Shivshanker Shenoy, PMP - PMP Exam Secret Strategies (Simplified Education Systems 2020)

Shivshanker Shenoy, PMP - PMP® Exam Secret Strategies (Simplified Education Systems 2020) PM Exam ‘Last Mile’ Prep Program The Complete, Brain-friendly Study P...
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Shivshanker Shenoy, PMP - PMP® Exam Secret Strategies (Simplified Education Systems 2020)

Shivshanker Shenoy, PMP - PMP Exam Secret Strategies (Simplified Education Systems 2020)

PM Exam ‘Last Mile’ Prep Program
The Complete, Brain-friendly Study Program for Fast-tracked PMP® Exam Preparation That Toppers Have Been Using Secretly.

This program helps you pass the current version of PMP® exam, before the new version of the exam rolls over on 2 Jan 2021

“Shiv Shenoy’s PM Exam ‘Last Mile’ Prep Program course was instrumental in helping me to successfully pass the PMP exam.

Shiv’s approach in using mind maps in the online videos to explain all the processes worked for me as I was able to grasp and retain the concepts better than just watching PowerPoint slides.

Also the online mock exam videos helped to build my confidence level on how to choose the best answers for each type of questions.”

- Beverly Wong, PMP (SFO Bay Area, USA)

Do you want to cut the long and tedious learning curve, enjoy the study, and ace your PMP® exam before the new exam rolls over on 2 Jan 2021?

Years ago when I was preparing for my PMP exam I went to my manager, who was a PMP®, for advice. He said, “The exam is tough and preparation is tougher. Get a copy of PMBOK and Rita - go through PMBOK end-to-end, then go through Rita end-to-end. Do this 3 times over 6 months and you should be ready.”

From my own experience I figured that he was Right. And Wrong. Right about the exam being a tough one, and not so about the preparation part.


The issue with this ‘linear approach’ that is the approach of taking up one book and studying end-to-end and then moving to another for end-to-end study is that there is no feedback loop. To know if you have understood the content, you will have to wait till completing the book and come back for second round. By which time, chances are, you remember very little of what you’ve read.

This approach is slow, tedious, and not conducive to learning.

The focus with this PM Exam Last Mile prep program is a bit different. This is engineered to give you quick and lasting results.

You learn a knowledge area, and learn to apply immediately. The 2 quizzes help you do just that. If you are not able to, no worries, watch the videos of me applying concepts and solving these quizzes and learn how to apply what you just learned.

Want to revise once before taking the quiz again? No worries, go over the mind map we created while watching the videos, and boom! you’ve revised the content.

The entire course is filled with strategies and resources that make learning a brain-friendly exercise. Something that you enjoying coming back to everyday to prepare for PMP® exam.

For that matter, take the Smart Flashcards - which are based on the concept of ‘spaced-repetition’. This means you are shown the flashcards of harder concepts more often than easier ones, as it uniquely suits your level of learning. This saves study time, makes learning quicker, and makes you feel more confident.

You will discover more of such resources in this program (hint: take a look at Curriculum section).

Thousands of PMP® students from all over the globe have used the strategies and resources from this course to prepare for their exam and pass it.

15+ years of my hard core project management experience, strategies from my Amazon #1 best seller books, brain-research based study techniques are used to create this brain-friendly course. Add to this the Application preparation support, direct access to me, and the student support group makes this a course that increases the odds of your success tremendously.

So, join today and fast track your PMP® study.

Get those 3 letters next to your name before the new, harder, PMP® exam kicks in.

A sample training video from this course

Watch More Actual Training Videos in the Curriculum Section Below

What is this program about?

Raise your hand if you are having trouble preparing for your PMP® exam because of one or more of these reasons -

you have a busy schedule at work
you spend 2 or more hours on daily commute
you have one or more adorable kids at home that need your time and attention
you are having trouble studying PMBOK guide
all of the above

Well, years ago when I prepared for my PMP® exam, I was in the ‘all of the above’ bucket.

How would you like you have the solution to ‘all of the above’ and pass your PMP® exam in next 4-6 weeks?

Hi, my name is Shiv Shenoy

I have authored 15 PMP books, 2 of which have gone to become Amazon best sellers in all the categories they were listed in, I run the blog PMExamSmartNotes, I’m the creator of the Last Mile brain-friendly PMP prep program, and have coached thousands of people prepare for their PMP exam and pass it - while enjoying the process.

If you raised your hand for the question I asked, I want to give you the solution straight away, because with the dreaded new PMP® exam round the corner we don’t have much time on our hands.

PM Exam Last Mile prep program contains study materials that have been created using research based techniques that help our brain grasp complex information in an easier way. To remember it longer, and recall instantly.

This is a complete and brain-friendly PMP® exam preparation program that takes care of any blocker faced along the way by you. In this program you will discover set of highly effective study artifacts, strategies, tools, support, weekly one-on-one calls with me, and information that helps you prepare for the exam with confidence.

