Stanley S. Bass - Energy Karezza

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Stanley S. Bass - Energy Karezza

Stanley S. Bass - Energy Karezza

From the project of interviewing Stanley S. Bass about his experiences with Karezza sex techniques, The Life Science Publishing created the 2008 book Energy-Karezza. Here Dr. Bass tells the story of how, in his 30’s, he was on his way to become a celibate yogi through Brahmacharya, when he learned about reaching the same spiritual goal via Karezza & Tantra sex. He decided to try Karezza instead.
Even though his personal goal was spiritual, Dr. Bass soon discovered that women loved Karezza sex, and couldn’t get enough. When he started teaching the improved Energy-Karezza method to couples with marital problems, the results were astounding. Usually, within weeks, the couple had fallen in love again. Problematic marriages healed, becoming more and more harmonious and stronger with time.

Over time, over 50+ years, he not only gained experience concerning every aspect of Karezza/Tantra, but also - thanks to his energy-understanding, being an orthopathic doctor - developed an improved, more powerful & easy-to-learn, version. Traditional “Karezza/Tantra” can be difficult for men, but “Energy-Karezza/Tantra” is easy, and also gives more pleasure & prolongation..

Repeatedly Dr. Bass saw that energy-enhanced Karezza, or Energy-Karezza, resulted in happier marriages, and fewer extra-marital affairs & divorces as well as new heights in pleasure, bliss and prolongation of sex. Secondary results included higher energy, more vitality, longevity and health, increased stamina & virility for men, slim and trim bodies, healing of sexual diseases/problems, as well as an easier road towards spiritual bliss and “being in the now” experiences.