Sondra Ray - I Deserve Love

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Sondra Ray - I Deserve Love digital download. Info: [ebook(pdf, epub, mobi)] | 9.63 MB. Sondra Ray explains simply and clearly how to use the tested affi...
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Sondra Ray - I Deserve Love

Type: Digital download

Format: [ebook(pdf, epub, mobi)]

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You Deserve the Perfect Lover, and Sondra Ray tells you how to find and win that person. You need only decide what would make you completely happy in a relationship and you can achieve it, quickly and without struggle.

The Power to get what you want is within you. You can tap into it through the simple affirmations set forth in this dynamic book. Sondra Ray explains simply and clearly how to use the tested affirmation exercises, how to adapt them to your specific needs, and how to put them to immediate use. If it sounds too easy, read the many case histories that demonstrate their effectiveness. Then prove it to yourself—put affirmations to work in your own life!

In this updated 2nd edition of her popular book, Sondra writes about the Rainbow Millennium, on subjects of sexual preferences, great sex over sixty, all the erotic accoutrements out there in the internet age, and more. She embraces the LGBT community in this celebration of Pure Joy in our sex life in this 21st century of unlimited choices and possibilities. All are just a positive thought away! Why not join Sondra Ray in this Rainbow celebration.