Sean Whiteley - Memletics Manual

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Sean Whiteley - Memletics Manual digital download. Info: [1 eBook - PDF] | 2.15 MB. The second chapter describes how to get yourself in Memletic State - ...
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Sean Whiteley - Memletics Manual

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 eBook - PDF]

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We've now published the core reference for Memletics, the Memletics Accelerated Learning Manual. This manual is the only reference for Memletic Learning, and its only available from It's already being used by people just like you in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, and many more countries around the world. (See statistics).

This manual is not an ordinary book. It's an in-depth manual (210+ Letter/A4 sized pages) that's not available via the mass market bookshop channel. Indeed, professional trainers and educators are now using the Memletics Manual as the sole reference to create new training courses and classes (see some photos of a recent focus group workshop on Memletics).

The Memletics Accelerated Learning Manual contains everything you need to know about Memletic learning. It's a practical guide to help you apply the Memletics system to the goals that matter most to you. Consider the manual as your Memletics training guide to help you significantly increase your Memletic fitness and abilities.

Here's a quick summary of it's contents:

    • The first chapter provides an Overview of Memletics.
    • The second chapter describes how to get yourself in Memletic State - the optimum cell, physical and mental state for learning.
    • The third chapter explains the Memletic Process - the steps you take to learn any new topic quickly.
    • The forth chapter contains the Memletic Techniques - grouped into associate, visualize, verbalize, simulate, perform and repeat techniques. These techniques help you memorize information for the long term - indefinitely if you desire.
"Overall the book is an excellent source of learning ideas, information and memory techniques..."

More reviewer comments are below...

  • The fifth chapter, on Memletic Styles, helps you find your stronger and secondary learning styles, and describes how to make the most of those styles.
  • The sixth chapter, Memletic Approach, provides a way to plan and track your learning activities to maximize success.
  • The seventh chapter helps you resolve common learning challenges such as motivation, fear and nervousness, mistakes, pressure and assumptions.
  • The Manual includes appendices and a comprehensive index to help you find information quickly.

You can also see the table of contents page for a more detailed listing of the Manual contents.

The Manual comes in both electronic format (for those who want faster access) and printed format (for those who want less hassles with printing and binding). To give you an idea of the format of the manual, here are some sample pages in PDF Format^ (close window to return). The manual is 210+ pages of high-quality, well-written information.

About the Author - Sean Whiteley

Over the past ten years, Sean has been using Memletics (and earlier versions of it) to learn faster in several areas. For example:

  • He completed an accelerated business and information technology degree in three years, and then joined one of the top management and technology consultancy organizations in the country. He was promoted to a managerial level only five years after joining.
  • He completed a Microsoft "Systems Engineer" certification in his spare time, with an average score of 93% in the exams.
  • He completed a private pilot's license, with an average score of 96% for the theory tests, flying solo after only 8 hours of flight training, and completing the unrestricted component of training in close to the minimum hours the school had seen - especially for a part timer flying on weekends.
  • He has now researched, written and published - worldwide - the Memletics Accelerated Learning Manual. He's now helping many other people learn how to be a Memletic Learner!

As you can see, the Memletics Manual is not just about learning for academic purposes. It is not about learning simple memory tricks. It's a practical guide you can use for a wide variety of l