Sean D’Souza - Secret Life of Testimonials: Simple, Powerful Techniques to Get

Sean D’Souza - Secret Life of Testimonials: Simple, Powerful Techniques to Get digital download. Info: [1 eBooks (PDF) + 7 Audio (MP3) + 4 Video (MP4)]....

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Sean D’Souza - Secret Life of Testimonials: Simple, Powerful Techniques to Get

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 eBooks (PDF) + 7 Audio (MP3) + 4 Video (MP4)]


Secret Life of Testimonials: Simple, Powerful Techniques to Get

Do you know why some businesses get wonderful clients, while others seem to get clients that are a pain in the neck?

(Don't you just hate painful clients? Learn how to use the power of the 'six critical questions' to get incredible testimonials—and attract clients that make every day an absolute joy)

When you really think about it, one of the best things in life is to get better clients.
Clients who understand the depth of your work. Clients who aren’t haggling about your prices—and more than willing to pay higher prices for better work. And clients who understand that you need a life other than work. Clients you’d be happy to call your friends.

Your website is like a magic mirror.
Your marketing material is a magic mirror. When clients look into the mirror they see themselves. And if they like what they see, they jump into the magic mirror to be one with that new world—your world.

The right testimonials beget the right clients.
The wrong testimonials bring the moody, stroppy, grumbly clients in droves. Which clients would you prefer?

Testimonials lead a secret life.
Testimonials are not this nice-to-have thing on your sales page and marketing material, when in fact they do a task that’s vital to your well being and happiness.

Understanding how they cause customers to buy is crucial. There are several elements to testimonials. By reading 'The Secret Life of Testimonials' you'll create outstanding testimonials. In fact, you'll be able to make changes to your testimonials within minutes of reading this information.

What you will learn

A Psychotactics product isn't some hastily put together document. It's rich in detail, graphics, and examples. It's designed to let you learn. And to implement. Instead of just being another information dump, it shows you how to go about doing things—and most importantly "Why" it's important. That way you can use the principles over and over again, knowing that you're following a system that instinctively works for you.

There's no hype and mind-trickery in getting great testimonials. Clients are very happy to give you absolutely stunning testimonials. In most cases, you just don't know what to ask, and so you miss out on giving your product or service the spotlight it truly deserves.

  • How To Get Testimonials from Procrastinating Clients.
  • How To Get Jaw-Dropping Testimonials even for New Products/Services.
  • Learn Which Testimonials Work Better: Tiny, Big or Massive.
  • How To Effectively Place Testimonials online/ and text newsletters.
  • The Myth of Short Testimonials (See how a 12 minute testimonial works).
  • How To Get Clients To Self-Record Testimonials.
  • Where To Get Testimonials Posted For Maximum Effect.
  • Testimonial Headline Design (Yes, you read right).
  • How To Capture An Authentic Tone of Voice (The Easy Way).
  • Some Testimonials Reduce Sales (How To Spot The Non-Working Testimonials)
  • How To Make Testimonials For Restricted Industries (e.g. Accounting/Lawyers).
  • The Three-Line Abbreviated Solution To Deal With FTC rules on Testimonials.
  • Delve into The Creepy Side of Testimonials (And Human Nature).
  • Why "Crappy" Testimonials Help Products Sell Faster.
  • How To Use Video and Audio Testimonials (And How To Get Them Right Away).
  • The Incredible Importance of Third Party Websites (That Drive Traffic and Creates Credibility).

    Plus the 'Premium Bonuses'
    And they're not just your average throw-it-altogether bonuses. Nope.
  • There's a full audio book—yes the entire book in audio
  • Videos that give you an insight into testimonials like you've never experienced before.