Scott Hallman - Power of One ProfitNOW

Scott Hallman - Power of One ProfitNOW digital download. Info: [9 CD (WMA) + 14 workbooks (PDF)]. How to Quickly Generate at least $25,000 - $1,500,000 ...

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Scott Hallman - Power of One ProfitNOW

Type: Digital download

Format: [9 CD (WMA) + 14 workbooks (PDF)]


Power of One ProfitNOW

How to Quickly Generate at least $25,000 - $1,500,000 Per Year From Your Existing Customer Base

(all with little, time, money, effort or risk)

I am going to show you how to generate massive increases in your profits from your existing business – same customers – same employees – all with little time, money, effort or risk.

Our brief journey together is all about producing measurable, lasting results. It is not just about strategy but instead about application and implementation.

Knowledge Is Not Power.
Applied Knowledge Is Power.

I call this series PROFITNOW™. You are about to be guided through a systematic process for deploying four of the most powerful sessions for maximizing your revenues from your current clients. It’s ALL About IMPLEMENTATION!

What we have done is developed a breakthrough technology that enables any business to quickly identify opportunities and then actually implement them to produce results.

In a hurry?

At the $15,000 PEQ3, week long seminar, that Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes and I did for 33 companies, 60% of the companies found new profit streams in excess of $1,000,000 from a mini-version of what you will be taken through over the next 6 sessions with me.

For one company at PEQ3, I found $1,500,000 in added annual profits from their existing customers. No investment was required and I lead them through the implementation steps necessary to make the application work in their unique environment.

The key to the PROFITNOW™ workshops comes down to one word –IMPLEMENTATION. Many of you know what to do but lack the how. In this program I will show you exactly how to implement your greatest opportunities within YOUR business. 

The fact is that every one of you have different skills, resources, market influences, business environmental issues, demographics, time challenges and a host of other issues and challenges that require you to “customize” the business growth ideas learn to your business. This is exactly what I will teach you to do.

The Program Outline

Session 1 "The ProfitNOW System™" This is an introductory session that explains this program. ProfitNOW™ represents breakthrough technology for building a systematic business building system. There are literally hundreds of specific applications that you can apply to your business inside. By working ON your business on a weekly basis you will transform it over the next 52 weeks and beyond.

Session 2 "How to Effortlessly Get 30% of Your Customers to Dramatically Increase Their Average Purchase (and your profits as well)" How would you like to increase your profits 20% or more by simply asking one question of each customer? This is based on a universally applicable profit strategy that produces 30% of one of the world largest companies profits – and has for 30 years. How’s that for “tried and proven”? In this growth session, you will learn simple, yet powerful ways to increase your customer’s average purchase while they are in their "Purchase State". If you are an established business you will pay for the ProfitNOW program multiple times over from this single strategy.

Session 3 "Condition Your Customers to Purchase 20% More Often, While Keeping Them Loyal to Your Business" Customers benefit from purchasing your products and services when they are needed. However, over 50% of them fail to do so timely. In this session, you will learn 5 powerful ways to motivate your customers to purchase more often (and more of what you provide), and increase your revenues by 10%-30% effortlessly.

Session 4 "How to Create 'Active' Referral Systems to Double or Triple Your Referrals Effortlessly" Growing your business through referrals is both the least costly and the most powerful marketing strategy. However, 94% of small businesses lack a formalized system. In this growth session, we will show you how the most successful companies employ "Active Referral Systems" to double their business in less than a year. Plus, 16 Common Reasons Why Referral Systems Fail and how to make simple changes that unlock a floodgate of new customers.

Session 5 "How to Increase Revenue 10%-50% by Providing Your Customers with a Continuous Stream of Products and Services They Need and Want" Learn to uncover your greatest business asset. In this growth session, you will learn how to turn your customers into Lifetime Customers, while simultaneously expanding the items they currently purchase. Get them to purchase more of what you (and other companies) provide consistently and effortlessly.

Session 6 “The Hierarchy of Opportunity” Every company faces many opportunities to improve quality, profits, the number of customers and so on. In fact, our coaching clients typically have more opportunities then time to pursue them. This unique workshop will help you to create order and select from all the opportunities you uncover during this program.