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SEMPO Institute - PPC & SEO Training digital download. Learn Search Marketing from the Pros at SEMPO Institute Increase your career opportunities in the gr...
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PPC & SEO Training

Learn Search Marketing from the Pros at SEMPO Institute

Increase your career opportunities in the growing Search Marketing sector

Whether you are a novice or on your way to becoming an expert, Search Marketing continues to offer numerous career opportunities.

$18.6 Billion will be spent on Search Marketing during 2011. This represents an industry that will double in 5 years. With such growth there is an enormous need for knowledgeable people. And companies are willing to pay for that knowledge. A recent SEMPO survey shows that more than 50% of new SEM professionals (3 or less years of experience) working “in-house” make annual salaries of $50,000 or more.

Search Engine Marketing is a complex and constantly changing discipline. Because of this complexity, serious training is required to do it right.

SEMPO Institute collaborated with more than 35 of the leading professionals to meet the challenge of teaching Search Marketing. A group of seasoned search professionals peer-reviewed the online and self-paced courses to make sure you receive the best training available.

Also, the leading search engines, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, sponsor SEMPO and thus SEMPO Institute is able to tap into their knowledge. In fact, Microsoft announced an education alliance with SEMPO Institute, in which personnel from 20,000 affiliates of the MSN search engine will have access to SEMPO Institute’s online learning program.

This product includes:

Insider's Guide to Search Marketing
This course takes you from a clean slate to a person in the know. After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Know how search engines work
• Identify good and poor quality links
• Identify the right keywords for your campaigns
• Understand the differences between copywriting for organic search and paid search
• And more
Advanced Search Engine Optimization
One of the Masters of Search Marketing Courses is Advanced SEO. This course shares with you the methods our experts have utilized over the years to get the best “organic” or “free” results for themselves and their clients. After completing this course, you will be ready to:

• Use advanced keyword selection systems for organic search
• Determine Web site technical issues hindering organic search rankings
• Perform an SEO diagnostic audit or site review
• Evaluate and correct Web site structure and develop site maps
• And more
Advanced Search Advertising
Part of the Masters of Search Marketing Courses is Advanced Search Advertising (PPC). This is an intensive course of tactics and advanced theories in search advertising and auctioned media. Successful completion of the course will enable you to:

• Understand PPC bidding strategy and ranking strategy on major search engines, using both standard and hybrid auction models
• Understand the importance and general methodology of tracking campaign ROI metrics such as conversions, ROAS, CPA/CPL
• Have a clear understanding of the specific differences of the PPC programs for Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google and MSN
• Learn to fully integrate PPC into an advertising or branding campaign, and use PPC as a measurement for branding and offline campaigns
• And more