if you’re using a position or attack that your opponent hasn’t seen before then it’s much more likely that you’ll catch him with it!

Stephan Kesting, a BJJ black belt and Combat Submission Wrestling instructor, recently taught three of his favorite ‘unorthodox’ grappling positions to a packed house of seminar attendees. Now you too can get your hands on this information too!

The video covers three grappling positions that are outside of mainstream BJJ, namely kesa gatame, offside kesa gatame and reverse mount.

These positions are highly effective in both BJJ and submission grappling, especially because your opponent won’t expect them. Nor will he expect the match-ending submission attacks that that you can launch from these positions (it’s chock full of ways to submit your opponent with high-percentage chokes, armlocks and leglocks).

  • More than 30 techniques, submissions, transitions and easy-to-implement strategies.
  • All this material is taught in linked sequences, making it simple to remember and to know how to respond to (and taking advantage of) your opponent’s reactions.
  • 88 minutes of professionally filmed instruction.
  • Full menu and chapter marks for easy navigation.

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Special Bonus

Stephan Kesting - Unorthodox Positions & Attacks

The Illustrated Seminar Outline, a 32 page, full color downloadable book, was created especially for Unorthodox Attacks Seminar participants to help them continue to baffle and confuse their opponents for a long time.

It’s a very powerful resource for retaining and using the techniques shown in the video, and that’s why I want to give it to you FOR FREE when you order the DVD.

The best part is that you can get your hands on it as a download right after your purchase. You don’t need for the UPS truck or the postal service to deliver the Unorthodox Positions and Attacks DVD: you can start using these tricky and unexpected on your training partners immediately

After you complete your order you’ll be directed to a page where you can download the Illustrated Seminar Outline to your computer. Get started on your new game right away!

What People Are Saying Abourt ‘Unorthodox Positions’

As always, Stephan’s seminar on unorthodox positions and attacks was on point and immediately useful for our students. We’ve since seen these techniques used to gain advantage and score points both in class rolling and in a recent tournament.

Our students are asking when the next Stephan Kesting seminar is taking place, and that’s the mark of a truly great teacher.

Adam Ryan
BJJ Black Belt
MMA Trainer

Seminar Host

As a 4th degree Judo black belt I have to say that I love Stephan’s products. I’m a judo guy, so his DVDs have been instrumental in educating me on how to recognize, and avoid, many particularly nasty submissions not commonly found in the Judo repertoire. For example, this helps me survive when I occasionally participate in BJJ classes.

I am also a professional videographer. In my job of shooting and directing MMA fight shows on more than one occasion I have found myself screaming into my head set for a fighter to perform one submission or another that I learned from one of Stephan’s DVD.

Keep up the good work.

Paul Whishaw
4th degree Black Belt in Judo

Professional MMA Videographer
Director of the former BodogFight

The “Mad Professor” of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has done it again. The always creative and always thorough Stephan Kesting introduces you to unusual positions from other grappling arts.

Integrating them into your Jiu-Jitsu game will give you the edge in competition as well as make your submission defense second to none!

Don Whitefield
BJJ Black Belt

In his new DVD (Unorthodox Positions), Stephan addresses an overwhelming problem found in typical BJJ schools- familiarity and predictability.

When you go to class and you train with the same guys everyday, they will all eventually learn your habits and patterns and you will learn theirs as well.

Soon, your armbar that has always worked for you will cease to work. Your rear naked choke, which has always been your primary attack, will lose it’s effectiveness. All of your training partners have learned to catalogue what you do and how you do it. Everyone now has answers to your attacks.

Now a new stage for your grappling development must emerge in order for you to progress. You must now expand your game and develop new entries for your attacks or attempt new attacks from unfamiliar positions.

Stephan’s ‘Unorthodox Positions & Attacks’ DVD is the perfect solution for this problem. I highly recommend it to anyone training in BJJ or submission grappling.

Ritchie Yip
BJJ Black Belt