Shana Yurko - The Instagram Video Kit

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Shana Yurko - The Instagram Video KitShana Yurko - The Instagram Video Kit


Enroll & get instant access to 52 plug-and-play scripts + curriculum that 5000+ entrepreneurs have used to get confident on-camera & convert with video!

Perfect for personal brand entrepreneurs ready to nurture their audience with Instagram stories. (Plus a repurposing plan to post your videos on your Feed, IGTV or Reels!)

So… You’re a small business owner ready to get customers with video.

You’ve seen other personal brand entrepreneurs post amazing videos featuring themselves talking to the camera.

You know that’s the right next step for you to market your biz on Instagram.

… showing up consistently on video…

… building your authority in your niche…

… and positioning yourself as an expert with videos that add value and build your personal brand.

There’s just one small problem that’s been bugging you…

Let’s face it…

  • You have no clue where to even start (let alone succeed!)… How the heck do people speak and look confident in front of the camera?
  • You know that video is the fastest way to build trust with an audience… but you have no clue what to say in your videos that your audience will find valuable.
  • You know exactly why people should buy what you’re selling… but you have no clue how to make videos that will connect with your potential customers.
  • You’ve tried video before… and it was a huge flop! You barely got any engagement and it felt like a total disaster.
  • You’re already overwhelmed with everything on your plate - and making videos just takes too long… you don’t have a system to stay consistent with making videos, or a process that saves you time.

It all feels way too overwhelming.

TRUTH BOMB. You already have everything you need to make videos that grow your business. You just need a bit of strategy.


  • Having an audience full of engaged followers who LOVE your videos. And every single one is your ideal customer!
  • Making videos in a fraction of the time, and posting consistent video content with ease. Not to mention you’re confident that every single video you post will resonate with your audience!
  • Never worrying about what you’re going to talk about in your next video. You have a game plan and you KNOW exactly what you’re going to talk about - and how it’s going to help move your business forward.
  • Instead of being overwhelmed with all the work, you’re overwhelmed with all the DM’s in your inbox! Your followers are thanking you for what you post and asking about your products or services.

Introducing the Instagram Video Kit!

The Instagram Video Kit is your step-by-step resource that equips small business owners (like you!) with the know-how + tools to start nurturing your audience and attracting more leads with short videos on Instagram.

In this resource, you’ll learn how to…

  • Get comfortable being yourself in front of the camera.
  • Use video to build your personal brand + bring you leads and customers.
  • Use the “F.U.S.E. Method”: an easy system that saves you time making videos.
  • Film videos confidently using best-kept industry secrets.
  • Plan, shoot and post videos that your audience loves.

Here’s what you get…


52 plug-and-play scripts for videos that will engage + nurture your Instagram followers.

These templates work for any small business owner trying to grow their business with social media - service providers, course creators, product-based business owners and network marketers.

Use these script templates for an entire year of short video content (or as daily video prompts you can reuse over and over again!)


This resource will help you know exactly where to start with Instagram Video!

Understand when and why to use each type of video so you can grow an engaged Instagram following with an easy-to-follow framework.

In this PDF guide, you’ll learn to make videos that build your brand, increase your visibility and turn followers into customers.

Plus, get step-by-step tutorials to post each type of video (tech made easy!).


My 3-Part Method to get Confident On-Camera: 3 video modules + 1 PDF Guide.

Learn to build up your confidence in layers, so that it’s harder to strip away in the moment when you’re filming a video for social media.

You’ll build your confidence as a business owner, ditch the imposter syndrome and lose your fear of rejection with this method!


Okay, yeah it’s great to learn how to make videos on Instagram… but how do you turn that into sales and clients?

Use the Profit-First Social Plan to leverage your video and turn those videos into dollars.

Instagram for your business should make you $$$$ - this checklist makes sure you’ve optimized your profile to be a money-maker!


Boost your profile in the Instagram Algorithm with these tricks.

Learn secrets to up your engagement and elevate your content on IG on your stories, Reels, IGTV videos and feed posts.


Write scripts that connect with your ideal customers with every video.

These tips will make your videos stand out from the crowd, and set you on track to becoming your ideal customers’ favorite creator!

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