How does this program work for you?

Step1 : As soon as you sign up, you will get an email with needed information. You will be able to log into the course in 30 seconds.

Step 2: You will have instant access to my signature course, PMP® Exam Secret Strategies. This video course is under an hour and is packed with strategies to show you the shortest path to passing PMP® exam. Go through this course as the first thing (some of what you discover may shock you!).

Step 3: Use the information in the first module of this course to schedule your first one-on-one discussion session with me. We shall discuss the strategies, and work on your customized study plan. You are in complete control over how you pace your preparation.

Step 4: We shall talk one-on-one every single week fast tracking your preparation, while I also support your study on a daily basis with our exclusive student support group.

With this simple 4-step process you will soon be coasting towards your PMP® goal. With me by your side.

“Shiv Shenoy’s exam notes are amazing. I followed his guidance and passed my PMP. Shiv, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this program. I felt confident and prepared taking my test. Thank you so much!”

- Kelly Frye-Gromley, PMP

“Shiv, I’m feeling very happy as I PASSED the PMP certification. With the help of your study material and personal guidance, I was able to clear the exam on my very first attempt.
Thanks a ton.”

- Smitesh Adhe, PMP

“I am glad to inform you that I passed PMP! I got 4 ‘Above Target’ and 1 ‘Target’ score!
I am 57 years old Professional was able to get this credentials.Your ‘PM Exam Last Mile prep‘ program has helped me get this result. Your coaching and resources I have recommended to my friends who got inspired from my success.”

- Nitin Godse, PMP

Ashish Kumar Lall aced his PMP exam last week

Mark talks about his experience with this program and working with Shiv

Arti passed her PMP exam and has this to say

Course Curriculum

Module-Zero: #PMPb4NewExam Challenge Details

Welcome! - #PMPb4NewExam how to make this happen!


Download these PMP documents for you exam preparation

PMP Exam Application Support - approach and template
A suggested way to use this course
First, a crucial point to understand..
Module 1: The 4-week PMP Study Plan

Yes, It’s possible to get PMP in 4 weeks, let’s see how..

Week 1: Get, Set, Go!
Week 2: Pickup Speed
Week 3: Accelerate
Week 4: The ‘Last Push’

“Shiv, I passed my PMP exam with help of your program. ed studying on 2/20 and exam completed on 3/02 (10 days). Lots of hours of discipline in that short time period!”

- Carmen Mata, PMP (Houston, USA)

New Bonuses Added to fast track your PMP® preparation!

The NEW PMP® exam goes live on 2 January 2021. Current syllabus will amount to little over 50% of the new exam. This means you will need to study nearly twice to pass the new exam. Avoid headache and heartache, get your PMP® before new exam kicks in!

The proven 4-component strategy to pass PMP® exam is -

Lock in your study resources (and effective study strategies & techniques) that make study a joyful experience
Come up with a good milestone-based customized study plan that suits your daily schedule
Get a support group and/or a mentor for bouncing off ideas, guidance, and course-correction
Use above 3 to study every day hitting milestones till you reach the goal

You will get this system as part of this brain-friendly study program.

When you join today you you get the following Free Bonuses (offered for a limited time) -

BNUS 1: My signature course, PMP® Exam Secret Strategies. Valued at $147!

Strategizing for PMP exam is as important as studying for it.

Discover the inbuilt traps and pitfalls, best practices, and study techniques to reduce overall study time and efforts by as much as 40%.

BONUS 2: One-on-one weekly coaching call with me to fast track your exam preparation. Valued at $497!

I will be your mentor, your accountability pal, and the coach. Talking to you every single week one-on-one and fast tracking your study.

You are getting all the 4 components mentioned above in your PMP® preparation now, and thus handed over everything on a platter to simply work with me and pass your PMP® exam with best possible results.

These two limited-time bonuses fast track your preparation so you can pass the exam before the new, much harder exam kicks in.

Come, join me and take the path-of-least-resistance to your PMP® goal.

PM Exam ‘Last Mile’ Prep Program
The Complete, Brain-friendly Study Program for Fast-tracked PMP® Exam Preparation That Toppers Have Been Using Secretly.

Your Instructor

Shivshanker Shenoy, PMP

With a background in music, engineering, management, education, and business, Shiv creates high-impact courses that yield quick and long-lasting results.

Shiv is an Amazon Best Selling author, and has authored over 21 books in Project Management and Digital Marketing domains.

Shiv coaches busy professionals pass their project management exam. He also trains people to become published authors, professional bloggers, and online entrepreneurs on the sides while keeping their day job.

“I really enjoyed studying the material from ‘Last Mile prep’ program: watching videos while analyzing the process mind maps facilitated my study hours.

I also used a lot of the mnemonics that you have provided!

Last but not the least, I’m very grateful to you for your advises and your responsiveness.”

- Marie Nguyen, PMP (France)

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