Silvia Mahutova - IFRS Kit

Silvia Mahutova - IFRS Kit | Instant Download ! The IFRS Kit is an online IFRS course that helps YOU:  Make significant CAREER promotion Pass your EXAMS with g...
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Silvia Mahutova – IFRS Kit | Instant Download !

Salepage: Silvia Mahutova – IFRS Kit

The IFRS Kit is an online IFRS course that helps YOU: 

 Make significant CAREER promotion
 Pass your EXAMS with great confidence
 Apply IFRS in YOUR company

#1   130+  IFRS Video Lectures

Let me explain you the rules first.

I make all the things clear, straight, practical and funny at the same time, so that you can grab these rules and apply them in your job.

You get 1-year access to all the lectures and you can re-watch each lecture as many times as you wish.

For the full list of topics covered up to date, please click here to explore the IFRS Kit Program Tour.

#2   140+  Case Studies in Excel

After you learn the rules with me, we’ll dive in the examples.

You can track my mouse cursor to show you WHAT I do, HOW I do it and I tell you WHY I do it.

You can download all Excel files with these case studies, explore the formulas and journal entries and use them as the reference for your own tasks or when preparing for exam.

#3   180+  Pages of Handouts

Some of us like to take notes when learning…

… or refresh their memories a bit later.

Therefore, you can download all handouts from all the lectures, print them and use as you like.

 Bonus #1  IFRS In 1 Day

 Bonus #2 How to Make IFRS Financial Statements

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