Selling Magically - Using NLP In Sales

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Selling Magically - Using NLP In Sales digital download. Info: [1 DVD (AVI) + 6 CDs (MP3) + 1 Manual (PDF)]. What will you learn during the programme? I...
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Selling Magically - Using NLP In Sales

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 DVD (AVI) + 6 CDs (MP3) + 1 Manual (PDF)]

Using NLP In Sales

What will I learn during the programme?

Installing powerful beliefs about money and selling
Maintaining Personal Integrity and Ecology when Selling Magically

How to get to speak to the right person
Cold calling scripts that get real results

Preframe to Inoculate Yourself Against the 4 Major objections
Using linguistic presuppositions
Designing Time Release Suggestions

Questions to Get The Sale
One-line openers
Uncovering the real outcome
Differentiating content and process questions
Discovering your client’s Unique Buying Points
How to double your sales with just 3 questions

Presenting to Have Your Clients Buy
Hitting values based hot buttons
Establishing yourself as their preferred supplier
When and how to use the carrot or the stick
Using meta-programming to subtly influence and create desire

Closing Easily and Naturally
When to close at precisely the right time
Eliciting states of decisiveness

Handling objections
The only 4 objections you’ll ever get and how to handle them
Reframing objections elegantly with Sleight of Mouth Patterns
Using Advanced Conversational Change Techniques
How to subtly establish the client’s need and find what value they place on it.

Securing Long Term Business and disconnecting Buyer’s Remorse

Maximising In The Room Training Bookings

How is the programme structured?

The training will be a fast paced, exciting blend of classroom teaching, live demos, exercises and interaction with the trainers. The trainers will share openly from their own sales experiences. There will be ample time for personal questions and coaching. Expect to not only develop new skills but also to completely transform your ideas about selling and making money.