Scott Andrews - The Opening Gap

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Scott Andrews - The Opening Gap digital download. Info: [2 DVDs (1 ISO) + Slides (PPT)]. Watch, listen and learn as professional gap trader Scott Andrew...
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Scott Andrews - The Opening Gap

Type: Digital download

Format: [2 DVDs (1 ISO) + Slides (PPT)]


The Opening Gap

To trade the opening gap or not is the single most important decision many short-term and swing traders will make on a given day. The result of the trade may impact the trader's confidence and capital, as well as provide valuable insights into the potential price action for the rest of the session.

Watch, listen and learn as professional gap trader Scott Andrews introduces the four different types of gaps and optimal trading techniques for each. He will also explain the easiest trade of the day, "the Gap Fade," along with the 4 most important trading variables, and 7 'must-know' trading tips.

Unlike most trading education content, this comprehensive DVD set was professionally recorded in a studio with Tony Marino, the highly regarded trading moderator and host.

Topics covered include:

  • The 4 Types of Gaps
  • 3 Gap Trading Techniques
  • 4 Most Important Trading Variables to Consider
  • Common Trading Myths
  • 7 Proven Trading Tips
  • Introduction to to the Highest Probability Setup: the Gap Fade

If you are new to trading or active investing, or looking for a new high probability strategy, then the opening gap, and this DVD set, are a great place to start.