Scott Sonnon - Progressive Yoga A-E

Scott Sonnon - Progressive Yoga A-E digital download. Info: [5 videos - m4v, 6 eBooks - pdf] | 2.584 GB. When you listen, you can adjust your yoga moveme...

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Scott Sonnon - Progressive Yoga A-E

Type: Digital download

Format: [5 videos - m4v, 6 eBooks - pdf]

File size: 2.584 GB



Progressive Yoga


Meet your Team Leader

Scott Sonnon
TACFIT Founder & Your Program Trainer

Proclaimed by Men’s Health magazine as the creator of “The World’s Smartest Workout,” and named in Men’s Fitness magazine as “one of the Top 25 Trainers in the World,” and by Black Belt Magazine as “one of the 7 most influential instructors of this century, Scott Sonnon changed the world’s view of fitness nearly 30 years ago with the creation of TACFIT.

Scott Sonnon was forced into a life of seeking alternative exercise options due to early childhood joint disease and motor challenges. Institutionalized for his learning difficulties in a psychiatric hospital, teachers and doctors advised that he set low-bar realistic expectations on his potential. Through tremendous persistence he rose to become an adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University, a US National Team Coach, and a 5 time international martial arts champion.

The TACFIT Difference

The most dangerous communication problem we have with our body is that we don’t listen to it to understand; we only scream commands over the quiet messages it feeds back.

TACFIT Progressive Yoga helps you learn to listen to your body’s internal messages. When you listen, you can adjust your yoga movements for the purpose of functionally adapting to all the stressors in your life, even the stress that comes from your usual workouts.

TACFIT Progressive Yoga shows you the ropes in an easy-to-follow, healing-for-your-body way. You’re no longer guessing at how to do what once seemed to be foreign yoga moves, or wondering why you’re doing them.

And, as an added benefit, you get more out of when you exercise, work or play, with less undesired outcomes (like tightness, soreness, aches, and restrictions).

Thanks to Scott Sonnon’s approach to “yoga for the busy/stressed man or woman” Progressive Yoga has spread throughout the highest stress occupations including surgeons, operators, pilots, tactical first responders, hostage negotiators, etc.

It has proliferated around the world because yoga was never the goal. Progress was.

“How can you progress from the stress in your life, and become a better, stronger, healthier person from anything you encounter in life? Progressive Yoga is your map, your torch, and your compass.”

-Scott Sonnon, TACFIT Founder


What's Included?

  • 24/7 access through our TACFIT online portal, or download the videos to your own device
  • 26 Yoga Sequences demonstrated in detailed video and in step-by-step manual
  • Instructional digital handbook in downloadable PDF
  • 5 Full-Length Progressive Yoga sessions