Stephan Kesting - The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Stephan Kesting - The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu digital download. Info: [ 1 DVD - ISO ] | 3.708 GB. Give me a minute to tell you how you can learn ...

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Stephan Kesting - The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Type: Digital download

Format: [ 1 DVD - ISO ]

File size: 3.708 GB



My name is Stephan Kesting. I’m a BJJ Black Belt and the creator of over 20 highly reviewed instructional products including videos, books, and apps.

I’ve also published many articles in magazines like Black Belt, Tap Out, Grappling, and Ultimate Athlete.

Give me a minute to tell you how you can learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu FAST! Do you find yourself lost and frustrated when it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other grappling systems? For example…

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the different techniques and submissions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?
  • Do you worry about approaching your instructor (or fellow students) with questions that might make you look ‘stupid’?
  • When you see two people grappling on the ground, does it often just look like a giant tangle of arms, legs and bodies?
  • Do you have no clue what you should do next to get better at grappling?
  • Do you get frustrated when someone shows you a cool technique, but then you can’t – for the life of you – get it work in a real sparring situation?

The good news is that there’s a way to get BJJ right, right from the start!

Here’s how to save yourself months, even years, of frustration when learning BJJ!

I’ve been around the sport of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and other martial arts for a long time (I started training more than 30 years ago). I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my training, and seen beginners make countless more mistakes.

Some of these mistakes could result in injury. Other mistakes lead to months of wasted time and effort, as you do the wrong thing again and again.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to make mistakes in this art, or come to the wrong conclusions about a technique or a principle. That’s because BJJ is complicated – which is also one of the things that keeps it so interesting, even after years of training. (And, if you can come to grips and understand this complexity it can give you a HUGE advantage on the ground in a self defense situation. That’s because you’ll know what’s going on, and your opponent won’t have the first clue).

When you’re starting to learn BJJ you want to make sure that you have rock solid basics. If your fundamentals are strong then you’ll go a lot further and progress a lot faster. Strong basics ensure that there aren’t huge holes in your game that can be exploited by a smart opponent!

I’m telling you that BJJ can, and should, make sense!

That’s why I’ve put together what I feel is the perfect resource for getting BJJ right, including the strategies, tactics, techniques and training methods you need to quickly learn how to grapple correctly.

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Stephan Kesting - The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

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