Sebastiaan van der Schrier - Social Anxiety Solutions Social Confidence System

The program is created by Sebastiaan van der Schrier, one of the leading social anxiety experts who overcame social anxiety himself.  Sebastiaan van der Sc...

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The program is created by Sebastiaan van der Schrier, one of the leading social anxiety experts who overcame social anxiety himself.



Sebastiaan van der Schrier - Social Anxiety Solutions Social Confidence System

Sebastiaan van der Schrier - Social Anxiety Solutions Social Confidence System

Don’t Let Social Anxiety Control Your Life Any Longer

Start Living the Socially Confident Life You Really Want

What would your life be like if you didn’t have social anxiety? What could you do that you can’t do now?

The Social Confidence System has become one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to overcome social anxiety. It consists of 12 easy to follow, step-by-step modules that use scientifically proven tapping techniques to drastically decrease social anxiety. These tapping techniques are one of the latest breakthroughs in psychology and have been revolutionising how anxiety is treated.

The program is created by Sebastiaan van der Schrier, one of the leading social anxiety experts who overcame social anxiety himself.

Sebastiaan van der Schrier

Social Anxiety Expert

The Social Confidence System is based on what I’ve learned from 1,000’s of hours coaching socially phobic clients. After working with so many clients I’ve spotted patterns. I saw the same issues come up over and over again and came up with a “one-size fits all approach”.

The insights from my own journey and from 1,000’s of hours coaching socially phobic clients helped me see there’s a clear path to freeing yourself from social anxiety. Of course every person is unique, but there are generalizations that I uncovered which hold true for 95% of all people with social anxiety.

Experience Immediate Relief

Results are typically much faster than general therapy sessions. Completely overcoming social anxiety takes time but you can start to see improvements almost immediately.

Get Permanent Results

Have you had some temporary success only to fall back into your anxiety again? The techniques and methodologies in the Social Confidence System create lasting change and permanent results.

Avoid Awkward Exposures

The goal is to decrease your anxiety, not increase it. The Social Confidence System offers an easy step-by-step approach that doesn’t involve uncomfortable exposures and awkwardly facing your fears.

What’s Included

12 Step-By-Step Modules To Help You Overcome Social Anxiety

20+ Videos to Guide You Through The Exercizes

40+ Audio Files To Get You Closer To Social Confidence

60+ Supplemental PDFs To Help You Integrate The Modules

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I want y

ou to know that your Social Confidence System almost eliminated all of my social anxiety….I’ve been so much happier!!! So thank you and keep doing what you1

r doing…

- Anonymous

Hey Sebastiaan, I want express more appreciation to you for creating the Social Confidence System… I’m well on my way to finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be.

- Dustin

I think your program is great! I have felt so calm in a few social situations since starting, it’s something I never remember ever feeling ever in my life, it was awesome!

- Rob B

What Can I Expect

Decreased Social Anxiety - The Social Confidence System combines the most effective techniques from the best therapies and methods so your social anxiety is radically decreased.

Fast Relief - Start feeling relief from the very first exercise. You’ll effectively chip away at your social anxiety every time you complete an exercise.

Improved Social Confidence - Feeling confident in social situations is closer than you think. You’ll start replacing your social anxiety with social confidence throughout the 12 modules.

Overcome Procrastination - The Social Confidence System is engineered to increase your motivation and overcome procrastination to ensure you keep moving forward until you’ve achieved the results you want.

Permanent Change - Systematically eliminate the underlying building blocks of your social anxiety one safe step at a time so you can experience lasting changes.

Overcome Shame - The system is designed to help you overcome shame so it becomes safe to be yourself around others and safe to connect with others.

Eliminate Blushing - Don’t let blushing be the cause of any more embarrassment. Eliminate your internal triggers for blushing so you can feel more confident in social situations.

Destroy Your Social Fear - Feel confident and eliminate your social fears. The Social Confidence System helps you understand your social fears and how to eliminate it.

Take Control Again - No longer will you have to plan your life around avoiding social situations. Instead feel free to do what you feel like doing, feeling comfortable to be YOU.

Feel Like You Belong - Tired of feeling lonely and frustrated? Gain a sense of acceptance and peace and feel like you truly belong.

Gain Emotional Control - Don’t let external events and triggers dictate when you feel bad. Neutralize and eliminate emotional triggers by using “The Tapping Formula” to quickly feel better.

