Shiloh Sophia - The Dance of the Critic & the Muse

Shiloh Sophia - The Dance of the Critic & the Muse. Shiloh Sophia - The Dance of the Critic & the Muse DescriptionExperience surprising and clever...
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Shiloh Sophia - The Dance of the Critic & the Muse

Shiloh Sophia - The Dance of the Critic & the Muse



Experience surprising and clever practices that invite your inner critic to be your ally and let your Muse out to play…

Find out how Intentional Creativity® can rewire your brain patterns through practice — and  lower stress levels within 5 minutes.

Do you find yourself saying, I’m on a healing journey — yet fail to cross the bridge where you can say, I’m healed enough, and can finally move on?

Or perhaps you want to change your “story” about who you are and where you’re going, but just can’t seem to budge.

Or maybe you’re not even aware that you’re stuck, but your soul knows it to be true — and is expressing its distress as depression, fatigue, illness, or a loss of zest for life.

If you’re nodding yes to any of the above, we invite you to embark on a liberating, life-enriching journey through the portal of your bold, boundless imagination, where you can experience a rapid, seemingly magical, positive shift in your perception.

When practiced over time, this shift can help rewire the neural pathways in your brain, changing how you see yourself — and expand your capacity for more deeply integrating this healing “realignment” into your life.

This transformative shift will not only prove to be a deeply liberating experience, it can be enlivening and enjoyable every step of the way!

In Seduce the Muse & Tame Your Inner Critic, you’ll learn from a renowned artist whose work inspires and heals, and who has helped tens of thousands discover that the “flow state” which artists so often experience is not the exclusive province of a privileged few — YOU can easily experience this state as well.

The truth is, we can soar past our limiting beliefs and lifestyle — and that nagging inner critic that keeps us there — to experience magical moments of suspended animation, where the greater world and our worries around it fall away, and our curious, creative, playful self, the Muse, is let loose.

This is “the space” in which you can experience the liberating unfolding of your self-expression, and where you can break free of confining expectations and joyously dance with your soul. It’s an opening into a life rich with creativity, vitality, and soul-satisfying fulfillment.

When you find freedom from the trauma of your stories, you can invent your own legends, and do the sacred work of organizing your consciousness.
— Shiloh Sophia

AND, no matter who you are, who you believe you are, or what you desire to do or be in the world, this heart-and-soul-powered energy can move smoothly through you to actively engage the authentic you.

In this complimentary hour with artist, poet, and teacher Shiloh Sophia, hosted by Shift Network founder and president Stephen Dinan, you’ll discover creative explorations — with the help of colored pens, pencils, or crayons — that can tame your inner critic…

… and shush its incessant nagging that you can’t do what you long to do… or aren’t good enough… or aren’t worthy… or some other stifling misbelief — so you can welcome in the adventurous, fun-loving part of you that can fully awaken your self-expression and coax your truest Self out of hiding.

During these insightful 60 minutes with Shiloh Sophia, you’ll discover:

  • How the inner critic has been with you since childhood and why most of your attempts to break free are doomed to fail
  • A powerful tool you can use to seduce your critic into being your ally
  • Where the Muse hides — and how to invite her out
  • How to listen to the Muse and hear what she’s been wanting to tell you
  • Experiential practices to awaken your self-expression in a 20-minute mini-workshop
  • How unleashing your creativity can help you rewire your brain

Shiloh contributes beauty, inquiry, and the powerful invitation to pick up your brush and enter a portal that you will exit as a slightly different person, if you are willing to risk a little.
— Shannon Thompson, Founder, Shakti Rising

The Missing Link in the Healing Journey

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure, and communicates her philosophy of life through her paintings, poetry, teachings, and entrepreneurship. She’s dedicated her soul work to the study and practice of creativity as a path to consciousness and healing.

Her prolific intuitive painting process is the foundation of her groundbreaking work on how Intentional Creativity® can give voice to the soul.

Her proven methods for “creating with mindfulness” have reached tens of thousands of students, helping them gain the insights needed to unlock the hidden self.

Her work is taught by University MA and PhD programs, at the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women, and by hundreds of Certified Teachers and Coaches.

The research of Intentional Creativity dives into the exploration of the right/left-brain connection with the heart, and the reinventing of personal archetypes as gateways to liberation.

She’s discovered that liberating your creative self can be the missing piece that propels you to take the next step in any area of your life.

AND this complimentary hour with her will invite you to experience hands-on practices you can use during and after your time together that can be deeply rewarding — even if you’ve had no prior experience in the realm of creativity.

What are you currently struggling with in your life? What do you need clarity about? This special time with Shiloh will provide you with creative practices that can bring fresh insights and exciting new possibilities. (If you miss joining us live, we’ll let you know about a special encore presentation of this event.)

You’ll also hear about a brand-new virtual training in which you can dive more deeply into the Critic/Muse philosophy with Shiloh Sophia.

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What to bring? Please have colored pens, pencils, or crayons and 10 pieces of paper ready to participate in this experiential hour with Shiloh Sophia (Stop! Don’t let your inner critic get started already!). Any size of unlined paper is fine, but at least 8.5 x 11. A cup of tea, coffee, vino, or Pellegrino to enjoy while you explore your creative side might be nice, too.