Sean D'Souza - The Sales Page/Copywriting Home Study Course

Sean D'Souza - The Sales Page/Copywriting Home Study Course digital download.

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Sean D'Souza - The Sales Page/Copywriting Home Study Course

Type: Digital download

Sean D Souza - The Sales Page/Copywriting Home Study Course

Sean D Souza - The Sales PageCopywriting Home Study Course

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Get Sean D Souza - The Sales Page/Copywriting Home Study Course right now!

The Sales Page/Copywriting Home Study Course

How to create a system that not only converts once, but keeps clients coming back repeatedly.

Why the best sales letter in the world is simply a waste of time and money

Most people think if only they could fix their sales page—maybe tweak it just a bit—they’d be able to sell a lot more products and services

And it doesn’t work that way at all. You’ll find that even if you have the best sales material, those products and services aren’t flying off the shelf. And there’s a very good reason why that’s the case. Customers mostly (yes, mostly) buy when they go through the cycle of attraction, conversion and consumption.

And here is how attraction and conversion works

Attraction and conversion are about getting clients, and selling them a product or service. And then once you’re done, you can hope that those clients come back again, but you can’t guarantee they’ll come back. So you have to go out and find newer clients. And you have to spend time and money, and energy trying to find clients all the time to fill that darned funnel.

Back in the year 2001, that funnel was driving me bananas!

You see in the year, 2001, I was just starting out. And each month was a big mystery to me. I didn’t know what to expect, and where to expect it from. And even though I was supposed to be in my own business, it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t control it as much as I should. Besides I didn’t want to be pushy.

I didn’t want to be the sleazy salesman from hell

And that’s when I discovered the power of a focused strategy. And when I applied the strategy, I stayed on target and I was doing a whole lot less selling-and customers were doing a whole lot of buying. And the more I understood this concept, the more I felt in control. And the more easily I was able to express myself, without rambling and heading off in all directions.

I found that there were ingredients

And that if I stacked up the ingredients in the right manner, and in the right quantity, I could sell more without having to look for new customers all the time. This gave me an enormous leap in income, and gave me the time I so wanted. And it’s all because of these crazy ingredients.

These ingredients were like an instant noodle packet. It was easy to cook a meal because all I needed were the ingredients. And once I had them, I found that putting the ‘ingredients’ together gave me immense clarity. And it enabled me to say what I wanted, instead of depending on a third party (such as a copywriter) to say it for me.

Most people will tell you, you need a good sales page on your website

Or a good direct mail letter. And here’s the truth. Sales pages and direct mail letters are just one tiny piece in the entire strategy of what causes customers to buy.

What you really need is a detailed roll-out of strategy on how buying decisions are made; what causes urgency; pricing strategies; and how to get customers to not just buy, but to keep coming back.

And pre-sell

You see the mad queues for Harry Potter books? That involves pre-sell. You see the endless night watch for the next Windows or Apple launch? That’s pre-sell. Every blockbuster movie is not a blockbuster just because of the stars involved. Nope, you guessed it, it’s pre-sell. And pre-sell means that customers are buying long before they pay.

Yup, customers ‘buy long before they pay’

That means the customers don’t waltz in, inspecting the goods and services. No, they’re not doing that at all. They’re in there to pay. They’ve already bought your product in their heads. They’ve gone through the stages of convincing themselves. And they’d get really mad at you if you can’t sell them the products/services. And yet that happens.

You can literally run out of ‘stock’

Our Article Writing Course was oversubscribed in 24 hours. Two batches filled up in a day! Our workshops in the US and Canada were full to the brim. 70 people signed up in under a week. And amazingly, we sold over $30,000 worth of our new product on ‘Black Belt Presentations’ without a sales page!

All this was achieved with no hoopla at all

No joint ventures
No endless surfboard videos on YouTube
No affiliates
No PR campaign
No advertising
No click-through PPC campaign
No Facebook/Twitter drama
(Take a deep breath :))

But that’s us, what about you?’

Yeah we were in your situation. And yes, we possibly have a bigger list than you. But this isn’t about the size of the list. It’s about how you attract, convert and get customers to consume.

Presenting: The Copywriting Home Study Course

The Copywriting Live Course where you learn exactly what causes customers to buy.
But it’s not just another blah-blah seminar. It covers intense learning about what causes customers to hesitate. How customers are driven to the want factor. And how you need to engineer sales around a pre-determined sequence of steps you have to take to make sure that customers are eager to buy-even when times are tough.

And this factor of Copywriting invariably teaches you to put words down on paper. To have control over those words. And know where to start. And where to stop. And why your customer is going to buy. And why that customer is keen to buy right now.

Most businesses concentrate on attraction.
Yet, it’s consumption that creates the most profit, both in the short term as well as the long term. Learning how to use technology and psychology to create the trio of attraction, conversion and consumption in repeating cycles is what will get you an unending stream of clients, as well a steadily increasing profit.

The reason why business strategies fail is because of a lack of understanding of the trio called attraction, conversion and consumption.

Consumption is really simple to understand. It’s about ‘eating’ what you’ve ordered. So if you are ‘attracted’ to a restaurant, ‘conversion’ takes place when you order a meal. But ‘consumption’ doesn’t kick in, till you actually eat the meal. And in business, many customers may order a meal, but never eat it (e.g. don’t you have books you’ve bought but never read?)

In order for clients to keep coming back to your ‘restaurant’, and keep eating the ‘meals’ on a regular basis, you need to have a powerful strategy in place.

A strategy that guarantees the return of the customer. That will not only get the customer back, but over time, the customer will buy more from you, and buy at higher prices. But how do you create a system that’s simple, elegant as well as effective?

