Scott Abel's - 5 day MET Training

Scott Abel's - 5 day MET Training digital download. Info: [5 Dvd Rip & 1 Pdf] | 2.349 GB. As Adams explains, your best bet is to study the ways of others...

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Scott Abel's - 5 day MET Training

Type: Digital download

Format: [5 Dvd Rip & 1 Pdf]

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This 5 Day MET program is designed to enhance muscle gain, conditioning, metabolism and mobility as well as optimizing fat loss.The unique training approach combines traditional and functional training with speed of execution.MET Training is a demanding, fun and productive way to approach any kind of training goal, and is a must for anyone seeking real world results,in real world time. For the expert coach or personal trainer, the 5 Day MET program is loaded with exercises,techniques, and explanations that will take you beyond textbook study.

FeaturesThe ultimate training program, complete with comprehensive information and clarification from world-renowned coach and trainer, Scott Abel. The 5 day, 5 DVD MET program is loaded with exercises and techniques for a total, productive workout routine.

Day 1 covers strength with a focus on the chest, quads, abs and core.

Day 2 emphasizes the back and posterior chain.

Day 3 you’ll learn about rotations and the best way to work deltoids.

Day 4 focuses on legwork.

Day 5 completes the sequence, working the arms, abs and core.

BenefitsGrowth and conditioning in one workout. New, fun and challenging movements keep your routine alive. Build, sculpt, melt fat, and enhance metabolism and mobility with one training program. Optimizes your workout schedule. Achieve real results in real time.