Sinn - Unlocking Secrets of Sexual Attraction

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Sinn - Unlocking Secrets of Sexual Attraction. Get Sinn - Unlocking Secrets of Sexual Attraction at the sunlurnThe GoodMostly solid advice. Some original a...
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Sinn - Unlocking Secrets of Sexual Attraction

Sinn - Unlocking Secrets of Sexual Attraction

Get Sinn - Unlocking Secrets of Sexual Attraction at the sunlurn

The Good
Mostly solid advice. Some original and valuable ideas. Condensed, little fluff.
The Bad
The speaker is young and some of the advice is particularly calibrated and/or only likely to work on young, party college girls types. Only one hour of material, which is short.
The Bottom Line
While Sinn has valuable things to say, this DVD feels a bit like a free seminar, with a lot of concepts thrown around and briefly developed. Wait for a full-fledged product.



This is one of the first products from Sinn, a former instructor from Mystery Method who now has his own coaching company.In this DVD, Sinn presents his ideas on a seduction system he calls Swagger - as inspired by naturals who have that swagger to them.

A glitch in the system

Sinn starts by pointing out the problem with Mystery Method and the idea of using scripted stories to meet people: most guys burn out because they just can’t repeat the same thing over and over again every night, for months on end. If you have a more dynamic, free-flowing approach, it’s easier to stick to it (and enjoy the process) over the long run.

He then explains the common newbie problem of becoming reaction-seeking, and using techniques as buttons you push on over and over again. When you this, you are still not evolving to be a cool person; you are just exploiting a glitch in the system - and people will eventually find out.

One point I found particularly useful was his explanation on how super hot women will always test you, the way that happens, and how to react to it. Ultimately, you have to find ways to build that unwavering certainty in order to pass those tests by simply being unreactive.

Another part I liked was how positivity is the mental equivalent of muscle mass - a survival trait. In my experience, the idea that hot women allow less negativity into their life is true - if only because they always have another choice if one option becomes too bleak.

Sinn goes on and touches a lot of points very quickly, among which dominance, identity stereotyping, being interesting enough to hold attention, not reinventing the wheel, humor, indifference, and many more.

The reason why I don’t go into details here is because each point is talked about very briefly, and we’ll not recommend this product, as you will see below.

Young Game

The first issue I have with this DVD is minimal - Sinn is young, and it shows in some of his advice/game, as presented on this DVD at least.His vibe is all about “Hi, I want to fuck you in the ass in the bathroom”, which will work great on horny college party girls (if you can pull it off of course), but if you are a bit older and more into white collar 29-years-old lawyers type, not so much.

As I said, this is not a huge issue, because if you have a clue you can always ignore those bits. I could see it getting total newbies in trouble though, as Sinn does not mention calibration or context in this DVD.

Another point where his age shows is when he says you can’t be too deep in attraction - you have to keep it playful, teasing, etc - you can’t talk about serious stuff. Well, I beg to differ, and I’m sure Sinn will realize this is simplistic as he matures.

Feels like a free seminar

The other issue, which is specific to this product, is the big one. Although Sinn uses the term “system” at the beginning, the truth is this is only a broad introduction. The whole DVD barely runs for an hour, and while the content is good and quite dense, there is no real structure or build-up to it.

It’s kind of a “here is what I got” quick product, with lots of content thrown in but no time to develop any of it.Therefore, while a good listen, it is not very practical - you get a laundry list of attributes you need (dominance, playfulness, confidence, etc) but no real explanation on how to get it. At the end of the day, it feels like a free seminar and should probably be a free video - a good advertisement for Sinn’s coaching. Not really worth buying as a product though.

On the positive side, from the quality original ideas presented here, it’s obvious Sinn has valuable things to say, and we look forward to his new full-fledged release (), which we will review soon.

Get Sinn - Unlocking Secrets of Sexual Attraction at the sunlurn