Improved Quality of Life - The system focuses on the deep-seeded causes underneath your social anxiety which could be impacting other aspects of your life. By dealing with the deeper issues, you’ll notice other areas of your life start to improve.

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First off I’d like to just say you’ve done an amazing job here. I bought your system two days ago and I’ve noticed a difference already. After doing the exercises my head feels so clear. For a long time I had all this anger and frustration and psychologists couldn’t help me get rid of it. Your system dropped it down from an 10 to a 0 in a day.

- Joshua S

I’ve spent most of my teens and twenties looking for *the* social anxiety cure, if such a thing actually existed. After a 10+ year search (& plenty of snake oil salesmen), I stumbled over the psychological equivalent of the holy grail: EFT & Sebastiaan’s EFT-based Social Confidence System. I’ve made more headway in a few months using the SCS than the previous 10+ years of talk therapy, cog-behavioral therapy, hypnosis & affirmations combined. Seriously. This s-t works. Thanks again, Sebastiaan!

I have just this minute purchased your program. I have only “skim read” it to get an overall view of content, and I just had to tell you that I am really excited!

I say this because I have never seen such a comprehensive coverage of SAD and even by a quick overview I can see that you have covered many many aspects that I can relate to. What excites me is that you seem to be the only person I have come across who has recognized in detail the multi-layered nature of SAD.

This in itself gives me great hope. I say this after about 37 years of SAD, and trying many things including NLP and hypnotherapy which I really believed were the magic cures, but proved not to be. Some things I have tried worked to a degree but I am far from cured.

Your course has given me something to work on. I know it is very early days yet, but I am already inspired! I have not tried EFT before, though have read about it.

- Anonymous

well…i bought your product and i have to say that after working on some things i felt more liberated and my body language changed.

i felt more comfortable at conversing with people and things started to shift for me and my thoughts began to change and i couldnt believe how such a simple (at first glance it looks like mambo jambo stuff) exercise be so powerful and so liberating and i started to see that this a tool i can use to change my thoughts quickly and effectively hence change my life.

I started at that point to understand and not just intellectually but feel that my beliefs are the filter that through them i see the world and i attract in the physical world what thoughts i have inside the “box”.

- Anonymous

Hi Sebastiaan,

I was going to write you a testimonial, hopefully it serves you.

From the moment I hit puberty, around age 11, I started having trouble with social situations. My focus was more with the other kids, instead of having fun myself, and living my life.

From that moment the discomfort and awkwardness has never left, and my problems only got worse in middle school. Here there were new kids, and older popular kids who always had something to say and were ready to verbally attack me.

I therefore remained silent and in the background. During this period of my life, when “popular” people started talking to me, I became extremely nervous. And when they were girls, I locked up and closed off completely.

Also during my college years this problem remained.

I made some slow progress, but the inner stress and worry (anxiety) remained constantly.

During this period I also started to develop panic attacks, because I couldn’t deflate the anxiety. Especially when I got a girlfriend everything got worse and out of control. It eventually broke off after 3 years mainly because of my anxiety.

After my study I’ve gone -mainly to overcome my problems, face my fears and face the unknown- on a wolrd trip. I thought that if I were to do that, then all my problems would resolve themselves. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Because after 5 months I came home earlier than planned, completely exhausted. I even started taking anti-despressive medication.

Get immediately download Sebastiaan van der Schrier - Social Anxiety Solutions Social Confidence System

After many therapy sessions with psychologists, (3 years long) I found Sebastiaan’s Social Confidence System. I could relate to his story about his past, and decided to give it a go.

And I’m very happy I did! I definitely notice a difference. I’ve become comfortable in busy places (bars, cinemas, trains, restaurants, concerts, etc.) and have more energy to do what I feel like doing. Of course I sometimes still have some fear that something will go wrong, but the beauty of this program is that you take that into consideration, use EFT, and then go for it!

I’m not anxiety-free yet, and I daily use EFT to keep moving forward. The differences with EFT before and after are very subtle, that’s the beauty of this. You sometimes after a few days think to yourself, he I don’t feel so nervous anymore. Step by step I become more and more calm and relaxed! Really a tremendous relief.

That’s why I can say to you reading this, if you suffer from a social phobia, definitely give this program a chance!

Here’s What You’ll Get in Sebastiaan van der Schrier - Social Anxiety Solutions Social Confidence System

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