Scott Sonnon - 4x7: The Magic In The Mundane

Scott Sonnon - 4x7: The Magic In The Mundane digital download. Info: [4 DVDs - AVI] | 1.106 GB. Have you ever wondered how it all fits together? Have you...

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Scott Sonnon - 4x7: The Magic In The Mundane

Type: Digital download

Format: [4 DVDs - AVI]

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Have you ever wondered how it all fits together? Have you struggled to find that FITNESS FORMULA that gives you maximum results in minimum time, with no complicated schedules to memorize? Have you been frustrated by trying to take all of the exercises you love to do and perform them in a single program? International Champion and Master Coach Scott Sonnon wanted to find the answers to these questions for his thousands of RMAX athletes around the world. Scott poured through his years of training diaries as a professional coach and athlete and detected a pulse beating underneath, a pulse that connected all of the best athletes together in one thread of life. He detected a common theme, a denominator that all optimal performance athletes held in common. Do you want to know the secret that all flow-state athletes intuitively act upon? Would you like to tap into this universal theme which unites all elite performances? This formula is like rocket science, but you don t need to understand how to make gasoline for it to work in your car! All you need to do is follow the easy steps that Scott has made available for you in this revolutionary formula he calls 4x7. What is included in this revolutionary fitness formula? 4x7is a super powered fitness program featuring the following unique characteristics: Selection 4x7 includes never before seen exercise variations peculiarly crafted to optimize your health and fitness. Sequence: the circuits are organized in a proprietary manner to guarantee you optimal results. Cycling: four entirely distinct yet perfectly integrated programs cycled seven times incorporate compensatory movements to balance your growth and active recovery so that you can continue to progress every one of the 28 days. Protocol and Progression: Sophistication demonstrates how sophisticating a movement produces a synergistic effect: the complete chain practiced as one movement produces a sum total training effect which is greater than if the individual co


I think it is one of the most concise presentations I have ever seen, and for the first time I really started to understand the 7 key components. That and the 4x7 theory is worth the price of the set! I am certainly not ready for some of the exercises, and I do not have an appropriate chinup bar handy, but I am and will continue to work toward it." --Wade Munson

The presentation is phenomenal. The level of professionalism in the delivery of the material increases with each dvd release. And I believe that Coach Sonnon has succeeded in creating an information delivery format that is extremely easy to understand, yet is pregnant in philosophy as well as practical content. As far as the content is concerned,I truly believe it to be unparalleled in the fitness industry. --Peter Nguyen

4x7 comes as a set of four DVDs, one for each day in the cycle. Two of the DVDs provide detailed (and I mean detailed, pointing out each of the key components of structure in each exercise) explanation of the exercises contained within three circuits. The other two DVDs provide compensatory Intu-Flow and Prasara. Also included is a 28 day program schedule, so you know which disc to plug in for any given day. Just from reviewing the video, this looks to be a most promising program. The real treat, though, will be seeing the results of the sweat, from its application" --Brian Bentz, CST