Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley - Body Language Tactics

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Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley - Body Language TacticsScott Rouse and Greg Hartley - Body Language Tactics

Want to know the truth? Want to know what someone is really thinking or feeling? Then this course is for you…

We’re going to give you a critical advantage over 99% of the people you come in contact with. Some might say it’s an “unfair” advantage. Specifically, we’re going to give you 30 simple tools to spot lies, create trust, and know what others are thinking before they say a word.

Meet Your Instructors

“They are the top Body Language and Human Behavior Experts in the world” - Dr. Phil

Two founders of The Behavior Panel created this course. It contains many of the same secrets they teach Police Officers, Lawyers, Doctors, Fortune 500 CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, and the most elite forces of the US Military. And they are going to share them with you…

Created By Professionals

We’ve all been to workshops or full day seminars that give far too much information to remember, making it impossible to retain much of what you’ve learned.

That’s why our video training is different. It’s your choice. You can take your time and watch the 5 Modules, one every week for 5 weeks, that’s 1 Lesson each day.

Or go through at your own pace. Watch and listen as many times as you like. And you keep all 30 mp3’s and all 30 PDFs for future review and listening, just like an audiobook!

This course

is the complete A-Z guide that shows you how to recognize the nonverbal cues you see every day, positive and negative. Scott and Greg walk you step by step from the basics of body language through the intricacies of spotting lies.

Why Join? We give you the keys to:

  • Baselining Correctly
  • Recognizing Fake and Real Expressions
  • Spotting Lies
  • Observing People and Situations Properly
  • Know What Someone Is Thinking Before They Say A Word
  • Transmitting Powerful Yet Subtle Body Language Cues

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