STC, Jim Domanski - How To Create The Ultimate Prospecting Opening Statement

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STC, Jim Domanski - How To Create The Ultimate Prospecting Opening Statement digital download. Info: [PDF MP3]. Has it been a struggle to create and del...
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STC, Jim Domanski - How To Create The Ultimate Prospecting Opening Statement

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How to Create the Ultimate Prospecting Opening Statement - presented by Jim Domanski

Has it been a struggle to create and deliver a prospecting opening statement that gets prospect to listen? Are your prospects terminating your calls before you've even begun to probe? Are you tired of the rejection and dejection?

Developing an effective opening statement that gets prospects engaged is an ever increasing challenge. Prospects are intolerant and jaded thanks to the dozens of poor and mediocre calls they field from sales reps every month.

But getting through the clutter and getting heard does not have to be difficult. By applying a simple 5-step process you will learn how to create an opening statement that gets prospects to pause, listen and respond.

Comprehensive, thorough and complete with templates that you can use immediately, you'll discover what to say, what NOT to say and how to say it to increase your odds of completing a successful call.


Here is some of what you'll learn:

  • What prospects say they hate about prospecting opening statements (and how to avoid them)
  • The 5 Simple elements of a good opening statement that you must use every time
  • Understanding the primary objective of an opening may surprise you
  • The WWD (what we do): How to position you and your company and intrigue your client
  • Understanding and applying the "Pain and Gain" motivators
  • Trigger Phrases: what they are and how they get customers to listen more closely to your message
  • The Big 3 Templates: most effective openers... ever
  • How to disarm client suspicion and get them to listen longer using the "humble approach"
  • How to ask if "it's a good time" without asking "is this a good time" and avoiding rejection
  • Using the 1 Quick Question (1QQ) to deal with common knee jerk objections
  • How to stop pitching and get the customer engaged immediately
  • What to say and not to say when following up on a prospecting letter, e-mail or fax
  • Delivery Tip: How to present your opening statement like a Hollywood Star

This 1 hour workshop will:

  • make the prospecting process easier and more effective (and maybe even fun)
  • reduce frustration
  • increase prospect dialogs
  • improve quality of your call
  • position you as more professional
  • increase sales, leads and appointment
  • more . . .

About Your Trainer:

Teleconcepts president Jim Domanski is regarded as one of North America’s foremost experts of outbound business to business tele-sales and tele-support programs. He has pioneered some of the most innovative tele-sales strategies and trainings in the past ten years.

Jim has written hundreds of articles, is the author of three highly successful books: Direct Line to Profits, Profiting by Phone and Add On Selling and is the publisher and editor of the award winning e-newsletter, Tele-Sales Vitamins. Jim has been featured in numerous publications including Marketing Magazine, Tele-Professional, Sales and Marketing Management, Profit Magazine and Canadian Business and CBC’s Venture Magazine.

A professional speaker and trainer, Jim is noted for his highly energized sessions blending humor with common sense tips and techniques. Using a variety of innovative learning and training methods, his sessions constantly rate “10s”. He has also delivered keynotes, seminars and workshops to audiences in North America, Europe and Japan.

He has been a guest lecturer on telephone selling applications at various colleges and universities.


  • "Wow, The results were immediate and techniques are so simple to implement and yet so powerful…”
    -Rocky Mancini, President, RM Consulting Inc
  • “Jim breaks down the barriers of cross selling and up selling with deceptively simple techniques that my whole staff uses with every sale!”
    -Tara Samojlenko, Store Mgr. Grand and Toy