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Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X

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Traffic & List X

If You're Sick Of Low Or No Traffic And Want An Opt-In List That Will Make Your Competitors Green With Envy. . .

"An Open Letter To Any Marketer Who Secretly Believes That Getting Highly Targeted Traffic And Fresh Hot Leads Is Practically Impossible!"

From The Desk Of: Simon Hodgkinson
Date: Saturday, February 17, 2007

Are you struggling to drive enough quality traffic to your web sites to make all the hard work you're putting in actually pay off? Maybe your subscriber list is just creaking slowly along - or you'd like a subscriber list but no one's bothers to sign up?

If your products are going unsold, if there are sites you desperately want to promote but can't because you don't have a list then this letter is going to be the most important one you read all year . . .

Because I am about to show you how other people, just like you, are achieving incredible results by implementing 4 of the most powerful ways to drive traffic and literally EXPLODE their opt-in lists. You can put these strategies to work immediately and you'll see an incredible difference within just a few short weeks . . .

And for once, you can do this without spending too much time or money in the process.

Introducing - Traffic&List;X

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X

Important! . . . Before you read the rest of this letter you need to be aware that this isn't a book about the importance of building a list. I'm assuming you already know what a highly responsive list means to both you and your business...

"These are the super effective tactics that will cost you the least but deliver the best results - And they will last longer than the gimmicks and tricks that fizzle out fast!"

It doesn't matter how many things you've tried in the past, and no matter how successful you are today - With Traffic&List;X you'll walk away with at least one or two new gems from this concise, but powerful book.

You'll discover a series of deadly effective ways to leverage your existing resources - Things like articles, blog posts and forum posts, offline tactics - All of them free or ultra low cost but most of them used completely the wrong way by the majority of website owners.

Here's a sneak glimpse into Traffic&List;X

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X Prospect Shopping Techniques - How To Automatically Qualify Your Prospects, Drive Them Your Site, And Get Them To Subscribe To Your List.

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X Article Armageddon - How To Create Article Titles Like Yellow Pages Ads To Draw People In And Get Them Reading Your Articles (And The Common Mistakes That Result In 'Lost Content' )

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X A Powerful Way To Use An 800 Pound Gorilla That Will Slam Your Content To The Top Of Search Engines

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X The Right Way To Leverage Traffic-Generating Content (And Why Ignoring This Formula Is Costing You Subscribers)

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X How To Search Out And Convince The Best Joint Venture Partners To Promote You And Your Subscriber List(s)

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X An Undercover And Sneaky Way To Virtually Guarantee An Onslaught Of New Subscribers (and this highly effective method won't cost you a penny)

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X Killer Article Formulas That Work Just Like A Mesmerizing Sales Letter

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X The Right Way To Design A Compelling Visitor-Pulling Resource Box

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X How To Properly Leverage Other People's Giant Lists To Build Your Own

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X 7 Deadly And Effective Ways To Increase Squeeze Page Conversion Rates

Simon Hodgkinson - Traffic & List X Amazing "Calls To Action" To Generate Fresh, Hot, Leads On Auto-Pilot

And Much More.

I say this over and over and people still don't seem to get it right - the real problem that limits people's traffic generation and list building success is not how much work they put into it - A lot of my subscribers work every day, every weekend, and into the early hours of the morning in the pursuit of traffic and subscribers - Maybe you do too?

The 'Key' is a simple 'change of thinking' that will end this problem forever!

But until you 'get it' - you're sentencing yourself to a lifetime of frustration and more and more work. . . Right now if you have a small list or no list - If you can't get traffic to your site, then this simple 'change' (that I explain on pages 2, 3 and 4 of this book) will come like a whirlwind revelation.

it will also free up your time allowing you to pursue more profitable areas in your business

Yes, you still need to work at it - but in a far more effective way and I'll explain that in detail to you in Traffic&List;X

This Is Not A Magic Potion, It's Not A Silver Bullet . . . I hope you're smart enough to recognize 'nothing comes for free' and to reap the rewards on offer here you have to be prepared to take action -

However there's a difference. . . You can choose to work hard or you can decide to work smart. . .

In Traffic&List;X we identify the problems that have held you back, then smash them. You get a step-by-step blueprint of 4 strategies (the easiest and lowest cost tactics) that you should be using right now. . .

And you'll discover how to make them work for you.

Yes people are using these tactics already, you might have even tried one or two yourself - But from my experience I'd be willing to bet, even if you are, it hasn't been to your maximum advantage.

It's time to 'power up' and grab the success you deserve - Traffic&List;X will help you to the next level of building a responsive mailing list. This information will give you an unfair advantage over thousands of struggling web site owners, it will empower you with highly effective techniques to drive endless streams of traffic to any site you choose.

And at any time you want to.

Once you get into this you'll see that the strategies and tactics inside aren't gimmicks - they don't have a 'shelf-life' that will be eroded when more people start to use them . . . They Work FULL STOP!

Seriously, if you take nothing else away from your time here let it be this: To get long term results you have to forget the gadgets, the gizmos and the latest crappy software gimmicks that 'guarantee traffic' - Forget the dubious claims about getting millions of hits overnight - If these ever work at all it will be short-lived - and you are wasting your time and money.

Isn't it time you did what the real traffic masters do?

Isn't it time you implemented strategies that actually build you a long term business?

If it is then you need Traffic&List;X