The Copywriting Course Is Engineered To Do The Following:

You learn exactly what causes customers to buy. It covers intense learning about what causes customers to hesitate. How customers are driven to the want factor. And how you need to engineer sales around a pre-determined sequence of steps you have to take to make sure that customers are eager to buy-even when times are tough.

And this factor of Attversumption invariably teaches you to put words down on paper. To have control over those words. And know where to start. And where to stop. And why your customer is going to buy. And why that customer is keen to buy right now.

  • Improve your persuasiveness.
  • Reduce the frustration of never getting past the first line.
  • Create a strategy that is so captivating that customers buy from you (in good times and in bad).

How does the copywriting home study help?

Good question.

The Attversumption MasterClass HomeStudy teaches you the foundation; the bedrock of what makes a great attraction, conversion and consumption strategy tick. You’ll learn the simple, yet extremely powerful secret that goes back thousands of years, which enables you to turn your business into a virtual magnet. Without this strategy, most products and services struggle to succeed, simply because they fail to rollout the sequence. The magic is not in the ‘single moment’, it’s in the sequence.

What’s amazing is that you can take this understanding of the sequence, and once you put the ingredients together, you start moving up into the realm of top strategists.

Me, a strategist? You must be joking!

Most of the top marketing strategists in the world didn’t start out writing that way. Because strategy is over-hyped. It’s made out to be this deep, magical skill, when in fact it’s not. If you want to market your business, you’ll need to know what causes customers to buy.

The essence of this training is in the understanding of what’s happening in the customer’s brain. Once you understand these core factors, and how they’re placed in a page, or an ad, or in a strategy, you’ll never be the same again. Why? Because you’ll have learned that this so-called-witchcraft is really a matter of understanding.

And the home study is specifically designed to make sure you not only absorb the information, but also get immense confidence.

What’s behind the scenes in this course?

You’ll learn the core of strategic marketing, how to rollout a strategy to sell products/services through words, and how to craft attention-getting headlines that instantly grab your customer’s attention.

  • The big mistakes made when trying to attract a customer-and how to fix them.
  • The Secret of the Sequence: How to create a specific ‘pre’ and ‘post’ strategy for sellling.
  • How to encourage consumption, and get greater sales from fewer customers.
  • The key factors of conversion. How and why they all play their role.
  • In-depth understanding of the ‘Want Factor’, and why it’s so critical to your business success and sales.
  • The exact reasons why customers buy. And the reasons why they don’t buy.
  • Learn scientific, step by step system to write information that sells — even if you’ve never written before (and don’t consider yourself a writer at all.
  • Learn which headlines get attention and why - Tested over 4 years and two months, head to head with competitive headlines (Don’t just copy headlines. Understand how they work). This is not just crucial for your website, but also critical for presentations, white papers, reports and other media.

And more…

  • Why most pricing is based on randomness, and how to ensure scientific pricing.
  • The secret to increasing prices without losing any customers.
  • How to create price-grids that enable customers to buy higher-priced items consistently.
  • How to create signature stories with precision and consistency. And why signature stories help sell products/services faster than ever before.
  • Why the first 50 words matter. And how to make them matter with this simple secret.
  • The intense power of the Next Step. Which are the elements that take a customer from merely reading to deciding to purchase.

And even more…

  • Why the wrong visuals/graphics will destroy the best marketing campaign. The biggest mistake made with graphics-and why you need to fix it right away.
  • One factor that will increase your sales by 25% to as much as 65%
  • The Myth of the Sales Page: Why the best sales page doesn’t work in isolation.
  • How to get testimonials that suck in customers time after time.
  • How to stop annoying clients by using simple segregation.
  • How to choose photos. And how using the wrong photos makes sales negative.
  • And how to build confidence and focus. These are the key elements to making your product/service stand out and sell time after time.

And if you’ve bought any of our products before (you have, haven’t you?), you’ll realise that all of this teaching is given to you in a structured manner, not just as an information-dump. Each teaching is layered one above the other, so that you learn and move on, having learned. And you not only learn, but are able to implement and audit. Which means that you can actually see for yourself, what you’ve got right, and what you’ve got wrong-and how to fix it.

What’s Unique About This Home Study

Even once you know how to write a sales page and can do a really good job of it, it still takes an enormous amount of time to put together. This home study course explicitly gives you the list of the elements you need, and then puts you through a process where you should be able to put together an outstanding sales page within just three days. Your biggest enemy is time and energy, especially when dealing with a sales page. This course reduces that time and energy to just three days.

Premium Bonus 1: E-book on advertising ads worth $50

Ever wonder where you can get great ads that have worked in the past? Now you don’t have to wonder any more. This big bonus of ‘Great Ads from the Past’ will give you an insight into what worked spectacularly well in copywriting-and how to use the knowledge time and time again in your copy in the future. You’ll be entranced with this bonus and refer to it, many, many times in the future-as you’re writing your copy.

Premium Bonus 2: Two Critiques by Sean (with Premium only)

Every time Sean critiques a sales page or any marketing material, there is a fee of $3000 per critique. As part of the Program, you will be entitled to two complete critiques worth $6000. (Note: Valid for 6 months from the date of purchase).

Smiley Psychotactics Guarantee

What if the product isn’t good for you? This product is guaranteed for a whole month. If for any reason (and you don’t have to give a reason) you don’t like the product, you can ask for a full refund. And we’ll refund your money with a smile.

You can end this section with a bit of a summary or some kind of information that once again involves problem and solution that the product/service solves. Even a paragraph or two is not out of place, though consider that it will also be read on a mobile device. To be succinct or not, that’s the question.

Get Sean D Souza - The Sales Page/Copywriting Home Study Course right now!
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