Shreva Pattar - Money Call$ (The Advanced Edition)

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Shreva Pattar - Money Call$ (The Advanced Edition)Shreva Pattar - Money Call$ (The Advanced Edition)

Are you looking for a step-by-step method to start closing $5000+ deals consistently and confidently on the phone call?

If you have ever…

  • Been afraid of speaking to a prospect over the phone
  • Doubted your conversation skills
  • Worried about your prospect judging you negatively
  • Stressed over sounding stupid to a prospect
  • Struggled with quoting your prices and negotiating on the call
  • Spent time on a call only to realise that your prospect is not your target client
  • Spoken to a prospect and then never heard back from them
  • Feared that all your effort will be wasted when the prospect rejects you
  • Hit a dead-end with closing deals and have considered giving up freelancing…

Then keep reading.

Because Money Call$ can change your life.

Introducing Money Call$ - The Advanced Edition

The only system you will ever need for turning prospects into high-paying clients confidently and systematically, over text or phone call.

Here’s everything you get in Money Call$ - The Advanced Edition:

Money Calls Guide

Smash your mental barriers & fears, and learn a repeatable system to conduct outstanding calls with your prospects. Even if you’ve never done it before.

Advanced Guide 1: Deep Analysis of 2 Real Prospect Conversations
Discover the elements of a persuasive conversation through the deep analysis of 2 real conversations I’ve had with prospects over LinkedIn DMs.

Advanced Guide 2: Objection-Management Scripts
Handle your prospects’ objections like a pro with my 5 done-for-you scripts.

Advanced Guide 3: Prospect Red Flags
7 prospect red flags you must watch out for to avoid the pitfalls of “fake” and difficult clients.

Advanced Guide 4: Video Call Expert
This mini-guide gives my top 10 tips for conducting professional, impressive video calls with your prospects.

Advanced Guide 5: Airtight Proposals

Discover 8 elements that will make your proposal airtight, so you can work with your clients stress-free.

Advanced Guide 6: Prospect Call Compass
Follow this simple checklist to navigate your way effortlessly during the prospect call.

Learn Sure-Fire Strategies That Have Helped Me Close $5000+ Deals And Get Paid On The Phone:

In Money Call$, I’ll show you how to :

  • SMASH your mental barriers that hold you back from conversing with prospects
  • Find prospects using my 3 Easy Methods
  • Qualify your leads in just 5 minutes using my simple Prospect Qualification Strategies
  • Set up a call with your prospects like a pro
  • Prepare for a prospect call — no fidgeting or “umms” and “uhhs” on the call
  • Conduct the prospect call confidently and become the prospect’s go-to freelancer
  • Close the deal and get paid while on the call
  • Leverage prospect calls that didn’t work out - don’t let your calls “go to waste”
  • Apply the 14 Golden Rules of Prospect Conversation to establish yourself as an exceptional freelancer in your prospects’ minds.

With that being said, is Money Call$ for everyone?

No. Money Call$ is NOT for you if:

  • You believe in spray-and-pray strategies rather than systems that guarantee results
  • You don’t mind bending over to your prospect’s unreasonable terms & conditions and expectations
  • You are willing to spend months or years making your own mistakes and learning through experience
  • You would rather keep asking others for vague advice to experiment with
  • You are comfortable with conducting average prospect calls and missing out on potentially life-changing opportunities.

Money Call$ IS for you if:

  • You want to learn a sure-fire system of conducting exceptional prospect conversations
  • You are ready to take a leap of 1-3 years in your freelancing career by simply consuming this guide
  • You want to conduct conversations confidently by following an easily replicable process
  • You want to become your prospect’s go-to freelancer for life
  • You are committed to excelling in your freelancing career.

That’s what Money Call$ can do for you:

Erase your fears. Your hesitations. Your years & years of experimentation.

So you can make calls that you are proud of. Every. Single. Time.

For only $47, you will get access to the full Advanced Edition that has helped me close $5000+ deals. Repeatedly.

“But Shreya…”

Yes, I know. You’ve got questions.
And I’ve got the answers to your questions.

“Why not just a $10 guide?”

Not knowing how to conduct calls strategically has easily cost me $10,000+ in the first year of my freelancing career. Now, you have a choice:

1. You can either spend months and years figuring this out yourself, possibly costing you $10,000+ every year


2. You can pay for Money Call$ once to learn Prospect Conversation Strategies that will:

  • Make YOU supremely confident in conducting your calls
  • Make YOU more money than you’ve EVER made.

Your choice.

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